Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


9. Tour Discussions and New Friends

We take the elevator to the room and all decide on hanging out in Liam and Danielle's hotel room. I wonder how long the boys will be here for; Danielle is in the kitchen smiling happily. She comes over and wraps her arms around Liam’s neck and kisses him. A pang of guilt hits me when I see what I will be interfering if I ever take Liam from Danielle. Danielle pulls back and grins while wrapping her fingers in Liam’s t-shirt and smiling lovingly.

“Hey baby, Paul rang. One Direction have a public dinner tonight to discuss the tour in New York and all of your girlfriends get to come. I’m feeling better so I think I’ll come.”

A wave of sadness comes over me, it would be nice to finish today with a romantic dinner but of course Danielle is feeling better, typical her. She is my best friend and all but sometimes she can do some things that make me want to quit the job and tell Liam I love him. But of course, I come to my senses and realise that is incredibly stupid and immature. I try to smile but it’s clear that its fake and I don’t think anyone fell for it. Eleanor groans and rests her head tiredly on Louis’ shoulder.

“Gemma do you think you could pass as me tonight?”

I laugh nervously, I don’t reply because we all know the answer. Louis pats Eleanor's head and calls to all of us before helping his tired girlfriend towards the door,

“I’ll let this missus have a nap before tonight, I’ll tell all the lads as well.”

Danielle nods and waves before turning to Liam and beginning a serious make out session, I raise an eyebrow. They both seemed to have forgotten I’m standing here so I quietly let myself out and rush into my own hotel room before slamming the door and falling to the ground in a mess. I comb my hands through my hair and hide my face in my hands before tears start falling down my face. I have never ever wanted someone so much in my life, someone I want so much and can’t have.

I don’t know how long I have been lying on the ground in a crumpled mess crying myself into a daze but what feels like centuries later someone knocks. I don’t reply I just stay quiet and frozen on the ground, that’s when I hear a masculine voice clear his throat and knock again,

“Gemma let me in!”

I frown into my room’s plush carpet, why is he here? What exactly does he want? I stand up, I know I look a bloody mess as I answer the door and leave it open for him to invite himself in. He awkwardly stands in my hotel room before I gesture to the couch where he sits quietly. He watches me stalk into the kitchen and put the kettle on. He runs a hand through his head of curls tiredly and clears his throat again.

“Look Gemma, I have a sister. Funny enough you have the same name.”

I roll my eyes and lean against the kitchen counter impatiently,

“What do you want Styles?”

He sighs heavily and leans his head in his hands while looking around my hotel suite.

“Like I said, I have a sister and I know when a girl is heartbroken.”

I raise an eyebrow and fold my arms; he shrugs and coughs a little.

“I’m not heartbroken Harry.”

It’s his turn to raise eyebrows, he snorts and nods. His voice is dripping with sarcasm when he finally replies.

“Of course you aren’t Gemma.”

I roll my eyes again and gesture to the door,

“Get out Styles I have better things to do than waste my time talking to you.”

He raises an eyebrow and stands up before turning to me. He edges closer to me so that we’re inches apart,

“Really? Like what? Eating a tub of ice-cream and watching soppy movies while moping about the fact that you’re in love with a guy that’s taken? Gemma I know how you feel and I understand, can’t you see that?”

I gulp while nodding furiously, he’s leaning in so close to my face that I can feel his hot breath on me. Someone clears their throat behind us; we both jump apart and glance at the door. Crap! I forgot that I opened the door; Liam is standing there sternly with his arms folded. Harry scratches the back of his head awkwardly before excusing himself, muttering something about getting ready. Liam steps into my suite and closes the door behind him, watching me accusingly. I look at him innocently,


Liam folds his arms and tilts his head upwards, shaking his head.

“I didn’t say anything.”

I roll my eyes,

“Well what’s that look for?”

“What look?”

“Stop messing with me Liam, what’s wrong?”

He shakes his head and glares at the floor furiously. I sigh and roll my eyes,


He shakes his head, before gesturing towards the door where Harry left ten minutes ago.

“What was that?”

I raise my eyebrows,

“What was what?”

He sighs heavily,

“You stop messing with me Gemma, what were you doing with Harry?”

His tone is dripping with venom; I use the same tome when replying.

“What does it matter to you? We weren’t doing anything anyways so I don’t understand why you’re getting so worked up!”

I begin shouting at him; he meets my gaze, glaring at me.

“Whatever! Danielle wants you before we leave.”

He shouts back before storming towards the door, I slip out in front of him and swing open their suite door before storming towards their bedroom. I open the door and immediately calm down, I can’t take my anger out on Danielle, and she’s my friend. Danielle is standing in front of the full length mirror, wearing a Christian Dior blue/purple iridescent strapless silk ball gown. She smiles at me before turning round to face me; she’s fashioning sparkly peep-toe blue heels on her manicured feet. I stare in awe at her beautiful outfit, she has a beautiful diamond set bracelet on her left wrist and a lovely rose gold infinity necklace with white diamonds. She has her perfect curls flattened out a bit to make her lovely curls longer so they’re cascading down her back. I smile, she has simple natural makeup on.

“Do I look okay?”

I smile and nod and she twirls in her beautiful gown. I follow her out to the couch where Eleanor is standing looking beautiful with Louis on her arm. Eleanor is wearing a hot red strapless maxi dress with Gucci dark brown leather studded wedged sandals. She has silver hoops in her ears and her hair is professionally put in a high ponytail, her makeup minimal and natural like Danielle's. She has cute peachy bangles on her right arm and she has Louis’ black suit blazer on her shoulders. I smile at her as she makes her way over to us, everyone is chatting excitedly except for me; I will be the only one staying home tonight while all these will be out having fun. Harry and the boys are having a manly conversation and all of us girls can’t help but overhear when Harry speaks up loudly.

“Aw man! Only me and Niall are the bachelors!”

Niall clears his throat shaking his head,

“Well actually everyone listen up, I kinda have something to tell you all.”

Everyone turns to watch Niall make his little speech.

“Well you guys were wondering where I have been disappearing these last few days and going out the whole time well…I kinda have a little secret that we would like to share with you all.”

We? Niall has a girlfriend? Cute! I smile and give Niall the thumbs up before he disappears for a few minutes out the door. Ten minutes later he returns with a girl hiding behind him, he tells her not to be shy and she peeks out at all of us. Danielle sees that I won’t leave so she goes and hides in the room while I remain in my seat and watch her curiously. Niall speaks up again,

“Everyone this is my secret, I have been leaving to hang out with my girlfriend these last few weeks and we decided to go public. Everyone this is Kristen!”

Everyone greet the pretty girl who smiles and waves energetically. I laugh and she grins, once I see what she’s wearing I automatically know she will be going out with the boys tonight. I glance around, Zayn and Perrie aren’t here. Weird. Kristen is wearing a white bra top completed with a long tight black leather high-waisted skirt. She has pinkish-red studded heels that look gorgeous with the black and white, the tight skirt shows off her skinny, perfect figure. She isn’t wearing tights so we can all see her tanned, perfect legs. She has the kind of body you wish you had, like those supermodels on TV who look absolutely perfect. Her light brown hair is so perfect and wavy; anyone could tell its natural which makes it even nicer. Her blue eyes are like crystals shining, but there is also something else in her eyes, is it a hint of sadness? Her eyes are distant like she’s thinking of someone; I frown but shake it off even though concern is eating me. Her eyes are framed with natural make up that looks lovely, she has a simple gold hinge cuff on her left wrist who she fidgets with every five minutes.


She looks up at me, I beckon her over as Niall was talking to the boys and she was just standing there awkwardly. She smiles as I get her to sit beside me,


I give her a welcome hug as she starts grinning,


After talking to the lovely girl for twenty minutes I find out that she is actually quite bubbly and funny, random at times but definitely a good friend that I know I could trust with anything. She brushes her long wavy hair out of her eyes; I see a peach rhinestone ring on her hand. I gasp, she smiles at me in question.

“I saw that ring the other day! I was gonna get it but I forgot to go back!”

She laughs as I join in. We talk for a bit with Eleanor joining in occasionally until she politely cuts in,

“Eh you wouldn’t know where the bathroom is?”

I nod and point to the suite bathroom, her eyes still show hints of sadness so I wait until she is in the bathroom before getting up and standing outside the bathroom. I hear the toilet flush and the door unlock before Kristen appearing outside the bathroom, she jumps when she sees me standing there. I grab her arm lightly and guide her back into the bathroom before locking the door behind us. She stands back a little, raising an eyebrow playfully. I laugh uneasily but turn serious again.

“Look Kristen you know you can tell me anything?”

She nods and bites her lip; I nod and look her in the eye. She holds it together for a few seconds before she sighs heavily and sits on the closed toilet lid. She hides her face in her hands as she bends over, her voice breaks.

“M-my dad is s-s-sick. I just don’t know anymore! My mum isn’t coping with it and I have no siblings to watch out for her when I’m out! We don’t know how long my dad will live and it’s just so…..frustrating!”

I give her persuading words and reassure her that her dad will be fine; she reluctantly lets me fix her hair and makeup before we go back out to all of our friends. Kristen turns to me curiously,

“Are you not coming out?”

“Yeah I just have to get ready.”

I reply sheepishly, I can’t very well tell her that I’m Danielle's sidekick even though she has just trusted me with the secret of her dad when Niall doesn’t even know about him. When we return I see that Zayn and Perrie have arrived, Perrie looking exceptionally gorgeous as usual. I hug her,

“Hey Gem!”

She whispers into my ear as she leans in to hug me, I grin at her. I love how Perrie and Liam can tell me apart from Danielle. Perrie is wearing a lovely simple black knee-length dress with a thin black belt around her waist, black studded heels with black and gold studs. Her nails are painted black and her purple hair is looking fabulously short, her eyeliner and mascara framing her beautiful eyes. Zayn is wearing a white shirt with a simple, thin black silk tie and his hair is spiky.

I nod at everyone before going into Liam and Danielle's room where Danielle is in hiding. She immediately jumps off the bed impatiently,

“What took you so long Gem?”

I shrug tiredly and grab both of shoulders, giving her no choice but to calm down.

“Listen up! Niall got a girlfriend, her name is Kristen and she is an only child. She told me a secret about her dad so avoid that topic if you can because her dad is ill.”

I felt a bit guilty betraying Kristen but I need to tell Danielle because Kristen is obviously going to talk to her thinking it’s me.

 “She’s really nice and funny, be nice to her because we really hit it off out there and we’re good friends.”

Danielle nods and makes for the door but I stop her,

“Wait! You should wait a few minutes so it looks like I am getting ready!”

We both sit down on the bed for a while; neither of us talking in case anyone outside hears us. After a few minutes Danielle gets up and leaves, squeezing me in a tight hug before going. I wait until I hear them all leave before going to my room, a whole night of soppy movies and eating ice-cream ahead of me, exactly like Harry said.

Danielle’s P.O.V:

I felt really bad leaving Gemma behind in the hotel for a whole night alone, Liam felt bad as well but what could we do? We can’t bring her with us or people would seriously wonder what the hell is going on with two Danielle's and one Liam. We all get into the limo; this Kristen girl is actually pretty nice. Gemma was right; she’s bubbly and funny with hints of randomness that makes her a cute friend. Niall is a lucky guy to have such a lovely girl; she is so pretty and cute. Her laugh is adorable and she is so easy to get along with. Like Gemma told me, I avoided any conversation of family or her past.

Once we got to the fancy restaurant, our seats were already arranged. Liam was to my right and Kristen to my left, Niall was to Kristen's left and so on. Plate after plate I learned that Kristen eats a hell of a lot of food; her and Niall are actually perfect for each other.

“You eat so much!”

I exclaim after trying to finish my plate, I’m full after the second course and Kristen and Niall are ordering more! She grins at me as Niall interferes,

“Why do ya think I like her?”

Everyone at the table starts laughing. Perrie turns to Eleanor to talk and Kristen and I talk as the boys begin to discuss the tour.

Niall’s P.O.V:

I was so worried introducing Kristen to everyone, we have discussed going public so many times but we weren’t sure when would be the right time. I was relieved once she got along with the girls and struck conversation so easily but that’s just the way she is. She’s so easy to get along with and she loves food just like me, and she has a fast metalibism like me. A fast metalibism is where you keep eating and you can’t put on weight. She’s absolutely perfect and I hope I never have to let her go.

Gemma’s P.O.V:

After watching some awesome movies like Magic Mike I must have dozed off because when I wake, someone is stroking my face. I flutter my eyes open to see Harry sitting beside me, snuggled under the blanket with me. He’s watching the movie while stroking my face, I watch him for a millisecond before his green emeralds flickers to meet my gaze. He smiles down at me, I raise an eyebrow tiredly. I’m honestly too tired to ask him to leave or to stop that, I am actually quite comfortable in this position and Harry’s cologne is so sweet and inviting that I would love to stay like this forever.

“Hey Styles.”

I mumble into his lap, I didn’t even realise that my head is placed in his lap. He chuckles,

“I love when you call me that, it’s such a turn on.”

I pretend to gag which sends him chuckling again; I watch whatever movie I have on with him for another while before my eyes grow heavy again. Just as they droop I hear Harry whisper,

“Goodnight Gemma.”

I feel a pair of soft lips press against my temple gently as I doze off.

Hey hope you guys are enjoying this!!!!!! comment below if you're team Garry (Gemma and Harry) or team Lemma (Liam and Gemma) !!!!!! i thought i would be nice and give you all two chapters so enjoy!!!!! :)


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