It's... Niall...... (Prologue)

I'm Logan Keating. I'm a girl. And, I'm Olca McCarthy. And, I'm a girl. And this is our story.


2. My Radio *Olca/Gia's P.O.V.*

  I sat down in my favorite table, the eating table. Logan says its just A table, but there are one million tables in this house, and I don't feel like just saying A table, it could be ANY table, and I don't feel like giving them proper names like Alaina, Joey, or Bob. That would be wrong. So I say what they really are, an eating table, living room table, exedra exedra. 

And live while we're young.

  My favorite song, besides Kiss You, ended. It did not bother me whatsoever. Only because I knew what was going to come next, the contest. I stopped for two seconds to think.

  "And the number is, listen closely folks, X-XXX-RAD-IOXX. Now it is time..." the announcer announced.

  This announcer was driving me crazy with his announcer voice, and, who says 'folks' anymore? Not me. I was thinking this as I was rushing to finish the number he told us. Then I did. I smush my ear by slamming my phone into it. I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers. Then everything went silent. I bit my lip.

  "HELLO! What is your name young lady?" The announcer asked.

  "Olca, Olca Giona McCarthy, and, and I've won?" I said.

  "Yes. And there not ordinary tickets, they allow you, and one friend, to go backstage!"

  "Oh, okay!"

  "I will call you later to tell you where to get these two tickets. Okay?"




  I sat there happily starring at my radio. "LOGAN!!!!!! COME HERE!!!" I shouted. I continued to stare at the radio. In a few seconds, in the coner of my eye, I saw Logan. She was standing right next to me. Then I looked up at her than smiled.

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