His little things

Lucy and her 4 best friends are the biggest one direction fans out there, and when they end up having front row tickets and backstage passes for the boys biggest performance yet, things don't turn out as planned... Are the girls prepared for whats coming to them?...


2. The birthday surprise

Lucy's POV

Its my 18th birthday! Yay! Finally I can go out and drink ;) I checked the clock as I just woke up. 8:30.Where are they? Their not in their beds still? My 4 best friends Chloe, Sophie, Megan and Ashleigh all slept over in my apartment last night. I can hear laughing and Chloe telling everyone to be quiet. What is going on? 

'Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Lucy, Happy birthday to you!!'

They burst in with a massive cake. It's got everything I love on it. Dancing, friends, family, music and most importantly ONE DIRECTION!! 'Wow, thanks guys!' I say with the biggest smile on my face. This has to be the best way to wake up! 

'We also have a big surprise for you!' Sophie says very excitedly. They all come and sit on my double bed and Chloe produces a white envelope with my name written on in very fancy handwriting. As i start to open it they're watching anxiously obviously waiting to see my reaction. 

I pull out a piece of paper and start to read it.

" To our best friend Lucy,

We have got you front row tickets for the One Off ONE DIRECTION concert! 

And guess when it is..... TONIGHT!!!! ON YOUR 18TH BIRTHDAY!!! 

We are all getting picked up from your apartment at 11 o'clock to go shopping then 5 o'clock to get dinner and go to the show. 

Hope you like it!

Love Chloe, Sophie, Ashleigh and Megan xo <3"

I froze. I can't believe it. 

'Lucy?... So what do you think? Ashleigh says smiling.

'I..I...I can't believe it! FRONT ROW TICKETS FOR THE ONE OFF ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!' I scream. I look back at the letter and realise it doesn't say who I'm going with. But before i can say anything about that Megan buts in, obviously realising what i was about to say. 'And the best bit it, We're all going together!' she says.

I really do have the best friends in the world!




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