Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


2. Going out.


I hop in the limo letting the armrest sit between us- by us I mean Liam and I. Tonight was eventful and there’s nothing the two of us want more than to go home to their flat and rest, where Danielle is comfortably curled up on the couch eating Ben and Jerry’s and watching The Vow. The paps have been getting very insistent lately and Liam never likes waiting about anymore, it scares me and I honestly don’t know why. I just fear that Payzer may come to an end soon, very soon. I shake it off, no they aren’t! It’s just me and my stupid superstitions! I dare peek at Liam out of the corner of my eye who is angrily staring at his feet, he can't glare out the window or the paps will take photos. He was so unhappy tonight he ordered McDonalds and insisted it would be left and waiting when we get in. I smiled out the windows as the car pulled out, the whole ride back was quiet and eerie and I felt a little uneasy after tonight’s drinks. We went to a club as Paul told Liam to take Danielle, but Danielle was tired and guess who had to step in when Payzer is falling down- none other than me. The paps were just getting ruff and pushed me over, so much so that Liam had to step in. he wasn’t too happy afterwards and I'm not sure if it was because of me or the paps but that surely silenced me.

We eventually pull up at the hotel the boys are staying in and we both hopped out, both of us too tired to role out our little drama of me staying in the car and Liam opening the door like a gentleman. We were told by Management to do that every time we are getting out or if we are getting into a car, Liam has to hold the door in every circumstance. Knowing Liam, he would do that anyways but tonight we are both so down in the dumps that neither of us care to play out the charade, Liam storms ahead of me into the hotel, holding my hand while doing so- just so the paps don’t assume we're fighting.

We both speed walk into the lobby and take the stairs as we are both not bothered to wait for the elevator, I hop up the stairs, Liam following suit behind me. He grunts a little which actually sounds quite attractive, I feel my cheeks blush. Thank god I’m in front of him for fear of him seeing me blush. Once we are both up the stairs and in the corridor we stand facing each other. My hotel room door is right across from theirs; Liam clears his throat and scratches the back of his neck.

“So eh, Gemma you did well today. Sorry about that.” I nod and smile, he returns the smile which makes my stomach do somersaults. He smiles and chuckles. I turn around and open my door but stop when I hear his voice right behind me,

“Gemma?” I turn around and nearly hit my face off his chest, I look up at him. He envelopes me in a tight hug and brushes my hair with his hand before breathing in my scent. I hide my face in his chest as I feel my cheeks go red, I grin.

“Goodnight Gemma.” His voice is soft and gentle; he pulls back and dives for his door. Swinging it open and closing it straight behind him. I don’t know if it’s me or did I just send Liam Payne blushing red, I swore I saw his cheeks all red. I smile to myself before going into my room and closing the door. I lean against it and fall to the floor in a daze, Liam must like me as I look exactly like Danielle and he’s going out with her. I shrug to myself and change into my pjs before falling into a peaceful, dream-filled sleep.



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