His little things

Lucy and her 4 best friends are the biggest one direction fans out there, and when they end up having front row tickets and backstage passes for the boys biggest performance yet, things don't turn out as planned... Are the girls prepared for whats coming to them?...


3. getting ready

I go into the bathroom to have a shower and get ready for our girlie shopping trip. The others are getting ready in my bedroom.

I get out of the shower and put on my skinny jeans and mickey mouse jumper. I blow dry and straighten my hair then put a little bit of blusher and mascara on. I walk out to see the 4 girls standing there waiting for me. 'You guys look amazing!' I tell them. 'So do you birthday girl!' Chloe comes over and hugs me. Then the others come and join in. 'Group hug!' I shout!

Just then the door bell rings and i go to answer it. 'Hello, who are you?' I ask. A man i stood there in a suit. 'I'm your chauffeur for the day. You must be Lucy, the birthday girl.' He says. Just as I'm about to reply the others come into the hall and Sophie starts whispering to him. I quickly put my white converse and grab my bag ready to go.

I follow the others out the house and suddenly see a bright pink limozine with 'HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY LUCY' written on it in big white writing. 'This is amazing guys! You really are the best!' 

We get in the limo and start dancing and singing along to One Direction. We finally arrive but i have no idea where we are. Before I can get out of the limo Ashleigh puts a blindfold on me and they all lead me somewhere. I can hear lots of people talking and I know we're in somewhere crowded but I have no idea where. Finally they let me take off the blindfold and I look around. I then realise were in LONDON!!! I know I live in London and al but I never get to see it properly cause I'm too busy at uni. (Me and Sophie both go to the Royal Academy of Dance together and Chloe is training to be a doctor near where we live. Ashleigh and Megan don't live near us but we always visit each other.) I still can't believe how amazing this day has been, and theres still more to come!

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