Whatever ~ Completed

Eleanor is 15 and lives in , Wolverhampton, United Kingdom and she has a gang and lives with her foster mum and her brother George. she meets her next door neighbour Liam and gets close to him. she has to fight against her foster mum and her boyfriend when he gets abusive. Liam fights with her and he goes off and auditions for x factor and he comes home after coming third and finally asks out Eleanor.


15. Twitcam

I was curled up in my bad on my laptop. I was on my twitter and Facebook. I felt something drop on the bed next to me. I saw Liam and smiled as he came under the blankets and wrapped his arms around me. I smiled and turned to face him and he kissed my nose. I laughed and he tickled me. I squealed. "Eleanor?" he asked me. 

"Yeah?" I said and smiled at him.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked me. I nodded and hugged him and he laughed. I buried my head in his chest as I heard him typing on my computer. "Hey guys, Liam here, I want you to meet my new girlfriend," he said. I looked at the screen and saw he was doing a twitcam. "This is Eleanor," He said and i waved as he kissed my cheek. "Guys don't send her hate because i love her," he said as he frowned at some comments. I went to look but he quickly minimised the page and turned my computer off. I looked up at him. "What were they saying?" I asked him.

"Complete bullshit," he said and i nodded. I could see he was angry so i just let it go and dropped the topic. "Night Liam," I said and nestled into him.

"Night babe," he said as I fell asleep

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