Louis One-Shots

Bunch of Louis One-Shots. Most of them from Louis in POMOB and WWW, my two fanfics.

Theme is: What if Sophie had agreed to all of Louis's sexual innuendos?


1. Some Form of Attention

I was feeling peculiar tonight. I needed attention. I craved attention. Louis’s attention in particular, because Louis was the one who wouldn’t let feelings get in the way. The other boys would make a fuss out of it at first, but not Louis. Louis would just get on with it happily. That’s what I needed. I needed him now more than ever. But I didn’t have the courage to see him. So I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, like I did every night.

It was a little past midnight, and I was yearning for it again. The attention. The feeling of being cared about. And the sensation didn’t want to leave.

Slipping out of bed, I tiptoe to his door, determined to do something about it this time.

“Hey Louis?” I peek into the older boy’s room, squinting at the lack of light. The only source of light was the modest chandelier over his bed, which allowed seeing contours, shapes and a little colour. I stay silent for a couple seconds, my eyes getting adapted to the dimness of Lou’s room. The latter which turns out to be particularly clean today. Weird. “Louis?” I whisper again, leaning on the door. I was uneasy as hell. What if he refused? What would I do? I need―

“What?” The voice is laced with sleep and annoyance as the British boy shifts on the bed. “Sophie is that you?” he mumbles groggily. “Because if it’s not, I’m gonna shove a carrot up your ass. Or a spoon if you’re Liam.”

I can’t help the little giggle, before get back to my previous anxiousness and answering.

“Yeah, Lou it’s only me.” I respond, transferring my weight from one foot to the other, getting more nervous by the second.

“What do you want?” Louis groans, digging his face in his pillow as he snuggles deeper in the sheets.

“Louis....” I say carefully, gulping as I shut the door behind me. “I-I-I need attention.” I stutter.

“Attention?” He repeats enquiringly, sitting up slowly as he rubs the fatigue out of his eyes.

“Yes, attention. I need to be talked to. I need to be kissed. I need to feel loved. I need some kind of contact with a human being and you guys haven’t given me any.”

Louis suddenly bounds out of his bed, fully awake. He presses me into the door, breathing lowly.

“So basically, you’re telling me, that you wanna fuck?” He whispers, placing his hands on my shoulders. “You’re gonna let me do what I want with you? Without complaining? You’re really gonna let me fuck you wholeheartedly?” He bites his lower lip, waiting for my confirmation.

“Well I wouldn’t say it in such a crude way, but yeah. I want someone to take care of me... make me feel alive.” I answer, voice a tiny bit raspy.

“Oh don’t worry sweetheart. I’ll do just that.” He reassures, before latching our lips together in a passionate kiss, his hands holding the back of my neck lovingly.

I sigh and shut my eyes, relishing the long forgotten feeling as my fingers tangle in his feathered hair. His lips were soft and rough at the same time, making me go a little weak in the knees. My fingers grip the material of his shirt tightly.

His hips dig into mine to keep me standing as the kiss gets more heated, his hands also making a mess out of my hair. Louis suddenly shoves his tongue in my mouth, causing us both to groan lustfully on each other. His cold hands draw from my hair and journey under my shirt, his thumbs caressing my stomach in miscellaneous movements. I shiver under his touch and the blue-eyed boy smirks in the kiss.

“Want to get under the covers love? Seems you are a little cold.” He chuckles, breathing slightly ragged.

“Your hands are cold.” I gasp back.

“They won’t be for long.” He shakes his head, before kissing me yet again. I feel his hands snake around my waist, and head to my backside. They slip under my pyjama shorts. He pulls them off, and places his hands in their previous position except this time, they’re in my panties.

“Lou...” I moan as he fondles with my ass, teasingly groping each cheek.

“Not so loud... You’ll wake the others.” He scolds, pinching me.

The taller boy moves us from the door and makes our bodies fall backwards on the bed. I’m over him for mere seconds before he spins us around so he’s the one in control. He rids me of my tank top hurriedly and I reflexively do the same with his shirt, my fingers immediately feeling his clothe free chest while his mouth heads for my neck.

“You want this to be rough or not?” He questions, his hot breath on my neck sending tingles down my spine.

“Make me remember it Louis...” I’m not even done speaking that his teeth pierce my sensitive skin. I whine, shutting my eyes.

“Shhh.” He coos. The British boy starts licking the small wound, pressing small pecks with his lips on it now and then. After a minute or two he stops, pulling back to admire his work. “Now you’ll remember me for a week or two.” He declares. “You’ll remember that you were MINE for the night.” Louis continues, his hands going under me to unclasp my bra skillfully. Carelessly, he throws it to one side of the room.

Louis gaze on my body is intense, his piercing blue eyes observing me lustfully. Our eyes lock, and they stay locked as he suddenly drops down and starts pampering my upper body with kisses, sucking and nipping lightly when he gets to my nipples.

Out of the blue, his hips thrust into mine, demonstrating his heavy state of arousal.

“Louiiisss.” I groan as warmth pools at the pit of my stomach. “Take off your pants.” I order, my hand reaching for the strings on his now very tight pyjama pants.

“Why don’t you do the honors Sophie?” He replies. “You’re halfway there.” He adds, his hands grazing the inside of my legs.

Pulling the loose bow, I get him out of his clothes while his fingers commence drawing patters on my thighs. I shut my eyes, moaning low as they touch where I craved most. Louis skillful digits slide under my panties, and start playing my clit, experimenting between flicking and rubbing.

“I’ll make juices pour out of you with only that,” he murmurs. “And a little dirty talk.” The older boy puts in proudly.

The thought alone makes me shiver.

“Cold again sweet cheeks?” he remarks, frowning. Louis stops touching my neither regions and makes me slide into his sheets, before placing himself back over me, in between his legs. His hips were practically straddling mine, but he felt weightless. “That should do the trick.” He says, slipping the sheet over the both of us.

The brown-haired boy bends down so his mouth is level with my left ear, holding himself up with one hand as the other restarts flicking my nub.

“Are you aroused now? Do you want to have me throbbing inside you? Are you ready to receive my shaft again and again while I cover your mouth to silence your raspy moans?” his breathing is warm on my ear.

“God Louis.” I feel wetness pooling in my panties. “Touch me more. Take off my underwear.” I beg, shaking my head. My back arches as his finger slides in my hole. “Ugh Lou. Please.”

“I’m gonna tell you what’s about to happen yeah? In a couple seconds, I’m gonna take off your drenched underwear and start finger-fucking you rapidly. As soon as you orgasm, I’m gonna shove my big, hard, juicy cock inside your pulsating walls and I’m gonna pound into you until you cry from the pleasure my massive dick will be inflicting to your tight little vagina. I’m going to make you drip all over my sheets and then we’ll sleep, still latched together as one. My warm cum still filling you up in the morning. And maybe we’ll fuck again after that.”

“Louis!” I gasp. His hand covers my mouth rapidly as I feel myself coming undone from his choice of words. Seconds after, just like he’d said, the blue-eyed boy rids me of my underwear and forces three fingers inside me at the same time. I’m so slick I barely feel them, until Louis decides curling them. I come down from my high again, panting madly.

“Louislouislouislouis. Jesus fucking Christ Louis.” I mumble. “Oh my fucking God Louis.” I repeat, shutting my eyes.

He slaps my ass. “No swearing.” Pushing the sheets off him, Louis takes off his boxers, revealing his angry, red cock.  “Hey there buddy. You’ve got a cave to go explore.” He says in his own little world as his thumb slides over the tip. “Feels sooo good.” He groans, pulling his head backwards in pleasure.

“Want me to help you?” I ask shyly.

He shakes his head. “No I won’t last. I want my cum all inside that gorgeous body of yours.”

A bead of pre-cum stays on his finger as his hand leaves his length.

“But here. Lick that.” He offers, bringing his thumb to my lower lip. I do as asked, before Louis places himself in between my legs again, bringing the covers back on us. He wraps my legs around his hips. “Ready love?”

Louis pushes in without waiting, placing his hand over my mouth at the same time.

 I moan loud, my eyes rolling to the back of my head as his thrust get needier with every passing second, going almost balls deep inside me.

“You love my cock huh?” he pants, thrusting in hard. He hits the sweet spot, making me whine. “Say it Soph. Say you love my massive dick in your tight vagina. Say you like the feel of the veins along my cock on the inside of your walls. Say you like the throbbing. Say you like when I fuck you!”

His pace fastens and I’m seeing stars.

“Say it!” He orders, pinching with my nipples as he gives another harsh hip thrust.

“I love it Louis! I love your fat cock and all it does to me!” I gasp, feeling my fluids drip along my thighs and on Louis middle as I reach another high.

Louis lets out a guttural groan, also emptying himself inside of me. Moaning, he flips us around so I’m the one resting on his chest, and not the opposite.

We’re a panting mess on his bed. His chest rises and falls under me, soothingly.

“Louis that was awesome.” I mumble, already on the verge of sleeping. “Thank you for giving me attention.”

“Shhh. Pleasure’s all mine.” He responds, caressing my head.

“No. It wasn’t all yours” I shake my head feebly, and fall asleep before I could add anything else.

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