Whatever ~ Completed

Eleanor is 15 and lives in , Wolverhampton, United Kingdom and she has a gang and lives with her foster mum and her brother George. she meets her next door neighbour Liam and gets close to him. she has to fight against her foster mum and her boyfriend when he gets abusive. Liam fights with her and he goes off and auditions for x factor and he comes home after coming third and finally asks out Eleanor.


3. rescuing George

Eleanor's P.O.V: I told Liam everything about how my foster mum hit me and George, especially me, and when they did. They really hit us. I always got angry when they hit him. But it was always my fault, because I got involved in gangs and got arrested. “look we'll go and help him ok,” Liam said and I nodded. We went outside and I smashed the window of the house and went inside. I ran upstairs to George's room and he was there up against a wall crying. He already had a black eye, a swollen lip and cuts and bruises all over his body. “STOP IT!” they turned around to look at me. “how did you get in,” Sue asked me. “i smashed the window,” I replied. “YOU LITTLE BITCH!” she screamed and ran towards me. Liam pulled me out of the way. I ran over to George and pulled him over to Liam. “Take him to yours,” I said.

“I'm not leaving you,” they both said.

“I'll be fine, just go,” I said. They ran out just as Sue grabbed me and pushed me up against a wall. She slapped me and I punched her back. She punched me and I kicked her. She whacked my head against the wall and I winced. She laughed and threw me down on the floor. She started to kick me until everything went black.

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