It's... Niall...... (Prologue)

I'm Logan Keating. I'm a girl. And, I'm Olca McCarthy. And, I'm a girl. And this is our story.


1. My Day *Logan's P.O.V.*

  I sat up with a smile. I was one of those people who love mornings, unlike Olca. She prefers her middle name, Giona, but then she like's her middle names nickname, Gi or Gia. It's complicated. Anyway, I got up and walked to my mirror, and this is what I saw: a average 22... and a half year old girl that has strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes. And that is working on her getting bullied situation, its better than it sounds. I starred into the mirror, everyone, except for my family and Olca (Gia), says I'm ugly and stupid and stuff, but I know I'm not. But when they do say the meanest things, my head thinks of a million comebacks, but my body just freezes. I sat down and continued starring into the mirror, just starring and thinking about my life was all that was going on. After a few minuets I thrusted my head from side to side really fast to snap out of my trans. I stood up and sprinted to my closet. I quickly put on a light purple tank top and slipped on a random navy blue sweat shirt then slapped on jean shorts, not the super short ones or the ones that go down to my knees.

  "LOGAN!!!!!! COME HERE!!!" Gia shouted.

  "It must be important." I thought. Then I ran to my bureau, I had no time to put on make up or jewelry on this morning now, if I did it would take only five minuets, but Gia would be really loud in those five minuets. I grabbed my brush a sped it through my wavy messy hair. After the two seconds it took me to brush my hair I started to run downstairs and in the kitchen, she has been living with me for the last four years because of college, and know I know a lot about her, and where she is in the morning before she goes to work, and I do things around my house in Manhattan. I do not have a job, besides cleaning this house, and I count that as working. I speed walked now right up to her. She looked up to me from her my most sacred object, her radio, and then smiled.

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