His little things

Lucy and her 4 best friends are the biggest one direction fans out there, and when they end up having front row tickets and backstage passes for the boys biggest performance yet, things don't turn out as planned... Are the girls prepared for whats coming to them?...


5. Nandos...

'Guys, we have 20 minutes till we need to go!' Sophie says as we all finish our hair and make up. We're going to Nandos for tea, Niall's favourite restaurant! :D The doorbell rings and I see the Limo out my window again, I can't wait for tonight now! We grab our bags and t-shirts for tonight and get in the Limo. 

We arrive at Nandos and its packed. 'It's never this busy, have you booked a table?!' I ask the girls. They have and its the nicest one here! Looking out over London from a little glass conservatory at the back. We notice another reserved table for 5 people next to us, obviously for someone special as this is the private section of the restaurant. 

Suddenly we see why there is so many people here. The people at the table next to us have just arrived. I can't believe its them! ONE DIRECTION ARE NEXT TO US!! Me, Ashleigh, Sophie, Megan and Chloe all look at each other and try to contain our squeals of excitement. When I look back at their table, Harry is staring at me and shouts 'Happy Birthday' across the tables. I shout back 'Thank You' and turn bright red. He really is beautiful especially in person. I can see Niall eyeing Chloe up and she's clearly trying to act hard to get. 

Once we finish our food we're about to leave when the boys come over and start talking to us. 'Hi, I'm Harry and this is Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. We're known in some places  as One Direction ;) Are you girls fans of ours?' He asks, obviously already knowing the answer. 'Yes we are! We're coming to see you tonight in fact!' I say. We all carry on talking for about 15 minutes then Niall says they better go and get ready for the concert. we start walking off and Harry pulls me aside. 'Where are you guys sitting tonight? He asks. 'Block B Row 1!' I say excitedly. 'Thanks, I'll look out for you ;)' He tells me. 

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