Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


4. The Signing: Part Two

Gemma's P.O.V:

Liam sees and dangles his arm over my shoulder, he's such a nice guy; I mean, Danielle's guy. I glance up at him in question but he shrugs before asking casually,

“So what did Danielle say to you?”

I smile and fold my arms as we walk out the foyer and towards the parked limo,

“Do what we gotta do, how ‘bout you?”

He shrugs and looks around the cold city streets before replying casually,


He holds the door for me as I slide in, I wait patiently for him to hop in. he sits beside me and places his hand on my leg, I shiver under his touch but I don’t remove it. Eleanor slides in and sits the other side of me.

“Hey Gem!”

“Hey El!”

She smiles, I love Eleanor. She is a beauty, she really is. Her gorgeous brown eyes and lovely hair with a stunning body, no wonder everyone is jealous of her and wants to be her. I smile as she chuckles,

“Don’t worry babe, Liam isn’t as bad as you think!”

She winks and says her words a little higher so Liam hears, next thing I know there’s a big strong arm in front of my face, hitting Eleanor’s arm playfully.

“Hey I heard that!”

She chuckles and leans back in her seat, sighing happily as Louis sits down next to her,

“Hey Gemma!”

He greets me, cheerful as ever.

“Hey Lou!”

I wave a little and send a smile in the direction of him. He grins and ruffles Eleanor's hair, she closes her eyes and tries to pout angrily but ends up smiling, and she waits until he stops to open her eyes. She sends a glare in his direction but can't keep her face straight and they both end up laughing, Liam and I join in without realising it. We stare into each others eyes; we both gulp and smile uneasily while turning away in different directions, not awkward at all.

The limo pulls up at a shopping centre and the five boys hop out, Louis’ head ducks into the limo and he drags Eleanor out playfully so the crowd see and get plenty of photos. Liam bows at the limo door and grabs my hand softly and places a kiss on it before helping me out and walking me up to the prepared seating area. Surprisingly enough, there's a seat for Eleanor and I, well it’s addressed to Danielle but these people don’t know I'm really Gemma and nor do they care. Harry is seated at the top of the horizontal table, so fans will go to him first and then Zayn, then Niall, then Louis, then Eleanor, then me and then Liam. There are two marker pens laid out in front of me and a big stack of small posters. I lift up one of the posters and can't help but smile; I can remember the photo shoot well. It’s a picture of all the boys with Perrie, Eleanor and I laughing with them. It was the day management decided that we needed a group photo together of all the boys and their girlfriends and Danielle was sick.

All of the girls, including me, were given black tight sexy-looking clothes while the boys were given white clothes. It was a weird combination but the stylists said it was Ying and Yang, I remember feeling quite insulted that day because they implied that we were evil and a bad impression on the boys. I guess that’s Management for you. Anyways, the stack of posters is if a girl just wants my individual signature or someone else’s. All the fans are being held back by loads of metal barriers, I didn’t even notice them or how much noise they were making until I start to pay attention. There’s guards everywhere making sure no fan jumps out and attacks us, well the boys, that’s what they’re after. Except I do recall moments when girls tried to rip my clothes or tear my hair out but I survived and life goes on. I run a hand through my curls that Danielle prepared like Dani usually does, Management did say I need to act more like her. Liam smiles at me and we pretend to have a lovey dovey conversation to keep Management happy, I turn to Liam,

“So what's up with this Management crap? They haven’t said anything before and I’ve been doing this for ages! Isn’t the hand-holding and pecks good enough?”

He clears his throat and leans in closer to me, his voice deep and sexy,

“Apparently not, light kisses weren’t much of a settler for the paps anyways but us holding hands should be enough but all Management want to do is cause scandal and crap, they love causing drama even if its just between the boys and not public. They’re just trying to get you and Danielle to fight, ignore them and let’s just prove to them that we can overcome all their crap and stand just as tall!”

I nod in agreement and smile in spite of myself. His voice is barely audible over the fan’s screaming but I still make it out,

“So wanna give them a kiss?”

I nod quietly and bite my lip as he leans in and closes his eyes, I do the same as our lips clash. I swear fireworks happened, my stomach riddled with butterflies. He doesn't pull away like usual, he ends up deepening the kiss and running his tongue over my lip, I accept him and feel his tongue slip into my mouth. Our tongues fight for dominance as we grab for each other, his hands find my hair and places them in it while I wrap my arms around his neck for dear life. We both pull back at the same time, agreeing that we both need to catch our breaths. We smiles into each other’s faces, are faces are still inches apart. I can feel his hot breath on my face, I pull back as a presenter announces,

“Welcome everyone to One Direction’s meet and greet! We have two special guests who will also be signing autographs, give it up for 1D and Eleanor and Danielle!”

I straighten up and smile before waving at the audience, which makes them scream louder. I look at the boys, Harry is watching me intently and all the others are watching us with faces of pure shock. They turns back around in their seats as fans start coming to the table in a single file as directed by the hundreds of signs.

A little girl of seven or so is walking down, she has asked for all of our signatures. She is talking to Harry as he scribbles his signature on the mini poster and her CD; eventually she makes it down to me. I have already perfected Danielle's signature, its like second nature to me, I decide to make sweet converse with the little girl,

“What's your name sweetie?”


I smile up at her, her stutter is cute. I hand the piece of paper to Liam for him to sign as I continue to talk to her,

“W-w-will you t-take a p-p-picture with m-m-me?”

She's looking at me, I nod and smile before standing up and leaning over the table to pose in a picture with her as Liam takes it with the girls pink phone. I smile and pull the girl in for a hug in the next picture, I tell Liam to keep taking pictures as the girl becomes comfortable with me and starts posing crazily like me. We stick our tongues out and cross our eyes and do all weird things, eventually we have held up a line so we say goodbye and tell her she’s a great fan and to keep it up.

About a hundred autographs and one thousand pictures, we get a break. We are directed to go behind the stage thing we’re on; I follow Liam who is guiding me with his hand wrapped safely around mine for the publicity stunt. Once safely in a lunchroom, the directors and all the people in charge leave us alone. Leaving all the boys and Eleanor and I. there's sandwiches and other things but I have lost my appetite, Liam begs me to eat but I refuse and begin to feed him like a baby. Everyone else stands at the other end of the room except Louis and Eleanor who are standing at the sandwich table with us. Louis laughs at me force-feeding Liam but Eleanor turns to me smartly,

“Gemma there’s no paps around, ye don’t have to act all loved up you know?”

I turn to Liam and smile before turning back to Eleanor,

“So? We’re not kissing, we’re friends anyways before all of this happened so this isn’t an act.”

Even though my excuse seemed pretty valid, somehow I got the feeling that neither one of us was acting when we were loved up; no matter if it was in here feeding each other or outside kissing.

We return outside and sign loads more autographs before the closing time of the Meet and Greet. Most of the girls only wanted 1D’s autographs but that didn’t stop Eleanor and I from smiling at the girls who refused to even acknowledge our existence, one of the times the girl was so snobby she breezed right past us to Liam. That’s the time when Eleanor leaned over and whispered in my ear,

“Keep smiling because A: it gets them angry that they’re being mean to you and you’re smiling and B: because you have a boyfriend that’s a member of their favourite band who they obsess over with posters and merch when you have the real thing at home!”

I burst into fits of laughter after Eleanor told me this, which made the snobby girl wrinkle her nose at us in disgust and storm away, blowing a kiss to Liam. Liam turned to me with a red face and burst into fits of laughter once the girl was out of sight. Once it’s over, I look at the crowd and not even half of them have been to see us. I frown as I see girls going home crying as we finish up, Eleanor stands up and claps her hands; clearly delighted to be going back to the hotel after this long day. For the first time today, I actually pay attention to what the stylish girl is wearing. She is flaunting a light blue denim, sleeveless summer dress with a neon yellow thin belt. She completes the summer dress with a pair of flowery Oxfords; her hair is up in a perfect round bun at the back of her head, a white hair band holding back the hair from her face. Her makeup is minimal and natural, she has a black Mulberry leather tote bag on her arm which is lovely and it’s a shame she won’t be able to wear it again because she has to follow the same guideline rules as Danielle. She has red rose studs in her ears which are so cute, I smile at her cute outfit and follow the boys out to the limo, and Liam holds my hand tightly as we walk past the fans.

The boys choose now, of all day, to talk to the fans again! They shout for Eleanor and Louis to kiss, Louis places his hand on the small of Eleanor's back and supports her weight leaning her down and giving her a romantic peck of the lips like in fairytales. I smile at them until a girl shouts for Liam and I to kiss, I pretend to not hear it and so does Liam until the whole crowd is chanting. Oh how I would love to glare at that girl, I turn to the boys. Harry starts chanting and so does all of them except Eleanor who watches me carefully. I lean in to Liam and our mouths move in sync again, his hand trails down to my backside, I tense up but his hands remain on my butt, my arms stay wrapped around his neck. I pull back and wipe my mouth before deciding this is enough, I glance at Eleanor pleadingly, and she nods and whispers something to Louis before he nods and gestures to all the boys to come on. The crowd ‘aw’s but we ignore them and hop into the limo, the whole ride back to the hotel is quiet as everyone is lost in their own thoughts, especially Liam and I.

Tell me what ye guys think!!! xoxoxox :) hope ye like it!!!


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