Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


13. Packing

Gemma's P.O.V:

I can’t believe it, I found out one of Modest Management’s names. He is called Harry, funny enough that I now know two Harry's but whatever. After the stupid meeting with Management which was just Management talking to Kristen and reciting all the stupid rules, we were informed that the boy’s next concert is in New York! I actually can’t wait! I know I won’t be able to go shopping with Danielle but there’s still Kristen and Eleanor, did I forget to mention Kristen is coming with us? I literally cannot wait! I may be sounding crazy right now but this is actually damn right awesome, I’ve never been to New York so it’s an exciting experience. Management instructed us to go and pack our bags even though we all had plans to do something fun, they also mentioned something about us getting a new stylist that will be with the boys a lot from New York onwards but I didn’t really care, could you blame me? We’re going to New York people! Aah I am freaking out, well anyways they told us to go pack and here I am. Standing in front of my empty suitcase packing all the clothes that neither Danielle nor I have ever worn, along with all my pyjamas and stuff I wear inside, in other words they’re called comfort clothes. I pack my makeup bag, my tooth brush, my iPhone charger and other necessities that I cannot live without.

I haul my pink suitcase out into the corridor of the hotel we have been staying in for ages! All the boy’s suitcases are already sitting there. Danielle’s door swings open and out comes Liam hauling three big pink suitcases, I snort which sends him crashing to the ground, all the suitcases going with him. I help him up and with the suitcases as I ask,

“I’m guessing these are Danielle’s by the colour?”

Liam rolls his eyes at my comment and nods; he chuckles and goes back into the room to get his suitcases, not forgetting Danielle’s hand case which is like a mini suitcase for your arm. Danielle appears at the door, hands on hips and shaking her head at me,

“Gemma! You’re not dressed!”

I feel my face flush red as I hop back into my room and slam the door shut, I left clothes out to get changed into but I must have forgotten between the excited thoughts of going to the Big Apple. I slide into the skater black dress with a shiny thin belt around the waist. I slip my tired feet into wedged white sandals and pull a beige leather jacket over my dress and close it, I leave my hair wavy and curly so I look like Danielle and I carry with me a simple brown shoulder bag. I drop my purse and iPhone into my bag along with my emergency makeup. I run red lipstick over my lips and fix my hair in the mirror before throwing it in my bag and leaving the hotel room, doing a double check of the room in case I left anything behind, even though Paul does it anyway because Niall and Louis are very forgetful when they’re excited.

I meet everyone out in the hall, they’re all chatting excitedly about the concert in MSG. Danielle nods at me, and you’re probably wondering why people in other rooms aren’t coming out and complaining with all the noise? Well whenever we stay in a hotel they give us our own floor so no fans annoy us and we don’t annoy people staying here too. Danielle is wearing a cute red and white polka dot strapless short dress with shiny black stilettoes and a big black leather tote bag. She has Mexican assorted bracelets on her wrist to brighten up the outfit. Her curly hair is down just like mine. 

She walks over and touches my hair while smiling sadly,

“Thank you Gemma.”

I nod and shrug, not sure how to reply to that. Kristen sees me and walks over excitedly, she’s wearing a cute cream coloured sleeveless dress that is covered in little black birds, it has a simple belt around the waist and is so cute and simple, and it suits her just right. She has cute flat baby blue felt Oxfords on and a baby blue satchel on her arm. There’s a pair of baby blue Ray Bans sitting in her perfect hair, giving her a casual but trendy look.

Danielle and I stand back to admire what she’s wearing,

“I love your dress Kristen!”

I confide in the pretty girl, she blushes and thanks me before replying,

“Thanks, Niall got it for me.”

Danielle and I share a look of awe and turn back to Kristen,

“How did you get him to do that?”

Danielle asks in determination as my mouth hits the floor, in all history I have never heard of a guy getting a girl clothes instead of her going shopping. That’s when I meet the gaze of Perrie who has just arrived; I raise an eyebrow and walk over to greet her,

“Hey Per! I thought you’re going on tour?”

I ask her as I give her a warm hug; I really hope she comes with us cus’ it would be nice to have all of us here, she pouts and shakes her head sadly,

“No I was just dropping by to say goodbye.”

I pout and wrap her in a tight hug before saying goodbye; I watch her leave as I look at her outfit for today. Perrie is wearing a turquoise blue dress that has a tank top fashion and it gets shorter at the front and longer at the back to show off her skinny legs that I wish I had. She has cream leather combat boots on and a light brown leather belt around her waist over the dress. She has a black knitted beanie sitting perfectly on top of her purple waves of hair. Her makeup is the usual black eyeliner and mascara. She has assorted gold and black bangles on her right wrist that jingle when she moves her arm to flick her hair out of her eyes. She’s now talking to Zayn, holding his hands in hers. I smile at how perfect they are and direct my attention back to everyone else; Eleanor has left Louis and is now over with us, talking to Kristen about fashion.

Eleanor is wearing a simple floral sleeveless summer dress with brown leather Greek sandals and her hair slightly wavy. She has a grey puffy shoulder bag resting on her shoulder and a chunky chain necklace. She has mascara and red lipstick like me on.

She smiles at me and I return the greeting, she stands beside me and starts talking about all the shopping in the Big City, she has her white iPhone in her hands. We decide to take a picture and post it on Twitter; she holds it in front of both of us before a flash goes off. We both blink before Eleanor holds the phone in her hands to see the picture. We both agree on it as she uploads it on Twitter, she types up that she’s hanging out with Danielle but almost tags my Twitter account, which only has like ten followers. She refreshes the page and our picture already has sixty retweets and one hundred and two favourites. Eleanor laughs and shakes her head while smiling, we decide to rest and sit on our suitcases. Danielle is talking to Kristen about professional dancing and Perrie has left.

A little while later Paul announces that he’s done looking through all our hotel rooms and we haven’t forgotten anything, we all smile and thank him before a blond girl appears out of nowhere and smiles at Paul before he puts his arm around her shoulders and grabs our attention by whistling really loud.

“Guys this is Lou, your new stylist. Treat her with respect cus you’re gonna be stuck with her for a while.”

He pats this Lou girl on the back before he exits the corridor, leaving her stuck with us in awkward silence. Everyone watches her warily, no-one making a move or speaking a word. I look her up and down; by her clothes you can tell she’s fashionable. She has a white loose blouse tied up above her bellybutton and blueish-green high waited shorts with a big bow at the front, showing off her long skinny legs. She’s wearing floral wedged sandals on her perfectly manicured feet and a bow tie clipped on to her shirt. Her bleach blond hair is down and wavy; her makeup is plentiful but suits her.

She crosses her legs while standing and awkwardly pats her hair. Eleanor speaks up, walking over to her and shaking her hand.

“Hi! I’m Eleanor!”

Lou smiles and shakes her hand; I didn’t notice a pair of nerdy shades sitting on the bridge of her nose. Eleanor holds her hand and leads her over to all of us, she points at each one of us as she introduces us,

“This is Kristen, Niall’s girlfriend. Danielle, Liam’s girlfriend and Gemma.”

I felt a staking feeling in my chest not being able to be called anyone’s, these times I really do feel lonely. I let my saddened eyes drift to the floor where they glaze over. I blink a few times until I’m sure I won’t start crying. I look up bravely and watch the boys. Harry is checking Lou out, looking her up and down, Zayn is watching her intently and Louis and Liam are watching their girlfriends. Lou nods at each of us as Eleanor introduces her to us but she stops at me, her mouth nearly hitting the floor. She points between Danielle and I, her mouth opening but no words coming out, I save her the embarrassment,

“Yeah, long story. We’re not related.”

Lou smiles at me and nods before Eleanor droops an arm round Lou’s shoulder and guides her over to the boys where she introduces them. You can almost hear a pin drop, everyone quiet except for Eleanor's voice, Eleanor names out every boy and Lou shakes all their hands. Harry is last, Lou watches him before shaking his hand slowly, Harry holds on a little too long as they stare into each other’s eyes. Danielle sees me and fake sneezes to distract them, I mouth a ‘thank-you’ in her direction before sending Harry a death glare. He looks away and pretends he never saw. Lou turns to Danielle,

“Bless you.”

I roll my eyes, what is this girl? A saint? Oooh lets bow down at her feet and praise her for being so innocent. I tell you, there’s gotta be some flaw to her, and she can’t be that perfect. Everyone has a flaw and I’m going to make it my mission to find out what hers is, and when I do, I’m going to destroy her.

Hey so tell me what ye think guys??!!! I’m actually laughing at all your comments, some are saying team Giam and others team Garry….its so cute!!!! Hehehe it actually is well anyways…..comment what team you are!!! Team Giam? (Liam and Gemma) Team Garry? (Harry and Gemma) or Team Larry? (Lou Teasdale and Harry)- not the fan’s name for Louis Tomlinson and Harry!

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