The Rambo Tales: The Grand Opening

A series of books i am writing about me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

this book is about the opening of "Rambo's Riding School" to the public.


1. Chapter 1

Amy walked around the yard, giving out her orders to Gemma and Emily. She was slightly nervous about the day. She had to make sure that everything was perfect for the first day that the yard was opened to the public. Nothing was aloud to go wrong on the first day. Then she had already forgot something! She forgot to put the sign up that said the name and phone number on the place. She got out her toolkit and put it up. The yard was to be called "Rambos riding school", named after her faithful horse, Rambo.


Rambo was very excited. He had a whole riding school, and it was named after him! Snowflake and Coco were quite excited too, but not as excited as Rambo. Bubbles was doing a funny little dance in her stable. Bruno was eating hay. Black beauty was . . . Sleeping.


Amy put on Bubbles, Black Beauty's and Snowflake's halter and told Gemma and Emily to take the ponies. Emily took Bubbles and Gemma took Snowflake. Amy was left with Black Beauty, who was a bit bigger than Rambo. Amy thought she would need some help. Then she had an idea. She didn't need Gemma or Emily to help her. She needed someone who could in courage the horse to come out of its stable. She needed . . .


"Rambo!!!" She called out. Rambo, who had walked himself to the paddock, heard her call and bolted out of the paddock and went straight to Black Beauty's stable. Black beauty saw him, and gradually came out of the stable. "Thanks Rambo, now go and pick up your halter and lead then you can come with us. We'll meet you in the big sand school". Rambo quickly grabbed his halter and lead then he galloped as fast as he could towards the sand school. He waited at the fence. Black beauty saw him and started working harder. Amy looked at the horses both in the eye suspiciously. "Ah, I get it! You to love each other don't you! " Rambo nodded. "I'll try and keep you both close in the lesson together" she said, which made them both happy. Amy carried on lunging Black beauty, whilst Gemma and Emily carried on lunging the ponies. They all met at the big paddock. Then they brushed all the ponies and put them back in the stables.

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