His little things

Lucy and her 4 best friends are the biggest one direction fans out there, and when they end up having front row tickets and backstage passes for the boys biggest performance yet, things don't turn out as planned... Are the girls prepared for whats coming to them?...


6. Concert time babyyyy :D

As we walk off Harry winks at me and I laugh. 'What was all that about Luce?! ;)' Chloe asks me winking, 'Nothing guys! Just a friendly chat ;)' I say winking back. We drive to the arena and I can see hundreds of fans outside waiting to go in. When we get to the que a man comes over and asks if we're Lucy, Ashleigh, Chloe, Sophie and Megan, the girls who were in Nando's. When we nod to him he takes us in a back door and through a corridor. As we're walking along I suddenly hear Chloe shout 'Look, its 5 seconds of summer's dressing room!' We all scream realising we've been taken backstage! We can all start to hear the screaming girls out in the stadium and I start to remember the day me and Sophie went to see One Direction for the 1st time together. My trail of thought is cut off when I walk straight into something.

OMG. It's Harry again, looking a bit shocked this time though. 'Oh my goodness, I'm so so sorry Harry, I wasn't looking where I was going. I can't believe I just did that!' I say, nearly in tears with embarrassment. Harry starts to laugh quite hard, then Chloe and Sophie join in. Suddenly everyones in hysterics and I start to laugh too. Not many people can say they've walked straight in too Harry Styles ;) He hugs me and tells me that after the show we are to come backstage again because the boys have a surprise for us! As we leave to go and find our seats Niall runs after us and gives Chloe his number! 'In case you get lost baby' He says with a cheeky smile, he winks and runs off after the rest of the boys.

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