The Boy and the Secret

Ellie's your normal 17 year old....on the inside. But to others she's the social outcast that never talks to anyone, but one day when she goes to work and finds the famous boy band One Direction there her life turns upside down. She starts to fall for Niall, but if he finds out her secret will Niall still accept her?


2. A not-so-average day at work


A familiar ringing filled my ears as I opened my eyes. "ugh" I said as I turned of my alarm clock. 'Yay another day at work!' I thought. I absolutely hated work. I got up and took a shower and got changed into my work clothes. Then I put on my converse and went downstairs to eat breakfast. I then headed out the door and walked to work. I love the city of London its so pretty. When I got to work I started making some coffee ( ps I work at star bucks) "Um, excuse me " I heard a man say from behind the front counter. "One minute" I say as I finish making some coffee. I turn around and see THE One Direction like in my head I was fangirling they were my favorite band EVER. "What can I get you?" I asked them trying not no pass out. "I'll have a cappuccino please" said Harry. "me too" said Louis. "Me three" said Zayn. "Me four" said Liam "and ill have a regular coffee and a donut" said Niall. "ok coming right up!" I said while smiling. 


I loved everything about her. Her long straight light brown hair, her freckles, her smile. I've never been so in love in my life. She came back with our order and the rest of the boys went back to the table. "um hi I'm Niall" I say awkwardly. "Of course I know your name is Niall. My name is Ellie" She says in the sweetest voice. "Ellie, that's a nice name" I say smiling. "thanks!" she says. "hey wanna exchange numbers" I says looking at the floor.


OMG!!!!! THE Niall Horan wants my number!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Um sure" I say. "ok" Niall says as he grabs a piece of paper and writes his number on it. "I'll text u later" I say smiling. "ok" he says as the Boys call his name. "bye" he says "bye" I say. THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE

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