Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


21. Hotel

I finally made it back to the hotel in one piece, fixing my blond wig before walking back into the hotel. It’s weird, how did Harry recognise me with the wig? I shake it off and use my keycard to open my door, once inside I throw my boots to the floor and stumble into my suite where I throw my clutch on the floor and rip my earrings out, it would hurt only I’m that intoxicated I’m beyond feeling anything. I guess being broken-hearted doesn’t help, it only makes matters worse. I peel my dress off and slide under the covers, rubbing my forehead tiredly.


I jump up in the bed and tip-toe over to the suite door; I grab the nearest thing to me for defence. God knows what burglars have; I yank the lamp out of the socket, breaking the plug in the process. Crap! I’ll have to pay for that later; I quietly open my room door, peering into the dark living-room. I tip-toe closer to the door, hearing some masculine voice moaning. I shake my head awake as I look at the digital clock sitting on the coffee table, its red digits clearly stating the unruly hour at which someone is visiting.


I sigh quietly to myself and jump as a voice outside my door bangs loudly again.

“Gemma open the flipping door! I’m cold and those kisses were nothing!”

I snort loudly and turn back to my room, but manage to shout before leaving,

“Huh! I guess I’ll just go to bed! I actually thought someone worth talking to was out there!”

I hear moaning and more shouting from him. I return to my bed and try to get some sleep but fail miserably as Harry spends the whole early morning banging and shouting at my door, mostly consisting of profanities and my name. I get a little bit of sleep but when I say that, I mean about five minutes. In the morning, let me rephrase that, at a decent hour…Danielle comes knocking at my door.


“Gemma let me in! It’s Danielle!”

I open the door slowly in case it’s a trick but sure enough, Danielle is standing there looking rather glamorous, her skin almost glowing. She steps over Harry who is passed out on the floor right outside my room. She carefully walks in and smiles, I look her up and down to see what she has on today. Danielle has a pink and white flower printed short summer dress on with cute nude stilettos that I’m not too sure match. She has a cute pink flower gold ring on her finger and a warm-looking beige knit cardigan over her shoulders, giving her that cosy mother look already.


She catches me watching and does a little twirl; she pokes my hair a little and laughs loudly. Then it hits me, my blond wig is sitting half on/ half off my head. I totally forgot to take it off last night, Danielle orders me to go get dressed and I obey. I pull on a blue and pink Aztec swing vest and distressed blue denim shorts. I slip on small little red dolly shoes with one polka dot bow on each shoe. I put a straw small round hat on my straight hair and slip an assortment of purple thin bangles on my arm.

Once I walk back out into the living-room, she has made herself at home with a cup of tea balancing on her lap as she uses her other hand to support the remote as she flickers through the channels. She spots me and abruptly switches the TV off, turning in her seat. She points next to her; I obediently take a seat and turn to her, quirking an eyebrow. Her gaze flickers to the door before matching mine.

“What’s with him out there?”

She tilts her head in the direction of where Harry is currently lying unconscious in the hotel corridor. I shrug and try to stay strong but it’s kinda hard when you feel pain like a thousand daggers being shot through your heart. Danielle rests a hand over my shaking one, her gaze never flickering from my eyes.

“Look Gemma, I know you and that…” She glances at the door again,

“is not just nothing, he wouldn’t just decide to sleep out in the hall like that so tell me what’s up or I will have no choice but to-“

“-stop!” I cut Danielle off, resulting in a wide grin spreading across her features. She leans back in her seat, waiting for my explanation.

“I went out last night and he must have followed me, next thing I knew he was cheating on me with some blond bimbo.” Danielle raises her eyebrows, glancing behind the couch where my blond wig lies discarded. I shrug as a smirk grows across her face.

“But weren’t you a blond bimbo last night too?” I shake my head swiftly and gawk at her.

“How the hell did you know?” she shrugs and bites her bottom lip.

“Besides the evidence I have gathered that you did in fact go out and the blond wig sitting on your head, take a look at this.”

She hands me a shiny thin book, I take a closer look to realise it’s a magazine. Instead of asking I read the front cover, a picture of Harry and that guy Paul, fighting. You can spot me at the edge of the photo, watching in horror. The caption is even worse than the photo.

One Direction’s, Harry Styles spotted fighting at the popular New York club last night with The Vampire Diaries’, Paul Wesley. See page two for more…

I nod as I read, so now I know where I knew that guy from. I used to watch The Vampire Diaries all the time, I was so obsessed with it until Danielle and the boys started annoying me about how it isn’t even real.

“If I were you sweetie…” Danielle wakes me out of my reverie,

“I’d lay low for a little while just so things clear up.” With that she finishes talking and presses her lips into a firm line before patting me on the back and pausing at the door she opened. She looks down at the passed out Harry before turning around and pointing at him,

“And please fix this Hun, he’s a good guy. I’d know.”

I nod as she closes the door softly behind her, leaving one question in my mind, how exactly would she know?


Eventually I wake out of my zombie-like state and act on my emotions. I open my door and drag Harry’s helpless body into my flat. I lift his head up and place it on the couch before easing his legs up and the rest of his body. After another restless ten minutes of struggling to get him up, I succeed. He’s still passed out but I’d leave that down to how intoxicated he was last night. I sigh and leave him there before leaving my hotel room altogether and crossing the hall to Danielle’s room. I open the door and find Liam sitting all alone on the couch. I smile bravely even though my whole body is practically trembling.

“Danielle here?” Liam nods and replies with his smooth English accent.

“Yeah she’s in the shower, won’t be long.” He smiles but stops when he sees my body trembling, he frowns.

“You okay Gemma?” He pats the couch right beside him, I take a seat and knot my hands together, I shake my head and brazenly meet his gaze.

“Well no…the thing is…”


Omg I’m so glad someone made the 28th favourite!! I was dying!! I really wanted to update and I was so bored guys!!! So did you all hear Best Song Ever??? OMFG ITS AWESOME AAAHHH!!!!! AND THE SAD PART IS Zayn IS A PRETTIER GIRL THAN ME!!! :’( CRIES MAN CRIES!!!!! Anyways I’ll update when this movella reaches 25 likes!!!!! :) love y’all…And we danced all night to the Best Song Ever!!!!!!!!!


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