Whatever ~ Completed

Eleanor is 15 and lives in , Wolverhampton, United Kingdom and she has a gang and lives with her foster mum and her brother George. she meets her next door neighbour Liam and gets close to him. she has to fight against her foster mum and her boyfriend when he gets abusive. Liam fights with her and he goes off and auditions for x factor and he comes home after coming third and finally asks out Eleanor.


6. he still loves me doesn't he?

“aww!” I looked over to see two boys standing in the doorway.

“ROSS!! WYATT!!” I shouted and ran in for hugs. They laughed and we done our handshake. “what happened?” they asked me and I shrugged. The doorbell rang and I went to answer it. It was Josh, JJ and Jaymi. Them and George are a year older than me. They are all like brothers to me, well except for Josh. He's my boyfriend. I ran forward and we kissed. We all hugged and George came charging out for hugs so I stepped out of the way. We all went inside and I sat on JJ's lap. “how you doing baby sister?” he asked me. We all laughed and I said “i just missed you,”

“it's only been two days love,” Jaymi said

“two days too much,” I replied and they all laughed. We all watched TV and the boys started talking sport and video games with Liam. I sighed. Yeah I play football but I hate talking about it. The boys knew about Sue. The J's and Ross and Wyatt are the only other people I told. I trusted them the most. I looked over at Liam. He was tired. He was talking to George and Josh. I suppose he was quite cute. I then looked at George. I know he's my older brother but I treat him like he's my younger brother. He doesn't mind. I looked over at Ross and Wyatt. They were play fighting. They are the best friends I could ever have. Then I looked at Josh. He had become really overprotective. He wouldn't let me talk to anyone but the boys in this room. He wouldn't let me go out without him and he would always ask where I was and what I was doing. He still loved me though, but he's not the same person he used to be. He looked over at me. He beckoned for me to sit with him. I got up and shuffled towards him. Last time I hadn't got there quick enough and he hit me, but he said he didn't mean to and I forgave him. He draped his arm around me and I leant on his shoulder “good girl,” he whispered in my ear. It was like I was his dog. But he did love me, didn't he?

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