She's Not Afraid

Cloey was always a stay to her self kind of girl.

Ever sense her parents died she has been living on her own , no family , and no friends.

She finally finishes school and moves from Orlando Florida to Cheshire England.

With the money her parents had saved for her in there life saving she buys the biggest house she could find.

Soon creepy and strange things occur.

Cloey never expected her nightmare to come alive.

Let alone be a princess of those nightmares.


2. Night crawlers


I could feel wind shoot by me every step I took back.


No answer but instead 4 glowing red eyes just a yard away.

My breath hitched as I backed up into a tree.

The eyes got closer and closer till they were cornering me.

I let a warm tear fall. 

This is it , I'm going to die.

The moon light shined right over them  to were I could make out a little bit of features.

They were boys but not human.

I looked at them in complete confusion.

What are they.

???-Regardez comme elle est naïve.

One of the boys spoke up.

The rest smirked then looked up.

I did the same only to find a 5th set of eyes looking down at me with a smug little smirk.

???-Bonjour leur ange.

Fear flooded me immediately.

I tried scream but the boy grabbed my waist and covered my mouth.

???-Shhh babe.

His voice was like a cool drink of water on a summer day.

I could see the full head of curls the boy had that made you want to run your hands through it.

He still had his hand clamped over my mouth as he turned around towards the others.

???-Elle est d'une beauté n'est-elle pas.

They all smiled and nodded.
Damn it , if I had my phone right now I would look up what they were saying.

I froze once again as the boy turned back to me.

He tilted my head to the side and started kissing the cord of my throat.

My breath hitched as I felt something sharp rest on my skin.


He rubbed his nose up and down my neck before kissing his way up to my ear.

???-*Chuckles* You guessed it babe.

I knew I was dead right then and there but it never came.

Instead he pulled away with a smile on his face.

Hey then turned to the others.

???-Elle est la seule, elle est la princesse.

Now the others had grins as they looked down at me.

Oh god , what are they going to do to me?

???-Va chercher dans sa chambre préparés, nous serons là dans une minute.

It must have been a dismissal cause it a flash the others were gone and it was just me and him.

???-Viens avec moi ma chère princesse.

Me-What , I'm sorry I don't understand?

He grabbed my hand and kissed it while staring into my blue eyes before speaking once again with a low raspy British accent that sounded really familiar.

???-Come away with me my dear princess.

His eyes were now a gorgeous emerald color that made you want to stare into them forever.

I felt my knees go weak as I began to fall.

He caught me and in one swift blur we were no longer in the woods.

Instead we stood before a gorgeous mansion.

???-Welcome to your new sanctuary my love.

We walked in and up a very large stair case.

We made it to a door when I finally came to my senses.

I've been kidnapped by a vampire!

I turned around and took off down the hall just to crash right into mr vampire himself.

???-Tsk tsk tsk , running away from me princess? 

I backed into the wall as his arms closed in around me for no escape.

My only defense was to close my eyes so I won't get sucked back into his charm.

???-Aww come on angel , let me see those breath taking blue eyes.

I shook my head and tightened my eyes.

???-Please angel don't make me beg.

He gently kissed my eyelids one by one.

I fought the urge and kept them shut.

???-Oh you wanna be stubborn huh , one last chance angel ,open those beautiful eyes of yours.

I shook my head once again.

???-*Sigh*Well you asked for it.

I awaited my death but instead he sung.

When I look into your eyes It's like watching the night sky Or a beautiful sunrise Well, there's so much they hold And just like them old stars I see that you've come so far To be right where you are How old is your soul?     

His voice made my whole body relax as he sung I won't give up by Jason Mraz. 

Well, I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get rough I'm giving you all my love I'm still looking up 

I opened my eyes again to see the gorgeous emerald ones staring back into mine.

And when you're needing your space To do some navigating I'll be here patiently waiting To see what you find 'Cause even the stars they burn Some even fall to the earth We've got a lot to learn God knows we're worth it No, I won't give up 

I was starting to really feel tired , but I kept listening to his beautiful voice as he picked me up and took me into a room.

I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use The tools and gifts we got, yeah, we got a lot at stake And in the end, you're still my friend at least we did intend For us to work we didn't break, we didn't burn We had to learn how to bend without the world caving in I had to learn what I've got, and what I'm not, and who I am 

I won't give up on us Even if the skies get rough I'm giving you all my love I'm still looking up, still looking up. 

Well, I won't give up on us (no I'm not giving up) God knows I'm tough enough (I am tough, I am loved) We've got a lot to learn (we're alive, we are loved) God knows we're worth it (and we're worth it) I won't give up on us Even if the skies get rough I'm giving you all my love I'm still looking up

As he finished that last part he  whispered. 

???-Dors bien ma belle princesse.

Then sleep over came me..

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