Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


19. Letting Go

Danielle’s P.O.V:

I badly want to go for a Starbucks with Liam but Gemma has gone off so I can’t even ask her to get one for me. I can still go out yet as my bump hasn’t shown but it’s just the case of Gemma being out at the same time as me. I feel really bad for her, making her be me until the baby is out so my reputation isn’t ruined. Who cares? Why can’t I be proud of my child? Ever since Management got involved, I have been experiencing this horrible feeling and it’s all over one question, what are they going to do with my child afterwards? I shake off the horrible feeling and walk into our suite to find something to wear. I choose a turquoise sleeveless button down blouse with a pair of light blue skinny jeans completed with high American comic styled heels and a big beige and baby pink tote bag.

I find Liam who has finally come over his shock; we walk out our room into the corridor to bump into a sad- looking Gemma. She ignores us and walks straight into her suite, closing the door straight behind her. Liam stays paused, staring at her closed door. I tap him on the shoulder and lead the way out to the elevator and down into the lobby where paps attack us, Liam wraps his arm around my waist protectively and guides us out into the street where our awaiting car is parked.

Gemma’s P.O.V:

I don’t know why I did but I just ignored Liam and Danielle, I have reasons so don’t judge. I walk straight by and into my suite; I plop down on the couch and switch on the TV. It’s Family Guy, I watch amused but I don’t laugh, I’m just not up for it. I look around the suite for something to do, nothing, zero. I stand up, leaving the TV on while walking into my hotel bedroom. I sit cross legged on my bed and take my iPhone out, I click around and play a few games before growing tired and giving up. I switch the TV off and walk out into the corridor, I pick any one of the doors at random and Lou answers. Lucky guess I guess.

“Hey Gemma what’s up?”

“Eh Lou, I need a favour.”

 “What do you need?”

“That’s the thing...”

Lou held the door open for me and I accepted it, walking into her suite and turning back to her.

“I need…”

Here I stood, ten minutes later, blond hair and red lipstick. I thank Lou after her complementing me on my Directioner hat; I leave her room and walk back to mine. I get tired of my stupid distressed jeans and change. I want to blend in with the crowd now, why’d ya think I got Lou to give me a wig and do my makeup? I change into a short tight black spaghetti strap bandage studded dress with an open back that is too sexy to ruin Danielle’s reputation. I complete the tight dress with really high, like I mean really high suede studded black ankle boots that I don’t think I’ll be able to walk in after a couple of drinks. I put jewelled black lightning bolt earrings in and pick up a black spiked clutch and slip my money and key card into it. I put a hard plastic black cover with a studded silver cross case on my iPhone before putting it in my clutch too.

I ruffle my blond wig, it looks really real which is kinda cool for a wig. I apply dark eyeliner and put long but real-looking black fake eyelashes on before refreshing my blood-red lipstick. I open my hotel-room door and quickly close it before walking down the corridor quickly, the last thing I want is for one of the gang or Paul to find me like this, or even worse, Management.

I’m letting loose, I’m not going to care about anything anymore, the good girl attitude is thrown out the window along with my underpants, going commando as they say. I take the elevator and once out into the lobby, I get the shakes. Paps are waiting there with their cameras ready, I stiffen up as I walk by, some of them raise their cameras but then one of them shouts.

“She’s not one of them, forget it!”

I thank whoever said that in my head before walking quickly off down the street, blissfully living the life of a normal person. I hail a cab quickly and hop in, telling the cab to bring me to the best club in town, he pulls up and charges me half price, his dark eyes rolling up and down my body. I smirk and hop out, strutting over to the bouncers, moving my ass and my hips sassily as I walk. Eventually I get myself in after ages of flirting and messing around with the bouncers. I strut into the club, boys eyeing me up everywhere I go.

I send flirtatious vibes to every single guy with a heartbeat in the club before making my way over to the bar. There’s a mysterious guy sitting at the bar, sipping on a drink. I sit on the stool beside him,

“Hey is this seat taken?”

 He looks up dully from his drink to meet my eyes. The eccentric lights cast shadows across his handsome features, giving him a dark but sexy look. He raises his eyebrows, his voice raspy and hot that it makes me want to….I lick my lips hungrily.



I reply happily and shrug; he shakes his head and smirks. I laugh and signal to the barman to come over, he comes over wiping a glass with a rag.

“I’ll have what he’s having.”

I shout over the loud music, the barman nods as I spot the mysterious stranger raising his eyebrows at the corner of my eye. The barman comes back and hands me the drink, telling me the price. I turn to look at the stranger; we both raise our eyebrows at the same time,


He asks me, clearly no clue why I’m staring at him, I beckon towards the drink.

“Doesn’t a true gentleman pay for a lady’s drink?”

He starts chuckling and rolls his eyes while turning to the barman,

“Put it on my tab Darren.”

I nod at the barman and take a sip, man that’s strong! My face puckers up, he starts laughing.


I try to straighten my features but it’s like eating the sourest sweets ever.


I poke my tongue out, sending him into fits of loud laughter. He shrugs and extends his hand,


I shake his hand and smile,


I figured there’s no point lying, after all, my real name is Gemma Daly. Paul and I talk for ages, when I stop him mid-sentence.

“Okay seriously, I know you from somewhere!”

He laughs and shrugs, chuckling.

“Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.”

I roll my eyes and continue conversation until I hear some people partying real loud. I turn around to see Harry grinding with some blond. My mouth nearly hits the ground; Paul’s voice brings me back to focus.

“You okay?”

I turn back around to face him, turning my back on Harry.

“Yeah I just realised something…”

“Which is?”

I turn my face to meet his gaze, smirking delightfully I reply,

“I need to get drunk.”

Which is exactly what we do, after a while someone comes over shouting and pushes Paul off his seat.

“Hey mate what the hell are you doing with my girl?”

We both turn to see Harry. Paul stands up as a drunken Harry tries to swing punches and slaps at him, Paul backs up and shouts over the music.

“Dude! I’m married what’s wrong with you!?”

Harry backs up angrily as his blond from earlier comes up and wraps her arm around his waist, she starts kissing Harry’s cheek and neck and won’t stop.


She manages to get out between slippery kisses, I glare at Harry as I apologise to Paul and leave. Harry attempts to follow me out but I stop him and keep going. I walk home even though it’s a good twenty minute walk, I take over my boots and carry them in my hands, I guess I just need time to think.

Kay guys so give me feedback and I also came up with a good idea!!! I wont update until this movella reaches 28  favourites!!! Seems fair enough as its only on 26 :) I just did this so there wont be as much pressure on me for updating everyday!!!! :) so keep commenting on what team and what you think of the latest chapters!!!! Did any of you check out the trailer I made?? Tell me what ye think of it!!!! ;)

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