Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


12. Meeting: Part One

Gemma's P.O.V:

I don’t know when but I dosed off during the movie with Harry, what feels like minutes later I’m awoken by serious shaking, I groan and turn but someone’s voice shouts in my ear,

“Gemma wake up! I let you sleep for two hours! We agreed to try and stay up the whole night!”

Harry’s voice is whining and annoying but also sexy, my eyes flutter tiredly open. He grins and sits back, obviously satisfied at accomplishing his mission of waking me up. I groan and sit up, feeling like a zombie. He smirks and turns his attention back to the TV where another movie is playing, I’m wayyyy too tired to even bother trying to identify it. Harry wraps his arms around a pillow; I don’t know what force makes me do my next move. I draw nearer and replace the pillow with me in Harry’s arms; he rests his chin on the crown of my head. I smile smugly and lie against his chest, my eyes droop and yet again Harry stops me, he pulls my chin up with his finger while my eyes are closed. I feel someone’s soft lips pressed against mine, they kiss mine lightly and yet again, I don’t know what makes me do this but I kiss back. Harry smiles into the kiss and pulls back, wrapping his arm around me tightly. I fall back onto his chest and close my eyes, a smug smile plastered across my face and this time Harry actually lets me fall asleep.

The morning brings that awful bright sunshine through the cheap curtains; I groan and turn but fail terribly as Harry’s arms are wrapped protectively around me. I laugh at his face sleeping, his perfect pink lips are pouting and his brow is furrowed. I laugh lightly before sliding out of his arms and prancing over to the kitchen on my tippy-toes so I don’t wake him. I return with two pans and bang them together loudly, Harry’s eyes shoot open and he glance down at his empty arms before hopping off the couch like a shot and glancing around widely, I’m presuming he was looking for me as once his eyes meet mine he runs over to me and envelopes me in a massive, tight hug. I laugh as he spins me around in his arms, I hear him talking in hushed whispers,

“I was so scared, I thought you left.”

His hands are holding the back of my head carefully like I’m made of glass and I’m pressed against his toned chest. This is the softest side of Harry I have ever witnessed before, I never imagined him to be like this, ever. He’s always been cheeky and sarcastic to me; maybe it was his way of hiding his feelings for me? I mentally shrug and decide to enjoy this moment while it lasts, I don’t expect this to last long, and do you know him? All his relationships haven’t lasted the longest in all fairness, and his history isn’t the emptiest but it’s just something about him that makes me feel like I need him. He makes me feel vulnerable and I think he knows I have feelings for Liam, maybe he’s just being nice and trying to take my mind off things, well it’s certainly working. Harry pulls away from our embrace and holds me at arms length, studying me,

“You honestly think I’m doing this for that?”

Oops, I may have said all that put loud instead of just to myself. I shake my head quietly and stare at the ground; he tilts my head up with his finger on my chin. He studies me before pulling me into another tight hug; his voice is muffled in my hair,

“I wouldn’t waste my time doing that for Liam, this is for me. I want you and I’m going to do anything I can to get you, heck I will even fight him if that’s what it takes. Whatever I have to do to get you to want me.”

My mouth falls open; making a ‘pop’ noise as my jaw practically hit the floor. Is he honestly serious? I gaze up at him incredulously; he smiles down at me happily. I nod my head quietly, he quirks an eyebrow in question, I nod grinning.

“Yes, I want you.”

Harry watches me intently before grinning and grabbing me by the waist. He lifts me up in the air and twirls me around in circles, around the hotel room. If anyone sees us they will surely think we’re crazy and call the men in white coats. I enjoy the moment and spread my arms wide, throwing my head back and laughing. Harry laughs loudly too, still spinning me around. Eventually he sits me down and we stand facing each other, so close that we can see each other’s pupils dilate. We stay tangled up, both of us panting from all the running around the suite. He smirks playfully as his left eyebrow quirks upwards, the edges of his lips twitching. I squint my eyes playfully and raise an eyebrow. Still panting, he leans in and kisses me softly on the mouth. I tangle my fingers in his curls and pull, which sends him moaning in the kiss. He pulls back unsure, I grab his head and pull him down to my lips, deepening the kiss and making it rougher.

I bite his bottom lip sending him into moans again; his hands play with the tips of my hair at the small of my back. His hands travel downwards to my but where his hands lie, cupping. We pull away for air, breath heavily before we both agree that we need to get dressed. Harry leaves, after giving me several goodbye kisses. I dance into my hotel bedroom, dancing happily. It’s nice that I’m happy for once and if anyone tries or succeeds in changing that, I’m gonna kill them. I scan through my make-shift wardrobe, Danielle made sure I have pretty fashionable clothes in here that she’s sure that neither of us have worn outside. I rest my head on my arm and stand there debating if I’ll go for a dress, skirt or pants. And if I choose pants, jeans, leggings or tracksuits? If I choose skirt, bandeau, maxi, short, ruffled, frilly, straight, pleated? If I choose dress, strapless, long, short, frilly, ruffled, maxi, straps, spaghetti straps, tight, loose, plain, checkered, design, solid, bandeau, designer? So many options, too many!

I decide on a thin strapped, white loose summer dress and a pair of nude coloured peep-toe heels. I chose a Christian Louboutin cheetah print chain string purse, it’s really a shame we can only wear these clothes once. I pull my hair out of the braids I left them in last night after my shower because I’m getting sick of Danielle having to curl my hair, seriously, one of these days my hair is going to get so dry it’s just going to fall out. It’s all wavy and because I braided it, it’s curly all the way up to my roots. It almost looks like Danielle’s curls but only someone close to her would know the difference.

Harry and I agreed to meet in Danielle’s but keep this, whatever we have, a secret from the others because of course Management are going to interfere if they see. Of course we won’t be allowed to go out in public because then fans would be asking ‘Why is Danielle, Liam’s girlfriend, hanging out with Harry all the time?’ You would have to be some serious idiot to not question it if we were pictured loads of times, maybe once or twice we can go out together but that’s it, and then I’d have to go out with Niall and Zayn and the others too so I don’t look suspicious. I close my room door behind me and open Danielle’s, Danielle is sitting on the couch wrapped up beside Liam with mugs of coffee in both of their hands. Danielle immediately springs away from Liam once she sees me, she told me before that she does that because she feels bad that I can’t have a relationship with anyone because she’s with Liam and it would look like she’s cheating. So in other words, she pulls away from any embrace with Liam when I’m around, well most of the time. Excusing the other day when they both forgot I was in the room and they started a 12+ make-out session. Maybe I could make that a 16+? Well she feels guilty, she sits me in between them but I don’t see how that helps things because I look exactly like Danielle so that means Liam must have some feelings for me, right? Danielle has to have thought about that before, I know if I did I would want me far away from Liam but Danielle is that kind of person, a really nice, kind girl who’s easy to get along with. Ten minutes later, Niall crashes through the door with Kristen on his arm, they’re both out of breath and both have a mysterious glint in their eyes. I break the silence,

“I’m not going to even begin to wonder what you two were up to.”

Kristen’s eyes widen and she shakes her head wildly,

“Gemma! We were running you dirty child!”

I put my hands up I defence,

“Hey! I tell clean jokes to dirty minded people!”

Kristen and Niall both double over in laughter as Danielle peers at me suspiciously, we both end up bursting into laughter, Liam eventually joining in. Once we have all calmed down, Niall finally gathers together his breath and announces,

“Another meeting guys.”

Everyone groans before getting up and walking the usual trail to the same conference room downstairs to meet our favourite managers in the world.

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