Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


14. Tour Bus

 Gemma's P.O.V:

By ten minutes all the boys are swarmed around Lou and trying to talk to her, her cheeks have been pink since she started talking to them and I already know I won’t like her. Danielle tries to calm me down by tugging me out of sight but it’s not working, Eleanor has a crease line above the bridge of her nose with worry. All she wants is for everyone to get along but how can I get along with her when she is trying to steal all the boys. Eleanor tries to calm me down but I snap I totally lose it and drag all three girls with me into my old hotel room; I slam the door behind me and turn to them, making sure I have all their attention.

“Look guys! Do you not see it? Eleanor, are you not worried she’s gonna steal Louis, I mean he does have a great sense of fashion and Danielle! Liam has that cute puppy dog look going for him; do you think she’s going to resist that? And Kristen! You just started going out with Niall, she could whip him up in no time and send you off out of the country!”

All the girls quieten up all lost in their own thoughts about my recent rant. Kristen looks up in horror, followed by Eleanor’s pouting face and Danielle nearly shrieking,

“That bitch!”

I nod and fold my arms; all the girls do their own thing. Kristen runs her hands through her hair, Danielle screams and Eleanor pouts looking at me sadly. Danielle continues,

“There is no way in hell we’re letting her get near the guys! If Perrie was here she’d kill her on the spot!”

I nod, my stomach growing uneasy. She can’t take Liam, Louis, Zayn or Niall but she can take one of them, one of them is single. I groan and shake my head; all the girls turn to me curiously, raising their eyebrows.

“The only one she can get to is Harry! We have to take her down!”

The girls look at me suspiciously; Danielle speaks what they’re all thinking,

“Eh why would we care if she takes Harry?”

She raises her eyebrows at me, I begin to shake vigorously. Danielle catches me just as I’m about to crumble to the floor. That’s when I do it, I spill the beans. I tell them what has been happening the last few nights, from me calling Harry beautiful and him staying every night to him kissing me, and me kissing him back and me telling him I want him and Harry feeling the same. Danielle and the rest of the girls are stunned silent as I lie in a crumple on the floor. Danielle is on her honkers patting my back reassuringly, Kristen clears her throat lightly,

“Do you have feelings for him?”

Much and all I’d like to deny it, I truly do.

“Honestly, yes.”

Kristen nods and pushes a strand of her behind her ear before sitting on the flour beside me and putting an arm around me. She pats my back and helps me off the floor while whispering,

“Well your heart knows what to do now.”

I thank her quietly as we all return to the hall, all the boys are picking up their cases and making for down the hall. Louis walks over to a sad Eleanor and he tilts her head up, caressing her chin.

“Babe. Babe look at me.”

Eleanor’s eyes stay glued to the ground, she nimbly meets Louis’ gaze. Her eyes are scared but Louis assures her and puts her in a good mood again. Danielle grabs my arm as Liam hauls her cases down the corridor, Paul helping Liam. I carry my own case and handbag, my eyes glued to Harry’s back up ahead. He’s walking with Lou, chatting with her and laughing loudly. Kristen is walking down with Niall who’s carrying both their cases. Zayn is walking on his own carrying his case in one hand and texting on his phone with the other. Louis is walking with Eleanor and Liam is still behind us with Paul. Kristen turns her head while walking to give us the thumbs up, I smile in return. Lou is chatting wildly with Harry about something stupid when she turns around quickly stopping, sending Eleanor, Louis and Zayn into a heap on the ground. Eleanor squeals as she rubs her red ankle, Zayn gets up helping Eleanor as does Louis. Lou stands there with her hands on her mouth, not saying a word. Maybe a ‘sorry’ would be nice? Once everyone has recovered and standing up, she calls to Paul who’s behind us,

“We forgot to disguise Gemma.”

I raise an eyebrow at Danielle, ‘we’ is her, and it’s her job as the stylist. The last stylist never forgot but that’s just who she is. Everyone stops and turns to Paul to watch his reaction, we’re near the elevator so he sends Lou and me back on our own to get ready. I grab Paul as Lou picks up her makeup cases, I whine that I will be all alone so he sends Harry with us, are you flipping kidding me? This will be like a date for them except I will be the third wheel. Harry gladly accepts and for the whole walk back up the corridor, he does nothing but ask Lou questions about where she’s from, he never wanted to know anything about me!

We get there a lot faster as there are only three of us and we don’t have cases. Halfway down the short walk Harry took the cases off Lou and she complimented him exclaiming loudly,

“What a gentleman!”

I rolled my eyes and trudged behind them, only two people standing side by side can fit in this corridor, it’s pretty narrow. Harry and Lou talk for ages, both ignoring my total existence and to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started making out in front of me. I take my iPhone out of my bag and start messing around with Twitter, checking out Danielle’s and Eleanor’s for any new tweets. Harry opens the door to the hotel room he shared with Zayn, he holds it for Lou and is about to let himself in before me when he sees me out of the corner of his eye. His face is surprised to see me considering I’m the reason we’re coming back here, I walk in slowly in front of him to piss him off just so Lou can see the real side of him.

Lou sits herself on the recliner and starts pulling out makeup and crap, I sit on the one opposite as Harry has taken the one right beside it. Lou looks up confused and sighs before chuckling,

“Harry! Its Gemma getting her makeup done!”

Harry joins in laughing before giving me the seat beside Lou. After ten minutes she has my skin a lighter shade so I don’t look as tan, she then pulls out a long, dirty blond wig and starts pining my hair up, I don’t refuse I let her do whatever she’s trying to do to hide my hair. After what feels like ages, she has all my hair pinned up, not a curl or lock in sight, and then she proceeds to putting the wig on. Once she’s finished she shows me a mirror, damn! I’d be a cute blond! Lou smiles kindly and starts putting away her makeup.

The elevator stops at our destination, making a ‘bing’ noise before the heavy, metal doors slide open. Harry directs us out of the foyer and into the tour bus parked at the side of the hotel. Paul is standing outside with his arms folded crossly, acting as a barrier from the screaming fans. We hop into the tour bus, Harry leads Lou to the back where there’s a TV.

I proceed to find Danielle, she’s sitting in the bunks, they’re like beds on the walls and they’re spaced out. There are two across and three pairs on each side; Danielle has bagged the one to the left in the second row and Eleanor the one above it and Kristen the one under it. I take the one beside Danielle’s. They inform me on who has taken the ones across from us, across from Danielle’s is Liam’s and one empty. Across from Kristen’s is Niall and Zayn’s and across from Eleanor’s is Louis’. So there’s one empty beside Liam’s and one empty beside Louis’. Harry and Lou come back from the back of the bus where there’s a massive round couch and massive flat screen TV. Harry and Lou look up; you see there’s a walkway between the bunks. They see all the bunks that are full, oh yeah! There’s an empty one beside Kristen and one beside Eleanor. Its weird that the couples didn’t just take them side by side. Harry takes the one right across from me, beside Liam and Lou looks up curiously. Harry sees and directs her to the one beside Louis, causing Eleanor’s eyes to peer suspiciously.

Louis watches Lou climb up the ladder to the bunk, her bob of blond hair moving slightly. Eleanor watches their movements like a hawk, her gaze never wavering from the pair. Louis doesn’t speak a word to Lou and vice versa, everyone sits in their own bunks awkwardly. Harry and Liam start talking quietly about NYC. Everyone doesn’t say a word, I would get up and call the girls after me but Danielle is ready to fall asleep and Eleanor isn’t going to move as long as Louis and Lou are within ten miles of each other. Kristen is reaching over and talking to Niall. Niall hops out of his bunk and so does Kristen; they walk to the kitchen part of the bus and start pulling out food. Sounds like them alright; Zayn is lying on his back in his bunk; one hand supporting the back of his head and the other holding his phone. Harry and Liam immediately stop talking; I feel two pairs of eyes watching me. I cringe, I hate when people watch me intently like that. I turn on side so my back is facing them, on the wall there’s a plug and above me is an air conditioner, fancy that! There’s a little sliding door, I push it open to reveal two small shelves. I guess it’s for putting your phone in or something when you’re sleeping. I hear something slide across, I glance out of my bunk to see a curtain pulled across Danielle’s bunk, and I glance at my own and see that I too, in fact have a curtain for my very own bunk.  

As I’m turning around, I can only feel one pair of eyes on me. 

I turn around quickly so I can catch the person in action; a pair of green emeralds bore holes into mine. I flinch away from him and turn my back to him. I turn around to see him still glaring at me; I hold his gaze and glare back at him while drawing my curtain across angrily. I lie in a huff in my bunk; I can hear Liam and Danielle’s muffled voices. I hear someone clamber down the ladder and a few minutes later the TV is put on. I peek out the edge of my curtain to see Zayn still texting, Harry and Lou have disappeared and Louis missing too. Niall and Kristen are in the kitchen stuffing their faces, ha, I can still hear Liam and Danielle talking and it sounds like Eleanor is talking to someone too. Great, I’m a loner. The only reason I’m even here is for Danielle, I have been single since forever and I never even had a boyfriend before becoming Danielle’s stunt double.

I crawl under the soft covers and lie in the partially dark bunk. I can hear muffled voices coming from the bunks beside me and above me. I can hear the clicking of the buttons on Zayn’s Blackberry and whoever is watching TV has it annoyingly loud. I sigh heavily and close my eyes, massaging my temples with one hand, I can’t even sleep they’re all so loud. That’s when I hear a little pop noise, I choose to ignore it and turn on my side towards the wall. I hear someone giggling before a masculine voice clears his throat, I instantly recognise it as Liam’s voice.

“You okay Gemma?”

I groan and sit up, I didn’t realise it before but there’s little tiny round doors between the bunks side by side. I look at it to meet the gaze of Liam, his chocolate brown eyes twinkling in the low light. I shake my head quietly and he nods,

“Wanna talk about it?”

I shake my head once more; he looks into my eyes like he’s searching through my soul. He does a little wave before he closes the tiny door. I fall back onto the covers not feeling tired at all, just stressed I guess. I never get a break, I can’t. I can’t even go out foreign because they still recognise Danielle out there. I push my feet against the end of my bunk; my feet are bare of my heels. I must have kicked them off when I was turning back and forth. I slip them back on and pull open my curtain; I pull the stupid wig off my head and take out the hundreds of pins Lou put in. I slowly make my way down the ladder, being extra careful as a result of wearing high heels. Once safely on the ground and no injuries have occurred, I make my way to the front of the bus where Paul and Liam decided to dump all the cases. The bus really is amazing!

I spot one that I don’t recognise, that I have never seen before and we are permitted to have the same suitcase on tour the whole time. Its medium size and has cartoon pictures all over it like a comic, I study it suspiciously. I bend down and inspect it carefully; I jump when someone speaks up behind me in a low voice,

“It’s hers, wanna hide it?”

I peek over my shoulder carefully to be met by Danielle, standing there with a devilish grin on her face. I bite my lip and nod, she moves to pick it up but I stop her, grabbing her shoulders.

“Let’s just hide mine as well so they don’t think we’re picking on her!”

Danielle nods determinedly and picks up Lou’s suitcase before mine. I nod curtly and walk back to where Harry, Lou, Niall and Kristen are all sprawled on the round couch. They’re all watching the TV intently; Kristen is nearest to the edge so I inform her.

“Hey Kristen, I’m going out for a walk, kay?”

She nods but grabs my hand, stopping me from leaving.

“Do you want me to go with?”

I shake my head quietly and she nods understandably. I walk up to the front of the bus and am nearly out the door when I hear Eleanor call me,

“Gemma wait! Where are you going?”

I smile but on the inside I’m ready to kill her, can’t I have some space?

“For a walk.”

My teeth are clenched when I reply; she tilts her head to the side curiously.

“Want me to come?”

I shake my head as politely as I can before turning to Paul who’s standing by the door protectively; he crosses his arms and tilts his head towards Eleanor,

“Gemma I think it would be a good idea if Eleanor went with you, for publicity and in case something happens.”

I nod and secretly roll my eyes, Eleanor smiles blandly before calling to Louis that she’s going with me. Once out on the street she turns to me,

“Look Gemma don’t waste your time on him, he’s a waster and he’s obviously too keen on that blond bimbo back there.”

She beckons with her thumb to behind us where the tour bus is nearly out of view; I can’t believe we have gotten this far without being mauled by fans. Eleanor links arms with me and walks with a spring in her step, lucky for her she’s not wearing heels. We talk for a bit, me filling her in on Danielle’s devious plan and her informing me of her worries about Louis going after Lou. After what feels like a really long walk, cus I’m wearing heels, we come to a Starbucks. Eleanor spots it, squeals and drags me by the arm into the warm building. Eleanor orders two caramel iced coffees to go, the waitress asks for the names and Eleanor speaks up quickly.

“Eleanor and G-“

I cut her off quickly,

“Danielle, Eleanor and Danielle.”

The waitress finally looks up from her notebook to smile at a stuttering Eleanor. I smile politely, the waitress starts stuttering once she realises who we are,

“T-that will b-b-be ten m-m-minutes.”

I smile gratefully and take Eleanor by the arm, guiding her away from the cashier. Eleanor is in a daze, a horrified look plastered across her face.

“I-I-I almost ruined you.”

She’s in shock and looking petrified, I grab her shoulders, forcing her to look me in the eyes.

“Look Eleanor, its fine! I cut you off and the waitress didn’t even recognise us until you started stuttering! It’s fine!”

She nods satisfied just as a group of girls walk over to us shyly. They stand in front of us, too scared to say anything. The smallest, a cute girl with blond hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen, speaks up.

“Are you Eleanor and Danielle?”

Her voice is clear as bell and she doesn’t stutter a word, Eleanor and I both smile and nod. She does a little squeal before all her friends finally come out of their trance. Eleanor and I end up borrowing probably a dozen napkins to sign for the girls, we were signing for so long we didn’t even realise our drinks were ready. We collect them and Eleanor pays happily as I forgot my purse, we apologise to the girls and leave. I hold my coffee cup in both of my hands, walking in step with a thoughtful Eleanor. I take a sip of my drink as she speaks up,

“Imagine if I did say Gemma, I wonder what would happen?”

I laugh uneasily,

“Well we’d just have to hope that the person doesn’t recognise us.”

We both chuckle, the walk back taking us less time. We greet Paul at the door as we hop back on the bus. Kristen and Niall are sitting cross legged on her bunk, Liam and Danielle are making sandwiches and Harry and Lou are watching TV together even neither one seems to be watching the TV, just each other. I sigh loudly as El and I pass, Eleanor coughs loudly resulting in Lou glancing up sharply and Harry rolling his eyes angrily. Eleanor and I make it to her bunk before bursting into giggles; even though they can still hear us from there we obviously don’t care. I sit with El  talking about loads of stuff before Paul walks down and claps his hands together loudly like he usually does whens he’s announcing something,

“Right guys! Dinner tonight! It’s casual!”

No-one questions what time or anything but I thought too soon, Lou speaks up with her annoyingly squeaky voice,

“Can I bring a friend?”

Paul frowns for a millisecond, Harry contacting him telepathically through their eye contact, Paul slowly nods his head. Lou smiles excitedly and claps her hands together. Ok, wtf? She hasn’t been a day on the job and she’s already asking to bring friends along? I have been at this job for like a year or something and I never asked to bring friends along, not that I had any…but that’s not the point! The point is, is that she shouldn’t be making a name for herself so early in the job and she has only done one job so far. She starts tapping away at her iPhone excitedly, Harry watches her like she’s the eighth wonder of the world.

Hours later, I follow Danielle to the front of the bus where the suitcases are meant to be. I pretend to get worried and walk towards the back where everyone is hanging out,

“Guys?! Has anyone seen my suitcase?”

They all shrug and look at each other as if to ask, ‘was it you?’ Louis grins cheekily and shakes his head quickly. Eleanor must have told him to own up to it and make it look like he did it, probably because he has the name for being the jokester of the band.

Eventually I get my suitcase back but Lou still hasn’t noticed hers missing even though us girls have to start getting ready now, it will be even better cus she will be late. I choose a loose, red plaid shirt as Paul said casual, I match it up with a distressed pair of blue denim shorts. I take off my heels and rub my sore feet, I slip on a pair of mint coloured authentic Vans and choose ankle socks that go below the rim of my shoes. I let my curly hair sit out and I apply black eyeliner and mascara while refreshing my red lipstick.

I leave the bathroom where I had to get changed and bump into Danielle who is going in, holding her clothes in her hands. She looks at me already dressed and smacks her head,

“Oh yeah! I’ll just get Lou to do me up as it’s my turn now.”

I smile politely and make my way towards Eleanor's bunk; Louis is in there with her. I sit in the bunk neighbouring Eleanor's and lie down against the wall. Eleanor compliments my casual outfit and starts babbling on about my good sense of fashion. Eventually Danielle comes out of the bathroom and Eleanor hops up, grabbing her case and running to the bathroom before anyone gets in before her. I watch as Danielle asks Lou to do her makeup. As Lou makes Danielle up, I inspect what Danielle’s idea of casual is. 

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