Whatever ~ Completed

Eleanor is 15 and lives in , Wolverhampton, United Kingdom and she has a gang and lives with her foster mum and her brother George. she meets her next door neighbour Liam and gets close to him. she has to fight against her foster mum and her boyfriend when he gets abusive. Liam fights with her and he goes off and auditions for x factor and he comes home after coming third and finally asks out Eleanor.


5. Always my fault

When I woke up I heard speaking coming from the kitchen. I got up and went to investigate. It was George and Liam. I decided to eavesdrop.

“how long has Sue been hitting you,” Liam asked him.

“about five years,” he replied. “she'd snap at anything, it was always my fault, Eleanor didn't like it when se hurt mr so she fought back with sue, I always blamed myself,”

“SHUT UP GEORGE!” I shouted. They both turned to look at me.

“DON'T BLAME YOURSELF, IT WAS ALWAYS MY FAULT, OK!!” I shouted, he nodded and I walked up to him and hugged him. I stroked his hair and whispered in his ear “you have never done anything wrong, you are the best brother in the world,” he smiled at me and rested his head on my shoulder. I sat down next to him and finished his plate of toast. 

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