Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


27. Hospital Part 2

So I would like to start this chapter by thanking you amazing people out there!!! Without you guys this movella wouldn’t have reached 684 views, 30 favourites, 26 likes and 104 comments!!! You guys are literally phenomiNIALL!! AmaZAYN!!! FabuLOUIS!!! ExtraordinHARRY!!! BriLIAM!!!! 1Derful!!!!! I love you guys so much thankyou for being so amazing and being there all the time xox hope you enjoy this chapter!!!!

When I look up from watching little Ashley in my arms, I realise everyone has been watching her, except for Harry who is watching me intently but a spark of contempt in shining in his eyes. I know what's in his mind; he probably wants to see this in a few years, except the little bundle belonging to me. Eh sorry Mr. Styles but he’ll be waiting a long time. Emphasize ‘long’ because it ain't gonna happen, not in this lifetime. I don’t know when I decided it but I have known for ages that my purpose on earth was not to have children; I guess I never have been one of those people.

I hear Kristen behind me,

“Aww isn’t she just the cutest thing ever?” I smile and turn slightly to nod at Kristen who’s sight is set on little Ashley, I hear Zayn chuckle and reply,

“Yeah, she’ll be a heartbreaker.” Everyone bursts out laughing, including Danielle who tries to hold it in but fails miserably. I give Ashley over to Kristen who rocks her gently in her arms before Niall joins her. Kristen smiles at Niall, her blue eyes shining,

“I want this someday.” Niall chuckles it off but watching his emotions I can tell he does too, he tries to hide it but fails, Kristen doesn't see as her gaze is returned to Ashley who moves slightly. Kristen jumps and does another round of cute noises in delight,

“Oh! Haha she caught me off-guard there!” Niall laughs loudly and assists Kristen, gently taking Ashley out of her arms and putting them in his own. He rocks Ashley from side to side, smiling down in awe at her. The look in his eyes, I swear . . . it’s like he wants to have children as much as Kristen does. As if he read my thoughts, he glances up at Kristen as she walks back over to Eleanor and starts’ chatting about cute outfits for Ashley, the look in his eyes is so clear. He’s mad about Kristen, and she’s clearly mad for him as well, I have never seen two people so much in love like this. It’s extraordinary, I’m glad Niall has found someone because he never really dated people before and even thought all of this is new to him, he has evidently fallen head over heels with this girl . . . and the same for her.

As Eleanor chats on, Kristen glances up and watches Niall with Ashley, her eyes shining with love and hope. My heart nearly melts on the spot; I watch them, my head tilted as Kristen forgets her conversation with Eleanor to watch Niall handling Ashley so gently like she’s made of glass. Eleanor stops chatting and Kristen doesn't realise, Eleanor opens her mouth to say something but follows Kristen’s gaze and she too watches them. Eleanor clutches her chest with her hand and watches them like they’re the cutest thing in the world, the funny thing is, is that they really are. Niall glances up from Ashley to lock gaze with Kristen, they smile at each other and both blush red, looking away awkwardly. Kristen spots me watching them and laughs; Eleanor quickly looks away so she doesn't get caught. I bend both my index fingers and curve my thumbs before pressing them both together to form a heart. I put on a puppy dog face and Kristen laughs before sticking her tongue out at me, we both laugh it off as everyone bolts out of their seats to hold Ashley next. Between all the commotion I manage to hear Louis laugh out,

“Looks like you’re not the newest edition to the family anymore, Kristen.” Kristen makes a pouty face before shrugging it off and hugging Niall, glad to get his attention back.

The next few hours, we all stay in that little hospital room occupying Danielle and Ashley, all the while being happy and so glad that the paps aren’t harassing us like always. Though sadly, visiting hours end and we are all forced to leave, except Liam who is granted permission to stay the night. We all leave and decide to stay in the one hotel room for a sleepover. We decide on the room Eleanor and Louis are staying in, Harry and I go back to our room to get pyjamas and stuff, well I'm the only one getting pyjamas because everyone knows Harry only sleeps in his boxers, no matter what season it is. I change into cupcake pyjamas and plait my hair into a side plait before linking arms with Harry down the corridor to the room.

“Ashley is so cute, don’t ya think?” I decide on light conversation to brighten the mood, Harry nods and smiles at the ground before chuckling.

“She really is something . . .” he pauses for a second, “Gemma? Do you want children?” He turns to me outside Louis’ room’s door and faces me, waiting patiently for an answer. I feel my face go red, I don’t want to lie but I don’t want to disappoint him,

“Uh um . . .” I begin to stutter under all the unnecessary attention, Harry smiles but it doesn't reach his eyes. He wraps an arm around my waist and kisses my cheek before leaning in and whispering to me right as he opens the door,

“It’s ok, we’re young yet.” Trying to act as if I’m not bothered by his words, I walk in and greet the girls. Kristen is in cotton pyjamas with little pictures of cartoon fish; I glance at them once and burst into laughter.

“Ooh! You’re pyjamas look tasty!” Kristen turns to me; the boys accidentally overhear and burst into loud laughter, I playfully hit Kristen lightly on the arm. She pretends to look wounded but then brightens up immediately. When I laugh at her pyjamas she pouts,

“Heey! I thought they looked yummy!” She brushes her finger over a shoal of fish printed on her pant bottoms. I laugh and see Eleanor wearing fancy, lavender silk pyjamas, nothing to joke about there. Lou has cute poodle ones on and my eyes scan over another person, Lexi again. Her ice blue eyes piercing holes in me, she stands there in her sophisticated pyjamas, a basketball vest and pink melon cotton loose short shorts. I feel intimidated by her, she is so much prettier than me and I’d say she’s a lot nice too if I wasn’t the wrong side of her. I guess Lou is alright, after all, over the weeks I have managed not to strangle her and have had decent conversations about many things. Lou sees me and nods at me before leading me out to the balcony. I look out at the sky, a beautiful pink glow as the sun sets, streaks of grey pattern it as the last few remaining clouds thin out. I smile at the beauty of the sky; Lou drags me back to reality.

“Gemma please attempt to get along with Lexi, she’s a really nice girl . . . she may be Harry’s ex but still, don’t let that ruin your possible friendship with her. She really is a good person like she’s bubbly, eats a lot haha, like Niall and Kristen! Um, she hates bullies! And always defends her family and friends . . . she’s crazy but funny and sometimes a bit random . . . ugh I'm ranting amn't I?!” She sighs and brushes back her hair, patting it softly before continuing.

“Sorry I just want everyone to get along badly and you know I wouldn’t have brought Lexi in there if I don’t trust her.” I nod reluctantly and spend the next five minutes reassuring Lou I’ll try to play nice, but just as she turns for the door, I add one more piece.

“But Lou?” She turns around, “Yeah?” I gulp and look her straight in the eye, every word coming straight from my heart,

“I will play nice but if she steps out of line, I won’t hold back.” Lou nods understandably, a sad look in her eyes before she turns back and closes the door behind her. I stand outside, watching the sun set until it’s out of sight, the pink replaced by a fathomless grey, a wisp of orange visible in the distance. Someone’s voice wakes me up,

“Beautiful isn’t it?” I jump and spin round to see Zayn walk over and lean against the railing beside me. Flicking his lighter and covering it with his hand, lighting the cigarette in his mouth, he sighs as he puffs out a cloud of smoke. He turns his head to me and tilts his sideways; I mirror his actions and speak up, my voice soft and gentle.

“I thought you gave up smoking?” He chuckles and looks away, into the distance. When he turns back to me, his face is sad.

“Yeah, I did for Perrie but . . . I only smoke one when I'm feeling depressed or things are stressful.” Somehow I understand,

“The tour.” It sounds more like a statement than a question but Zayn nods anyways, as he speaks again, there’s finality to his words.

“Only when I’m stressed.” He flicks the ashes off the tip of his cigarette before taking another puff; my next question is so unexpected I flew out of my mouth before I knew it.

“Can I try?” Zayn's eyes widen as he turns to see if I'm serious, he watches me, I nod. He shrugs and looks ahead into the distance,

“I don’t think that’d be a good idea, Harry wouldn’t be happy.” He frowns as he mentions my boyfriend’s name but doesn't turn to face me, just continues to stare out into peaceful Ohio. I shrug and look ahead as well,

“Well he doesn't have to know now does he? Unless you want to get killed?” Zayn turns his head to smirk at me, I keep looking ahead as if I don’t notice, he chuckles.

“I never thought of you as a black-mailer but okay I guess it’s your choice.” He shrugs carelessly and hands me the near-burnt out cigarette, I take a deep breath and place my lips around it. I carefully take a small breath, my taste buds enveloping the welcome taste of nicotine. I breathe out and take a longer drag, relishing in the taste I haven’t experienced in years. Zayn quickly grabs the cigarette butt out of my grasp and smashes it on the ground, squishing it under his boots and turning to me curiously.

“You didn’t choke? I’m guessing this isn’t your first time?” I shrug and turn for the door, turning my back to him as I reply,

“I’ll just say mysterious, I read somewhere guys like mysterious girls.”

After my minor flirting with Zayn, we rejoin our friends in the living-room, Harry watches us suspiciously. I shrug off his glares as we all huddle close, Eleanor speaks up.

“Gemma? You’re the only one standing would you mind making the popcorn?” She puts on her best smile and pouts; I sigh heavily for a bit of drama and drag my feet into the kitchen, scuffing my socks on the carpet. I shove a bag of popcorn into the microwave and hits a few buttons, continuous beeps sounding from the electronic; I jump at the sound of someone’s voice.

“What were you doing out there on the balcony?” Harry’s suspicious voice sends me jumping about twenty feet into the air, embarrassed and blushing; I turn round and place my hands on either side of his chest,

“Baby, you scared me!” His voice is cold as he shrugs off my hands and pushes me away,

“Answer me!” he leans in and sniffs me, he pulls back and wrinkles his nose in disgust,

“Have you been smoking?!” His face twist into hatred and disgust, a mash up I wish I never have to see again. Shit! He must have smelt it off my breath! And the fact that I'm not replying has him more suspicious than before, he turns away from me, clearly disgusted. He makes to leave the kitchen but I grab his arm, he pulls away in anger and I let him leave. Disgusted with myself I turn to the beeping microwave and dump the popcorn into a bowl before putting on a fake smile while I walk back into the living-room.

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