She's Not Afraid

Cloey was always a stay to her self kind of girl.

Ever sense her parents died she has been living on her own , no family , and no friends.

She finally finishes school and moves from Orlando Florida to Cheshire England.

With the money her parents had saved for her in there life saving she buys the biggest house she could find.

Soon creepy and strange things occur.

Cloey never expected her nightmare to come alive.

Let alone be a princess of those nightmares.


3. OMG

I woke up on a soft bed.

I looked around the room , which had a walk in closet filled with new nice clothes , purple walls which was my fav color , a big mirror vanity set and a big bathroom.

I was amazed in till I heard the door start opening..

I hid under the covers , like it was going to save me.

???-Well good morning princesse.

This is my chance to see my capturers.

I got up and froze.

Standing there with Starbucks coffee and some donuts was...

Harry Styles

He smirked and walked in more.

Me-H-h-how , oh my god.

Harry-*chuckles*Hello there angel.

I was completely scared as I stared at the sparkling white fangs that rested upon his lips.

He lifted my chin up making me look into his eyes.

Harry-You know darling it's not polite to stare.

I shook my head and pushed him away from me.

Me-Stay away!

He smirked and in a flash was right back in my face.

Harry-Or what princess?

I kicked him in the balls and ran out the room.

I ran down the stairs and looked around trying to find the way out.

But instead I ran right smack into someone

???-Woah! *turns around*

It was Niall Horan.

Niall-Well hello princesse.

I backed up in till I heard harry shout from upstairs.

Harry-Get her!

Niall looked at me and smiled.

Niall-Uh Oh what did you do sweet heart?

I looked down and spoke up.

Me-Kicked him in the balls.

He chuckled and gave me a hug.

Niall- I'm Niall by the way.

Me-I know.

Niall-Oh so your a fan?

I was about to speak when in a flash harry was right next to me.

Harry-Hello again angel , you know that hurt a lot.

Niall let go of me as I looked at harry.

Me-I'm sorry , I was just frightened.

He smiled and pulled me into his arms.

Harry-It's fine angel.

Ugh what's with the nicknames?

Harry-Well you have already met Niall here so all you need to meet is zayn , Liam , and Louis.

As soon as they heard their names the rest of the boys except zayn were in the room.

Louis-Hi there I'm Louis!

He gave me a big hug making me laugh.

Liam- Hello princess I am Liam.

He shook my hand.

Me-I know all of you but where is zayn?

Harry looked around confused as well.

Harry-I don't know?

Just then I heard a shout that came running down.

Zayn-Guys he's coming for her malik is coming for the princess!

He stopped right as he saw me as everyone else was super pissed.

Me-Ok you guys have a lot of explaining to do and I expect it now.

Harry nodded and grabbed my hand.

Here we go.

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