His little things

Lucy and her 4 best friends are the biggest one direction fans out there, and when they end up having front row tickets and backstage passes for the boys biggest performance yet, things don't turn out as planned... Are the girls prepared for whats coming to them?...


4. Shopping

2 hours later and we've all bought dresses for an old school friends party next week. We head to a small cafe for lunch and talk about the concert tonight! I'm so excited, I can't believe we get to meet the 5 boys we've loved since we were 10!! we all order a small salad as we'll be having a big tea tonight. When the food arrives the waiter says happy birthday to me, I had completely forgotten I had a big flashing badge that says '18 TODAY!' pinned onto my jumper!

We finish, pay and leave to carry on shopping. We all buy outfits for tonight and I treated everyone to a personalised One Direction t-shirt. They all have a picture of the boys on the front then 'Mrs....' on the back. Mine says Mrs Styles, Sophie's says Mrs Malik, Ashleigh's say's Mrs Payne, Chloe's say's Mrs Horan and Megan's say's Mrs Tomlinson :D 

It's 3 o'clock so we decide to head back and get ready. The limo's ready and waiting for us where we left it. We get in and start singing and dancing again ;D


A/N :)

sorry for the short chapter, getting writers block already?! hope you all like it so far! 

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