Boy Trouble

Rachel Smith falls in love with One Direction member, Liam Payne. But when she meets his peers, she feels a special connection with Louis Tomlinson. She doesn't want to ruin her relationship with Liam, but she truly loves Louis. Will the two boys be able to stay friends? Will Rachel stay out of their lives completely, to save them all the trouble?
Read on to find out!


1. A Glimpse Of The Future

"Who's it gonna be? Me or Liam?" Louis asked, walking to stand as far away from Liam as possible.

"I can't pick, I can't hurt either of you!" Rachel cried.

"Well, you need to! We need to know who you love most!" Liam shouted, causing tears to form in Rachel's eyes.

"I'll leave then! I'll save you the trouble of chasing a girl that can't choose between you and your best friend! I'll get out of your life and stay out of it! I love you, Liam! I love you, Louis!" She screamed as she ran into the empty, over-grown field..

This was the very place that Rachel and Liam had met. Except when they'd met the field was beautiful and there was a fayre going on. So much had changed since then. There were weeds everywhere and all the flowers had wilted and lost their beautiful colour. She was so upset that she didn't notice the harsh stinging nettles scratching at her feet.

She collapsed on the ground and let all the tears that had been building up inside of her ever since she told the two boys that she loved them both. She cried over seeing the boys get hurt by her every single day. Rachel hated it and knew they'd never forgive her for what she was about to do.

She'd have to say goodbye. Forever.


Author's Message:

This is a 'Glimpse Of The Future'. We hope you enjoy it!

- Megan and Ella


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