Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


18. Thankyou

I must have fainted or just fell into a state of shock because next thing I know, I’m in a hotel room all by myself. I slowly rise from the bed and look around, nothing of any resemblance to refresh my memory so I carefully and quietly pad my bare feet across the soft carpet to the door, I open it slowly like in those horror movies. My eyes dart around the new room in front of me, a typical stereotype living-room of a hotel room, the basic couch and TV with the joint in small kitchen and other necessities such as lamps and coffee tables. I slowly pad into the room and glance around carefully, the TV is on and blasting commercials. I walk over to it and inspect it, carefully as I move closer; I spot a familiar head of curls resting on the arm of the couch. I jump, startled by the loud snore escaping his lips. I giggle to myself and sit by his feet, resting them on my lap and tracing patterns on them. Whenever someone does this to me I usually burst into giggles and wriggle around but Harry is asleep and there are no signs of him waking up anytime soon. I continue tickling his feet and tracing patterns on his soft socks as my eyes wander over the TV, the ads are finished and now there’s a comedy on. I watch it as it looks quite interesting, I laugh along with the crowd as funny jokes are said now and again. I get up and sit in front of Harry, my back resting against his flat stomach. I lean down and trace swirls and circles on his beautiful angle-like features, I tap his nose and lean down and kiss it softly, pulling back slowly and giggling. I turn back to the TV as the crowd in the background laugh loudly, I smile at the TV and turn back to Harry’s sleeping face. He has a smirk plastered across his face, I playfully hit his arm and he whines,

“Hey! How long have you been awake?”

He smirks, his soft eyelids opening slowly to reveal his beautiful green eyes, shining like the beautiful gems, emeralds themselves. I raise my eyebrows and he smirks playfully, his face portraying that he has a secret.

“Since you started tickling my feet, and believe me, it was hard not to laugh.”

I roll my eyes and hit him playfully once more before getting up and walking towards the hotel kitchen, I don’t look behind me as I know he’s following from the sound of his footsteps. I stand at the sink and pour a glass of water, I feel his arms wrap around my waist and hold me tightly. I lie back and rest the back of my head on his shoulder, he curves his neck to face me and kisses my lips softly, brushing mine before pulling back and smiling. I lean in and capture his lips, holding his bottom lip between my teeth and pulling back, keeping his lip.

In that moment, I have forgotten everything that has happened today. For once I actually feel hope, a tiny of glint of happiness shining through the dark cold place that I call my heart. I speak up, clearing my throat and wrapping my fingers around a stray curl.

“Thank you.”

I can picture his perfect features frowning as he replies, obviously confused.

“For what?”

I laugh and shake my head, as if I have jinxed it, Harry ruins the happy moment.

“Look you may not want to see anyone right now but Lou has someone over in Liam and Danielle’s room and everyone is worried about you-“

He stops midsentence as he catches my frowning reflection from the window right in front of the sink. He meets my gaze in the reflective glass as he rethinks his words.

“Do it for me babe, just a couple of minutes and then we can come back here for a movie or something.”

I nod quietly and bite my lip, wrestling out of his embrace and storm off to my unpacked suitcase. I close the door roughly and push open the on-suite bathroom door, revealing an exquisite bathroom. I grab a random pair of grey baggy tracksuits and a tight white plain tee and my navy Vans. I drop them on the toilet seat and bang the bathroom door closed, I turn on the shower and drench myself in the hot water. I wash myself with peach shower gel the hotel provides and rinse my hair with strawberry shampoo that they also provide. I hop out and wrap the complimentary towel around myself, avoiding the mirror with all costs. I most likely look a mess right now; it’s horrifying how Harry had to witness me like that, well like this. I brush out my hair and walk back into the living room, not surprised to see it empty. I cross the hall where I presume is Danielle and Liam’s suite, I ignore the staking feeling in my chest like there’s zero gravity.

My hand shakes unsteadily as I slowly raise my hand and knock on the door. At first, it’s not audible so I knock once more, loud enough for them to hear. The door swings open to reveal a distressed Eleanor, her hair all ruffled and standing on her head. There’s worry lines all along her smooth face and her eyes are sad. Next thing I know, she has me imprisoned in a tight embrace where I’m unable to breath. Eleanor breaths into my hair, her chest slowly rising and falling as she pours out her worries.

“Gemma! I was so worried…you were gone and Danielle was crying and Liam was quiet and no-one is speaking and Lou brought someone over and everything is so…ugh!”

I laugh half-heartedly and rub her back softly before pulling her arms off me and walking into the flat to come directly in the path of a blondy-brown haired girl with extremely light blue eyes. By the looks of it, she’s Lou’s friend. She has a loose white tank top with the American flag on with the smallest pair of denim shorts I have ever seen, they’re so short! They’re blue and kinda distressed with orange coloured wedged sneakers. She has chunky bangles on her arms and her hair is tied up in a ponytail complimenting the length of her hair, a small poof completing the look. She has silver hoops in her pierced ears and her nails painted neon yellow. She has some fancy tote on her arm but to me it looks like the kind of bag you’d bring to the beach. 

I decide to ignore her at all costs and continue walking past her, I find a stunned silent Liam in the small hotel room kitchen who is accompanied by Louis. Eleanor envelopes herself in Louis’ arms as he smiles and kisses the crown of Eleanor’s head softly. Liam ignores them and continues to gnaw at the remainder of his already bitten nails, I sit myself down and put on a fake smile even though it isn’t one bit convincing. Everyone stays quiet for ages when Louis speaks up, not half as cheerful as his usual self.

“I guess we should go out there.”

We all mutter ‘yeah’s and ‘yes’s before following him out to the living room where the rest of the band and girls are. I sit down and glance around, Harry isn’t here, strange. Awhile later, Harry bursts through the door grinning but glancing around quickly. His green eyes land on me and his face lightens up even more, he bounds in and nods at everyone before his eyes land on Lou’s friend. He gulps and freezes to the spot, his eyes widen for a millisecond before he speed walks over to me. Everyone stops talking and watches Harry and the blond girl, she’s staring over at Harry and he’s glaring at the ground lost in thought.

Eventually Harry dismisses us from that awful awkward situation and brings us back to my hotel room. Harry immediately sits on the couch, his forearms resting on his knees, his perfect lips pouting and his eyebrows knitted together. I shake off the horrible feeling in my gut as I stick on the kettle, filling it with cold water and resting it back on its base before clicking the button at the bottom. As I wait for the kettle to boil, I walk around the kitchen, pulling out two mugs and dropping a tea bag in each one. I make the tea and carry our mugs over to where Harry is resting, I don’t say anything, I just drop the mug on the coffee table in front of him and sit on the bean bag across. I sip quietly on my hot tea as my eyes flicker over Harry every so often; he’s glaring at the floor with a deranged look on his face that’s quite worrying. I clear my throat and speak up.

“So who was she anyway?”


He growls in reply, anger flashing across his face as he continues to glare at the ground.


I reply, slowing dragging out the ‘y’. I get up and walk into my suite, I spot my iPhone sitting on the locker beside the bed, its sparkly gold case idly on it. Whenever I want, I change my iPhone’s case to a different colour or design, usually to go with my outfit. I sit on the bed in a huff, Harry is angry and I just met Lou’s new friend looking a total mess in my comfy clothes. That’s when I start feeling uncomfortable, I put on a mint coloured loose crop top that says in black writing, ‘Love what you do. Do what you love.’ And a black heart underneath it all, I pull on blue floral skinny jeans underneath the top and I put neon yellow sneakers on my feet. I sit a pink and black snapback on my curls saying ‘Directioner’ and slip a dog tag necklace over my head; it has the American flag on it. I fix my hat in the mirror and apply light makeup before pulling a zebra print rubber case on my iPhone.

I then sit back on the bed and check Twitter, Danielle hasn’t tweeted since last week and Eleanor tweeted yesterday about New York.

I log off and sit on my bed for a restless ten minutes before jumping off and storming into the living room to confront Harry. He’s still sitting in the same spot, his mug of tea untouched. I sit across from him and cough.

Okay what’s your problem Harry?”

Finally! He looks up and frowns.


His voice is gruff and tired but still angry, my eyes widen and I change my tone to harsh.

“Harry you have been sulking all day ever since you met that Lexi one! What’s wrong do you know her?”

We’re inches apart, standing our ground. I didn’t even realise I stood up but so did Harry, he glares at me and I do the same.

“Yes, she’s my ex ok!”

He shouts and storms around the hotel room, kicking furniture and smashing the lamp against the wall. I head for the door before he hits me; I turn before swinging it open.

“You are nothing but an idiot Harry!”

I turn to face the open door to meet the shocked faces of Louis, Eleanor, Kristen and Lou. I don’t even bother trying to smile and neither does anyone else. Eleanor clears her throat gently before speaking to me softly,

“We have a meeting.”

I can feel Harry standing behind me but I ignore it, I just stamp down the hall and take the stairs. Once down in the lobby I walk towards the conference rooms, directed by the dozens of signs. Once there I swing open the first door and walk in, taking a seat while purposely slamming the door loudly. I sit down and fold my arms crossly; a man places a fistful of magazines in front of me before speaking harshly,

“We are not happy.”

 I raise my eyebrows at him and glance down at all the different headlines,

“They’re magazines, what’s the problem?”

The man glares at me before replying with his annoying official voice,

“Read the headlines.”

I glance down again and realise the boys and I have made the cover of nearly all of them.

Are they friends or more? Pop-star Liam Payne’s girlfriend spotted holding band mate’s hand!

 There’s a picture of us in NYC when I accidentally grabbed Harry’s hand. I snort at how these people change the lyrics of the boys’ songs into headlines, you know the lyrics. ‘Are we friends or are we more? As I’m walking towards your door, I’m not sure.’ From Change My Mind. I read the others.

World astounded band One Direction’s manager spotted buying pregnancy tests?

There’s a picture of Paul picking something up in a pharmacy, that must be how Danielle got the tests.

Cheeky boy Harry Styles spotted bringing homeless person into the boys’ hotel, what’s going on?

There’s a picture of Harry leading me into the hotel after him finding me soaked and destroyed yesterday.

New member of the 1D girlfriend gang? One Direction gets a new stylist as well as new girlfriend.

There’s a picture of Lou with Harry on her first day and me behind them after Lou doing my makeup so I wouldn’t look like Danielle. I roll my eyes and push them away from me; I turn to the grey-haired man.

“That was a cover up so I wouldn’t look like Danielle.”

The man nods, his lips formed in a tight line.

“I understand that, but what about this?”

He emphasises ‘that’ and ‘this’, he points to the other magazines. I roll my eyes and sulk for the rest of the meeting; the gang come in and sit down quietly. Afterwards, I bring the mags with me and walk out of the hotel. I walk down the street until I meet a litter bin; I rip up each magazine individually into little pieces. I throw the mess into the bin and keep walking; I find a Starbucks and walk in angrily. I wait in line until I’m face to face with the cashier.

“Cappuccino please.”

 I put on a fake smile as the happy girl quickly dials in the order,

“To go or to have here?”

She smiles kindly. I think about it, it’s better to have it here so I won’t have to go back and face everyone.

“For here please.”

“Okay what’s your name?”


She thanks me for my order and says it will be a few minutes; the place is nearly empty so I have a choice of taking a nice seat away from the window. Mainly because if one of the guys comes they won’t see me through the window, Eleanor knows me well enough to know that I always go to Starbucks whether I’m sad, happy or just bored. I take a seat at a small round table with two bar-stools. I sit down and rest my head on my hand that’s on the table. I wait patiently until the cashier brings it over and sits across from me with her drink.

“Here I figured you didn’t want me shouting your name out cus those girls over there looks like pretty big One Direction fans.”

I turn in the direction that the girl is looking to spot a group of twelve year olds that are all kitted out in 1D stuff. I sigh loudly and turn back to the girl, her eyes flicker from the children to smile at me. She extends her hand,



I shake her hand and smile even though she already knows my name, after talking to her for a while I realise that Jennifer is pretty cool and nice. We get along so well and are so alike in so many ways it’s creepy. We exchange numbers and I leave as she starts her shift again. I walk back to the bus with my half empty cappuccino in my hands, I nod to Paul as he lets me in. I walk into the bus and take off my sneakers before peeling off my soaking socks and discarding them on the floor. Paul enters the bus and finds me, sitting on the bunk across from me. He rests his hands on his knees and sighs heavily.

“Gemma this isn’t going to be easy, you know how hard touring gets but with Danielle…..”

He pauses and looks up, shaking his head sadly and rubbing his face with his hands.

“Those kids, of all of them I never expected this from Liam.”

I shrug and look at the ground, and then I spot the light at the end of the tunnel.

“It might not be Liam’s.”

Paul looks up as if to see if I’m joking, he snorts at my serious face.

“Who else could it be?”

I shrug and look away,

“Yeah who am I kidding, it’s obviously Liam’s.”

Bringing an end to our conversation, Paul gets up and walks back to the front of the bus, grabbing a water bottle on his way. He pauses and turns back to look at me,

“Gemma, don’t be worried. It won’t be that bad.”

I thank him and agree before he leaves, me sitting emotionless on someone’s unused bunk and lost in deep thoughts.

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