Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


22. MSG

Gemma's P.O.V:

Fast forward two weeks and here I stood, standing in my new hotel room in another part of New York City. After fifteen straight days of rock-splitting heat, we had our first shower of rain. I stood by the window watching it fall, slow at first. I open the window wider and stick my arm out, I close my eyes, embracing the cool touch. I turn away from the window to face the hotel mirror; I inspect my reflection until I hear the rain getting heavier. The rain had speedened up and was becoming heavier, next thing I knew, there was mini pellets of rain splashing on my items inside the open window. I want to go out to the balcony and stand in the rain and because I’d changed into a totally different person over the weeks, I do go out and stand in the rain and embrace how amazing and cool it is after the massive heat wave. After the latest incident, Management just decided that its best if I don’t have a life at all, that I’m only allowed to go out if requested so by Liam, Danielle or Management themselves but do you honestly think that stopped me?! Of course it didn’t, the day they told me, I went out that night knowing I was treading in deeper waters but I didn’t care, and I still don’t. Disguised of course, oh who would want to ruin/damage poor innocent Danielle or her reputation? Note my sarcastic tone.

It’s been all about her recently ever since she became pregnant, like nobody has even spared me one thought over the fact that I will have to be her while her bump shows, which hasn’t yet. At times I do wonder why I stick around, and why Management isn’t nicer to me because if they cross the line, and I leave, then what do they do?

I pause my thoughts as thunder grumbles across the sky; I glance at it, sudden excitement glowing inside of me. I love thunder, and lightning, it’s just so . . . exciting!

I spot a familiar SUV pulling into the hotel’s parking lot below, followed by many other unfamiliar cars, people hopping out and screaming. Soaking, I turn away from the scene below and go back inside; its evident Liam and Danielle are home. They often go shopping nowadays just to refresh their relationship in the eyes of the fans and paps.

Returning back to my previous thoughts, it suddenly hit me. No, not lightning! If I did leave, then Management could easily get rid of Danielle. As much as I would love for her and Liam to be broken up, it’s just not a fair way to do it. I’d rather let it happen naturally but it probably wont happen cus’ she’s pregnant. Thunder continues to rumble, my excitement growing every minute.

Half an hour later, Harry walks in carrying, what I'm guessing, is tonight’s dinner. You see, Harry and I made up and ever since, we’ve been inseparable. It’s cute really, and Harry is the only one who doesn't disapprove of my new self/attitude. I’ve been a lot more careless and more like a rebel when it comes to everything: actions, personality, fashion, attitude . . . you name it. Harry says he loves me the way I am and I'm happy he accepts that I’ve changed. He tells me he loves me all the time and doesn't have trouble hiding his disappointment when I can't say it back. I just know it hurts him but he doesn't show any signs.

I always say I'm not ready but it’s clearly a lie and he knows it. I'm not in love with Harry, nor do I think I ever will be. Its just one of those things you know, and right now I don’t want to be worrying about it.

We eat our dinner with the usual steady flow of conversation from both sides. Harry talks about the new album and tells me how great the city is, while skirting around subjects of conversation that might make me sad or uncomfortable. Usually the topic of Payzer is enough for me to lock my hotel room door and lie in bed all day.

Two days later.

The boys have been performing in arenas and theatres either in, or near NYC these last couple of days but tonight’s the big night, MSG! Up until now, I didn’t think at all about going, I just knew I’d be there but thanks to the lovely help of Lou going home because her mother is ill, I couldn’t go. Lou didn’t think twice about leaving any disguise gear around and Management brought in a new stylist but how can I use him/her? No-one is meant to know about me being Danielle's side kick so how can we work that? So here I am, a miserable old sod, watching Dear John on my hotel room’s TV. Crying my eyes out, as expected. I cried for hours when I read it on my Kindle so this was expected. Some of my tears were spent on the fact that Danielle went and didn’t even say sorry, my heart was and still is broken. I went rummaging in the kitchen for comfort food; note that I never do this! I finally find toffee bom-bons Harry must have bought earlier. I chew on them, savouring the sugary sweets that I haven’t had in ages.

I watch the clock for ages, my mind constantly reminding me annoying things.

The boys will be on in two and a half hours.

The boys will be on in two hours.

The boys will be one in an hour and a half.

I finally gave up and went for a shower, I can't honestly give you a reason but I just kept checking the time on my iPhone. I go for a quick shower and change, also changing my train of thought.

I slip on a lace front navyish sleeveless belted dress that goes to above my knee; I step into a plain pair of black flats. I slip on three bracelets, one with a cross, one saying ‘LOVE’ and one with a bow. I dangle a long butterfly necklace over my nearly dry hair; it sits on my body exactly where Harry’s butterfly tattoo sits on his. I sit a black ‘Bombetta’ hat on my head, its just one of those round hats use see really musical people wearing. I grab a pair of those shades from the movie Top Gun and carry them with me, using the small, unrecognisable pockets in my dress to hold my phone, money and sunglasses.

I brush out my dry hair and check the time; they will be letting the public in soon so I should get going. Management dumped my tickets or gave them away but they left Lou’s, she even has backstage passes but I’ll just bin them on the way and pretend that Management threw them away as well. I leave the room, making sure I have everything before making my way to Madison Square Garden, disguised as a normal person because after all, isn’t that what I really am?

I make it there just as they’re letting people in. despite the wet streets and the smell of rain in the air, fans still camped outside the venue, not a big surprise. I’m finally let in but have a little struggle when I realise I have seats very close to the girls, when I say close, I mean right behind! For awhile they chat about things but I can't help overhear my name, Eleanor is speaking.

“Danielle, tell me, how’s your friendship with Gemma these days?” I see Danielle squint up at the stage for a second, debating her answer. A few people notice the girls and take pictures, chatting excitedly but I focus my attention on the girls in front of me.

“Well I don’t know honestly, since the news, she hasn’t really been that eager to come over and she spends her time with, ya know.”

She rolls her eyes and Eleanor nods supportively. Wait! Danielle doesn't approve of my relationship with Harry?! Honestly, I'm not going to let that get to me she can think what she wants; at least I’m not pregnant with a wed locked child. Eleanor spots Danielle’s frustration and changes the subject.

“So I wonder how Lou is?” I see both of the girls nod and Eleanor glances at the seat I’m in for a second. I turn to the girl beside me and quickly strike conversation.

“Hey! Could you pretend to be with me cus’ the girls in front of us are looking at me and I don’t want to look like a loner!” She nods excitedly and extends her hand.

“Yeah sure! I’m Georgia, I’m from Essex.” I tell her my real name and we talk until I realise that Danielle are turned around in their seats and staring at me. Danielle leans forward, tapping my arm and smiling sincerely.

Excuse me, sorry for interrupting but may I ask, where did you get your ticket?” I tilt my head sideways and smile like a fan girl. A plan suddenly forming in my head, I put on a thick English accent totally different from my own twang and reply.

“Oh! I won them in an unexpected competition held by 1D yesterday! It was so great and amazing because I was so bummed I couldn’t come and then all of a sudden, wow! I just got One Direction tickets! I was so happy aah!” by the end Danielle is clearly putting her best fake smile on, you’d only know if you knew her well enough to spot the difference between fake smiles and genuine ones. Danielle nods before I can say anymore, she turns around as her and Eleanor starts talking again. I breathe a sigh of relief and mouth a ‘thank you’ to Georgia just as the lights dim and the show starts.

The boys sing most of their popular hits and I sing along, they go backstage just as it ends, the kids with VIP passes go up now. I walk back to the hotel feeling satisfied that I got to see them perform, even though they’re never going to know cus I’m never going to tell them. I knew I had plenty of time to get home as it was obvious the gang would be going to an after-party. I changed into comfortable clothes as a substitute for pyjamas before hopping into bed and falling asleep with a smile on my face.

Hey guys I gave up with waiting so I just decided to update whenever I have the chapters typed up!!! OMG THREE YEARS TODAY I’M CLOSE TO TEARS MAN!!!! Anyways… just comment if ye want me to update and how well you enjoy the story xox :)

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