Whatever ~ Completed

Eleanor is 15 and lives in , Wolverhampton, United Kingdom and she has a gang and lives with her foster mum and her brother George. she meets her next door neighbour Liam and gets close to him. she has to fight against her foster mum and her boyfriend when he gets abusive. Liam fights with her and he goes off and auditions for x factor and he comes home after coming third and finally asks out Eleanor.


12. protect her

i ran at Josh and shoved him up against the wall. i started punching him and hitting him. George pulled me off of him. i ran over to Eleanor. she was being comforted by Niall and JJ. George started attacking Josh. Jaymi and Harry eventually dragged him off of him. i pulled Eleanor into me and she cried into my chest. George threw Josh out and ran over to her. he hugged her. "i'm so sorry," he said.

"what for," she asked.

"for not realising," he replied. they hugged and we all went downstairs. i loved her so much. i wasn't going to let anybody hurt her ever. i was going to protect her.

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