She's Not Afraid

Cloey was always a stay to her self kind of girl.

Ever sense her parents died she has been living on her own , no family , and no friends.

She finally finishes school and moves from Orlando Florida to Cheshire England.

With the money her parents had saved for her in there life saving she buys the biggest house she could find.

Soon creepy and strange things occur.

Cloey never expected her nightmare to come alive.

Let alone be a princess of those nightmares.


4. Explanations

We were all sat down in the living room and no one has said anything yet which was really pissing me off.

Me-So are you guys going to talk or just sit here staring at me?

Harry started to chuckle , great I love how I'm so freaking hilarious.

Louis hit Harry in the ribs making harry clear his voice and encourage zayn to go.

Zayn-Well where do we even start?

Me-Who is this Malik guy , I thought that was your last name?

Zayn-Yes it is , see Malik is my twin brother.

I gasped , I thought he only had sisters!

Me-But I thought you only had sisters?!

Zayn-Malik is the exact reason I don't tell people about him , he is completely evil and yes he is a vampire as well.

I was so shocked I didn't even know what to say , I wonder if his twin was identical. 

Zayn-Yes he is my identical twin that is why he changed his name around , his name is Malik Zayn.

Wait how did he know what I was th.....

Zayn-*Chuckles* I can read minds , that is my power.

Me-Oh , well what is the rest of y'all's powers?

Niall- I can mimick any voice.

He rested his hand on mine then smiled.

Niall-Hello cloey , I'm cloey teehee.

I couldn't help but laugh my arse off.

He smiled then sat back in his chair.

Louis-Oh oh oh my turn!!!

I was still giggly as Louis took my hand.

Louis-I can make you see things that isn't really there.

Next thing I knew there were flowers and trees all around us , it was gorgeous.

Me-Wow it's so pretty.

He smiled and let go of my hand.

I was still in amazement when Liam took my hand.

Liam- My turn , I can control emotions.

I was so relaxed and calm , I was smiling all over at everyone.

Me-Wow thanks Liam I really needed that.

Liam-No problem love.

Finally I turned to harry, oh god his green eyes were sparkling as he smiled his dimply smile that made me want to melt.

Harry-My power is to make you do anything I want you to do.

I smirked and let him take my hand.

His eyes stared into mine as he mumbled.

Harry-Kiss me princess.

Sure enough I leaned in and gave him a kiss.

His lips were like kittens , so soft against mine.

Finally he pulled away and smirked as I came back to my senses.

Me-Ok now sense that is all finish I just have on more question.

Harry-Shoot away babe.

Me-Why do you all call me princess?

Suddenly the whole room got quiet.


Harry looked me straight in the eyes and said the most shocking words ever.

Harry-You are the princess of the vampires.


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