The Rambo Tales: The Grand Opening

A series of books i am writing about me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

this book is about the opening of "Rambo's Riding School" to the public.


4. Chapter 4 - The next horses

The Couples names were Lidia and Jack. Lidia was of medium height, and wasn't the skinniest person in the world. she was a bit chubby, and Amy quickly decided who she was going to be riding. Jack was tall and skinny. Amy checked them in and told them they can wait outside near the paddock.

The teenage boy was named Dan. He was also skinny, and wasn't very tall. He looked a bit nervous around horses.

The teenage girls were Stephanie, Caroline and Lisa. They all lived down the road from the stables, and Amy had seen them before stroking Coco when she was in the paddock.

"Gemma! can you get Snowflake out please! and Emily get Coco out aswell!" Amy called.

Whilst Amy waited for the two girls and the two ponies, she started getting people onto horses. Lidia and Jack had ridden before. Lidia went on black beauty and Jack went on Rambo. Amy decided to put Dan on Coco, who had just arrived. Emily was to lead her around until dan was comfortable with her. Stephanie was the oldest, so she went on Snowflake. Lisa was the smallest, so she went on Bubbles. Caroline and Bruno were left, so they went together. 

Amy looked at Snowflake. She had a weird look in her eye. Snowflake was up to something. They all walked into the sand school as the sun was bright and here was no signs of rain. First jack and Rambo, then Lidia and Black beauty, Lisa and Bubbles, Caroline and Bruno, Stephanie and snowflake, and lastly Dan and Coco. 

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