The Rambo Tales: The Grand Opening

A series of books i am writing about me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

this book is about the opening of "Rambo's Riding School" to the public.


2. Chapter 2- Cilents Arrive

The first few children started arriving. First came two twins, both girls. The first girl said " my name is Ella" then the other said " my name is Abbie". Amy told them she was their new instructor. "Gemma! Emily! Can you get Rambo and Black Beauty out please! Oh, and if you can't get Black Beauty out, tell her she is in the lesson with Rambo!" She called out. The girls asked amy a question. " why won't she come out without Rambo?" They asked. "It's because she is a little scared. She hasn't been here very long and when she came she straight away fell in love with my Rambo" she said.


Then another little girl came through into reception. " my name is Izzy" she said quietly. "Hello Izzy, I am your instructor and my name is Amy. Before I get your pony out, do you like little ponies?". Izzy nodded. " Emily can you get Bubbles out please!" She called. Gemma had just finished bringing Rambo and Black beauty over.


"Who is most confident riding a horse?" Amy asked Ella and Abbie. Abbie said it was her. "Abbie you can ride Black Beauty then. She should be good, just keep her near Rambo." She said. Abbie stroked Black Beauty then amy helped her get on and sorted out her stirrups. "Rambo come to this side of Black beauty please" Amy said looking at him. He walked over and stood in front of Amy. "Ella, this is my famous friendly boy Rambo." Rambo looked around to see who was going to ride him. Ella smiled and gave him a pat. Amy got her onto Rambo. She sorted out the stirrups. " he should be a good boy, but if he starts play up, i'll lead him around for a bit."


Then another girl came through into reception. "My name is Zoe" she said. Amy thought of who she should ride. "Hello, Zoe. I think I might know who would be perfect for you to ride!" She said. Zoe smiled shyly. Emily brought Bubbles out just in time. "Emily, bring out Bruno please. And tell gemma to come up here too" Emily ran to Bruno's stable, put on his tack and brought him out. Gemma came up too.


"Gemma can you lead Bubbles please. Emily can you put Coco and Snowflake in the field for half an hour, and I'll lead Bruno until he's ready." 

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