Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


3. The Signing: Part One

Gemma's P.O.V:

Bang bang bang!

I sit up out of bed and rub my eyes sleepily, what the hell is all that noise?! Unlike Danielle, I am not- I repeat not, a morning person! I rub my eyes once more before falling out of bed; I crawl to my door before standing on my kneecaps and opening the door, not even caring that there may be a mass murderer ready to shoot me. I’m honestly too tired to care, I fall backwards as I swing my arm letting the person know they can come in. I hear her before I see her, mainly because my eyes are squinting with sleepiness,

“Eh, Gem?”

Gem is Danielle's nickname for me. I squint up at her as she steps inside and closes the door behind her. I rub my eyes and drag my useless body over to the couch where I plop myself down, half-asleep. She sits beside me and gives me a little shove, my eyes remain closed but I do groan. She chuckles before attempting to wake me up, after a restless ten minutes of shoving me around and poking me, she wakes me. The only reason I woke up fully was because she mentioned something about a festival and Liam, of course. I mentally face-palm myself for being so cheesy and easy to get.

I look up into the same eyes as mine; Danielle is pouting sadly and running her hand smoothly up my arm. I raise an eyebrow at her and pull back, not creeped out at all!


Her voice is like a child’s when they’re asking their mother for something; I nod slightly as she continues,

“Well you see; Liam and I are meant to be going out today to the Boy’s signing but I- I honestly don’t want to go. Please fill in for me, pwweeaaasseee.”

She puts on a baby voice as she mimics ‘pwease’. I nod curtly before she jumps up in happiness and grabs my hand- rushing me out the door. I stop in my tracks,

“Wait- where are you taking me?”

She raises her eyebrows at me, then puts her hands on her hips like she’s stating a fact,

“To my room obviously! We need to get you ready for today!”

She turns her back again to lead me to their hotel room when I protest,

  “But I’m in my jammies!”

She rolls her eyes and groans before grabbing my hand again and pulling me involuntarily into the hotel room,

“Liam won’t care!”

Why did I somehow doubt that?

Danielle stood in front of her massive wardrobe in the hotel bedroom, hands on hips and pouting furiously at all the new clothes. You see, Danielle is instructed by Management to wear different things and never wear the same thing twice and if she does she has to disguise it so much the paps won’t know because if Danielle is embarrassed like Kate Middleton was well- lets just say there wouldn’t be a Payzer anymore, Management would take care of that. Danielle is bought new clothes the whole time by Management and all those stylists 1D have, giving her the option of wearing something new everyday.

I eventually got sick of waiting for Danielle to pick something so I singled things out; I flicked all the girly clothes to one side,

“Not this, no. I’m not wearing that! EW, too pink! Too frilly! Too tight jeese I want to breathe!”

Eventually we had everything narrowed down so I picked the rest, I picked a white knit loose jumper that has funky black writing saying ‘Yeah’. A blue denim pair of high waisted jeans, black sneakers with white rims and decorated with gold. I seemed pretty content with my outfit choice but Danielle thought better, she added her own touches to the outfit as I had refused to wear heels on a normal day like this. She placed a neon orange/peach bag on my arm that looked like a student’s kind of bag. I refused to wear jewellery but after some serious negotiations and bargaining, it was decided. I was to wear a pair of jewelled gold hoop earrings but that’s it, very simple. I didn’t want to wear makeup but as its Danielle I'm playing as, I need to; for the sake of my job and Danielle's trusted fashion style. Danielle applied light pink eye shadow on my eyelids and a little bit of eyeliner on my top eyelid before applying a touch of foundation to even my skin tone. She knows my face like it’s her own because we pretty much do have the same face. It’s kinda funny but it sounds kinda creepy as well. She claps her hands and leans back away from me to get a full view look of me, she frowns before opening her mouth but I cut her off,



She nods quietly,

“You don’t like my curls?”

She performs mock-betrayal, it’s a little joke we always do when I refuse to let her curl my hair to look like her because we can't always have me with straight hair because people would question how Danielle is always straightening her hair and we went through this whole conversation with Management and they agreed that fans may get upset; stupid right? Well not really because everyone loves Danni’s curls, they just make up who she is. Next thing I know, Liam has rushed into the room flushed and looking sexy in a tight white t-shirt. Whoa! Where’d that come from?!  I shake my head to clear it and regain my full composure, gazing into his amazing eyes, okay stop it Gemma! You can not dig Liam Payne! He’s taken! I try to stop my horrid thoughts but a little voice inside my head tells me its okay because fans do it.

Liam looks me up and down and goes pink, thank god Danielle is too busy putting away clothes to see, I grin and do a little wave before getting to the point,

“What's up?”

He smiles back and waves too; Danielle stands up and faces me, obviously curious to know who I'm talking to. She probably didn’t hear Liam come in and thought that I'm talking to myself.

“Oh! Hey Liam!”

She stands up straight and walks over to him, giving him a big hug before pulling back and smiling at him, gazing into his eyes. My bad thoughts jump back in once again. Why can't I be happy like that? I can't help that I look exactly like a famous dude’s girlfriend! If I didn’t look like Danielle I could have my own life somewhere else! I shake my head and stop my head before it can run ahead of itself, I should be grateful I have such a wonderful friend like Danielle and I should not be jealous of her! Liam smiles quickly at Danielle before his eyes flicker to me, he looks me up and down and I blush self-consciously.

“So I’m guessing Gem is coming with us?”

He raises an eyebrow at Danielle before she bites her lip and nods, he grins and turns to me,

“Eh Gemma? Management are downstairs and they want to talk to us all.”

I nod and follow him down, Danielle hot on our trails. I let them take the elevator together and I quickly jump down the steps, once I’m at the ground floor I'm nearly sweating. I'm not unfit its just Liam made me put a scarf over my head so there wont be two Danielle's walking around. Why couldn’t she just stay? I shake my head for like the hundredth time today and follow Liam and Danielle who are already ahead of me. Once inside a fancy-looking conference room, I'm told to remove my head scarf. I nod and unravel it before dumping it in a bin.

Everyone is seated besides us so we quickly scamper to our seats, Danielle and Liam take the seats that are spare beside each other; leaving me no choice but to sit between Harry and Niall. I grin at Niall and wink at Harry, who returns it straight away. The man at the front of the room in the business suit and slick hair is speaking so I zone in. all of 1D are here and so is Eleanor who is grinning at my dazed expression. I smile and do a little wave to her before returning my attention to the front of the room. He brings me to his attention, he looks down at his papers for awhile before throwing a fake-smile in my direction.

“Gemma, I understand you will be withholding the position for Danielle today at the signing, is that correct?”

I nod quietly and bite my lip, there’s something eerie and scary about him; you can tell he has a lot of power over all my actions.

“Yes sir.”

“Well, like we were just discussing with the boys. Behaviour needs to be perfect and strict, no acting foolish or uncovering identities. Today we will need you and Liam to act all loved up. The fans and paps haven’t seen you be as close as the real Danielle is with Liam so we need you to be like them. Watch videos, look at pictures, read articles do anything! Just get used to how they act and perfect it, be like Liam is your soul mate and you love him. Oh yes, I want your hair curled, you’re Danielle and we only rarely have Danielle acting with straight hair unless she goes to the hairdressers so get that curled!”

 By the time he’s finished I'm gawking and my jaw has hit the floor, what did that crazy mofo just say?! Everyone is watching my stunned expression, including Liam. Liam is calm and not saying anything because he knows well that Management have control over us and they will make us pay if we don’t do what they say. I gulp down the lump in my throat and dare to glance at Danielle who is rubbing Liam’s arm comfortingly like she’s afraid Liam is going to break out screaming. She is frowning at his dazed face, her eyebrows knitted together. I sigh and lean my arms on the desk, hiding my face in them. I feel Harry’s arm rub up and down my back like he's trying to comfort me but its just making matters worse. I shrug his arm off, next thing I know someone has me in a tight one-arm hug. I know who it is because it’s a Horan Hug. I smile in spite of the crazy situation, I know I said before that I want Liam but not like this; not him forced to love me, forced to kiss me in public. I want him to like me for me and not his girlfriend’s doppelganger.

I'm not afraid of this I'm just scared how its going to pan out, is Danielle going to hate me? I glance over at her worryingly as we all exit the room, she gives me the thumbs up before walking over and pulling me into a tight reassuring hug,

“Do what you gotta do babe, I'm not mad.”

I give a fake smile to reassure her I'm not scared even though I'm petrified, what happens now? But more to the point how is Danielle okay with me being in a fake relationship with her boyfriend in public while she is dating him too? Like she doesn't have to let me go outside, it’s always her call or Liam's. I'm lost in my thoughts as Danielle brings me upstairs and curls my hair to perfection like hers is. I do wonder if I'm going to get fired because of this afterwards, like what if Danielle doesn't want me being with her boyfriend and decides that she’d rather go outside from now on? I shiver slightly as the breeze hits me through my knitted jumper, I mean, Danielle's jumper.

Dont worry guys the next chapter is on its way!!! it really is one chapter but its too long to put in one!!!!

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