My Princess.

This is about Niall meeting his princess and living the life he dreamed but is it all it seems when things take a turn for the worst? TO FIND OUT READ MY SEXY NINJAS!!!
P.S sorry about the sexy ninjas if you find that offensive I am not trying to hurt your feelings! love you all!!! xx


2. Face to face at last.


comment and stuff please xxx enjoy sexy ninjas



  I am so tired put hyper at the same time. weird right? My mind is telling me sleep but I just can not stand still. Anyway, just one hoour till the show. Can't wait!



   Just one hour till the start of the show. YAY! Me and Abby have front rom seats and V.I.P passes. Abby got them for her birthday as well as her house. If you didn't guess, her parents are LOADED but Abby never ever takes their money. It took them three and a half weeks for her to agree to the house and tickets. Omg! They are starting early.


They say their hellos and start the show.

That was an amazing show. Now heading backstage to actully meet the boys. Were told to wait 10 minutes to give the boys small break to catch their breath and to grab a drink. It was THE longest 10 minutes ever, but when the boys came out all the girls scream, I don't know why but as everyone screamed I started to get dizzy I grabbed Abby's arm. She knew what was going on, it was not the first time this has happened to me. She layed me on the floor so I could not fall and hurt my self. She dug through my bag and suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my right leg. I tensed up and saw what it was, it was Abby stabbing the needle in my leg. I calm down and did not struggle just before evrything went black I heard a heavy irish accent shouting if I am okay and rushing towards me then it all went black.

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