The Rambo Tales: The Grand Opening

A series of books i am writing about me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

this book is about the opening of "Rambo's Riding School" to the public.


8. Chapter 8- Relaxation time!!!

Amy was worn out. Gemma and Emily were close to being warn out. All the horses and ponies were wet with sweat.


The girls all took some of the horses and ponies to untack. Amy took Rambo, Snowflake and Black Beauty. Emily took Bubbles and Coco. Gemma took Bruno. They all took off their tack and put them in the stables. Amy told Gemma and Emily to take the most sweatiest horses and ponies and watch them, so they took one each. Amy took Rambo.Emily took Coco. Gemma took Bruno.


They all had to share the hose. Because Rambo was the biggest, he was definitely the sweatiest so he got hosed down first. He enjoyed being hosed down. After, he shook is mane, just like a puppy getting out of a bath tub! Luckily, Amy didn't get very wet. " i forgot to get my grooming bag!" she said, passing the hose to Gemma. she ran to the tack room, and picked up her bag. She picked up Gemma's and Emily's too, to save them walking.


When Gemma was hosing Bruno, she realised he must have loved it alot! he started doing a funny little dance, as if he was trotting on the spot. Gemma giggled and stroked his face. Coco however, was being a bit of a nuissance for Emily. She couldn't stand in one spot for more than ten seconds. then she turned up the water's heat a tiny bit and Coco stood still.

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