Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


17. Pregnant?!

My heart stopped beating, I wish I was serious. I wish I went into cardiac arrest and end up in hospital for the next nine months in a coma, I know its horrible wishing something like that on myself but what else do I do? Just try and forget that my best friend is pregnant with the guy I love’s baby? My breathing becomes rapid, short pants making my chest feel like it’s about to burst, my lungs on fire and burning even more with every breath taken. I fall back onto Niall’s bunk, sitting in utter shock. I stop breathing, sparing the pain I am receiving by breathing. I hold my chest with one hand, I hear Danielle sniffling. She clears her throat and speaks up in the dead silence but it’s muffled in my ears because I’m in a state of shock.

“Liam? Gemma? Say something!”

I look up, my vision blurred. I didn't even realise I was crying, I brush my hand over my face feeling my wet skin. I wipe my eyes roughly but the tears keep flowing, uncontrollably. I stare at the ground scared to look up at Danielle's face for fear of her discovering anything like the fact I’m practically in love with her boyfriend, and father of her child.

Liam stares into space trying to stay calm, Danielle the exact opposite. She’s running her hands through her hair, biting her nails and lips, desperate for some distraction from her problem. I sit on the bed in silence for another ten minutes before jumping up, I storm to the front of the tour bus and push past Paul, who lets me by without a second glance. The boys and Eleanor fire questions at me the minute I step off the bus, I push past them all and continue walking down the street. My mind is buzzing, a million thoughts running through it, trying to squeeze themselves into my brain with such ferocity that my ears are left buzzing and my head numb.

I walk along the street, not having a clue on my whereabouts or the people around me. Eventually I grow weak and crash on the cold stone curb, my head falling into my hands. I hide my face in my hands and cry silent tears, adding to the increasing throb in my head. My whole frame shakes as sobs escape my throat, the hurt sobs that were dying to break loose on the bus. I couldn’t, I couldn’t cry in front of Danielle like that or else she’d seriously wonder what's wrong with me. This pain, will it ever go away? I thought that if I got with Harry that maybe I would lose interest in Liam but obviously that’s not the case, it was a test that proved I obviously love Liam and none of that matters anymore. I’m done, we’re done, and everything’s bloody well done.

A cold pain strikes up my bottom as I realise I have been sitting on the cold curb too long, I shake it off and give into the pain. I huddle closer to myself as the hot sun sets and less and less people pass by, clouds sweep over slowly and little drops form and fall from the sky. Little by little, the drops get bigger and heavier, soaking me a little more every time. I give in to it all, I let myself get soaking as the rain is so heavy people take shelter and curse, nothing but umbrellas are seen as the last few Yankees walk home from work. The rain is hitting the pavement so hard that it’s bouncing off it, making loud sharp noises which distract me from the ache within my heart. At one point over the course of the heavy rain, a nice gentleman taps me on the shoulder and squints through the heavy rain.

“Excuse me Miss but would you like a jacket? Or umbrella?”

I shake my head and thank him politely, he asks me again and I assure him I’m fine though he clearly wasn’t convinced. The rain mixes with my tears, the water trickling down from my soaking hair down onto my slippery forehead and onto my face. I brush back the hair in front of my face that’s incidentally stuck and peel my useless body off the pavement. I continue walking in the opposite direction of the bus, occasionally bumping into kind people who offer jackets or space under their umbrellas, the Americans really are something.

I end up finding a park which is empty, not a big surprise in this weather. You’d honestly have to be crazy to go out in this right now but I guess that’s what I am, crazy, but in love. By now my Vans are destroyed with mud caked onto them, the rain soaking through to my socks and cold feet. I walk along the stone path through the park, passing jungle gyms for kids and swings. I pass it all, walking the length of the park for nothing. I come to a pond and grab a fistful of stones before throwing each one individually in, making bigger splashes than the raindrop’s soft ones. I keep walking, my head and body so numb, my body literally numb, I’m so cold I can’t feel a thing and my head is frozen almost paralyzed.

I leave the park and keep walking; the street a never ending road of amazing things even though my brain can’t process a word. The headlights of cars and streetlamps a blur as I walk past it all, almost in a zombie-like way. A car stops beside me and pulls in, I let out a big sigh ready to dismiss the friendly American people who are probably offering me a lift but boy was I wrong. I stop and turn to the car whose window scrolls down, I recognise this car. It’s one of the boys’, crossing my fingers to see that familiar buzz cut or those chocolate coloured eyes; I turn to watch the person. I don’t hide my disappointment as my eyes meet the green emeralds and the curly locks, I roll my eyes.

“Gemma, please get in the car.”

I turn my head up and continue walking; he pulls out and drives alongside me as I storm off. I huff stubbornly and ignore him. Eventually, after ages of bargaining and fighting, Harry has pulled me into the car. He literally picked me up and put me in the car, trust me, I wasn't happy and neither was he as my clothes are soaking and ruined the car seats. I fold my arms crossly and refuse to look at him as he drives back to the bus, he tries to keep up conversation but I don’t give him much. When we finally get to the bus, it’s parked at the side of a hotel. I jump out of the car quickly and storm into the bus, its empty with the exception of my suitcase. There’s no-one in sight, I hear Harry climb the few steps onto the bus before walking to me, he clears his throat awkwardly and gestures behind him towards the hotel.

“Yeah we were moved into a hotel.”

I nod and he turns, me following as he leads me into the hotel that’s guarded by security and closed off for our entrance. You can hear camera flashes going off from inside the hotel and fans asking each other who am I, I nearly turn around and tell them when I realise I look awful and they obviously wouldn't recognise me or Danielle looking like this. Harry leads me straight to a room where Management are talking to everyone, Danielle and Liam aren't present but everyone else is, besides Perrie obviously. I’m seated as they all turn to me quietly, I gulp, the tension too much to handle right now. The grey haired man in the expensive suit speaks up,

“Miss Daly congratulations, you will be Danielle for the next nine months.”

My jaw hit the floor, someone pinch me I’m not dreaming, I’m stuck in a very very twisted nightmare.

My granddad is on the road to recovering so I gave you guys an update cus I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging so here ye go!!! Keep up the comments and thank you for all the lovely supportive comments, you guys have been so nice I don’t deserve ye!!!! So hopefully you all will keep reading, liking, favouriting and commenting!!!! Oh did any of ye check out the trailer I made for this??? Tell me what ye think maybe??!! Thanks xoxox :)


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