Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


7. Festival? Oh snap!

Gemma’s P.O.V:

The sunlight peeking through the hotel curtains woke me up. In a daze I sit up in bed and rub my tired eyes. For once, I can't believe that I'm not actually tired. Well it’s a surprise to me because I had nightmares last night, mainly consisting of Liam and Danielle, I guess guilt has gotten to me; which never happens. I have memories from my childhood of lying the whole time, maybe if I didn’t look like Danielle then I could have chosen a path in acting.

The thing that has been bothering these last few days and nights is that Danielle has been very moody lately, mood-swings and constant arguments with Liam; no wonder he agrees to go everywhere with me. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t ganging up on Danielle but she hasn’t exactly been a joy either. I remember the other day what I walked in on.

I was walking around my hotel suite aimlessly, clearly bored and having nothing to do. I checked the fridge and there was no food and nothing to mess with. The TV and radio didn’t look too appealing for pastimes so I went for Liam’s and Danielle's room to find something better to do. I heard people talking so I knew they weren’t up to anything naughty, I could hear Niall's muffled laugh and Harry chuckling but nothing to indicate Liam and Danielle were home. I opened the door and walked in casually, we’re all a family so we just walk in on each other, I quite remember walking in on Harry getting dressed and Liam but its no biggy, besides the fact I was flaming red and chocking on their good looks. Harry was over in the make shift kitchen and Niall was sticking his fist into a big bag of Doritos and munching while trying not to choke, coughing up his laughs. I smiled and before I could say anything, Harry cut in.

“They’re in their room, go on in.”

I smiled and nodded before opening their bedroom door, Liam was standing at one side of the bed and Danielle at the other, Liam was shouting and Danielle was screaming, I mentally face-palmed myself for walking right into one of their annual fights. I’m gonna kill that cheeky, curly-haired boy for letting me walk in on this; its most likely what he intended to do, well either way he’s a dead man walking. I begin to close the door while muttering,

“Oh sorry didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Danielle stopped screaming as did Liam, she rested one hand one her red face and the other on her hip. Liam brushed his hands through his hair before speaking up,

“No wait, you didn’t interrupt anything, Danielle isn’t feeling well so you will have to come along to the music festival with Louis, Eleanor and I.”

I nodded quietly before staring at the ground quietly, he followed me out into the living-room where Niall sat, Harry joining him. He pulled me into the kitchen, his hand resting firmly on my shoulder. I watched it warily before he removed it,

“Danielle isn’t well, she's sick so you may have to cover for her for the next few days.”

I had nodded while thinking things along the lines of, ‘it’s not like I haven’t done that the last few days anyways.’ Liam cleared his throat and left. I went back to my hotel room intending on getting plenty of sleep for the festival in the upcoming days.

Back to my present thoughts, today is the festival! The only thing I don’t like is that I will have to act all loved up with Liam again! I know that the old me a few days ago would have jumped for joy but ever since Danielle has gotten sick, I'm afraid she will attack me. That’s why I have been a crappy friend and have avoided her since the other day when I walked in on her and Liam fighting. Oh yes, in case you were wondering, I did kill Styles after his cheeky move. He squealed like a baby pig after I got him and he learned his lesson. I had no choice but face up to my fears today, Danielle. I had to get clothes off her, first of all because all my clothes are crappy and the weather man told us it was going to be roasting today so I took out the sun-cream and after hiding in my hotel room for hours; I finally knocked on their room’s door. I know I said before that we’re like family and we just walk in whenever we please, well don’t you have that one family relation where you’re kinda scared to go near because you’re afraid they’ll shout or slap you? Ya well, that’s Danielle. She hasn’t ever been like this, maybe she’s just down in the dumps because of the haters hating but I'm still curious to see what state she is in and I badly need festival gear before we leave. Ok, maybe I'm over-exaggerating but still, she has been moody. Liam answers the door coolly, like a breeze on a warm summer’s day; which is exactly what today is. He runs a hand through his hair before raising his eyebrows,

“Gemma? You don’t have to knock! Come on in!”

He left the door open behind him as he walked back into the suite; Louis and Eleanor were already here with Danielle sitting in an armchair all alone, a good distance away from them. I smile and nod at everyone before Danielle sits up and smiles at me before getting up and leading me to her room. This time she doesn't make a hassle of what I have to wear; instead she just grabs a few things and hands them to me smiling. I was about to unravel all the things when she stopped me and shoved me into the bathroom playfully, I grin at her before closing the door and changing. She gave me bright blue shorts, a black tank-top, cool black rocker boots and a cute black chain leather bag with a heart on it as its lock. I step out and she smiles before going to her accessories, she places a gold heart necklace on me and black Ray Bans. She puts a few cute bracelets on my wrist that I don’t bother to acknowledge, my hair has fallen out of the curls she put in the other day so she brushes my straight hair out messily. I shiver slightly, she hands me a sleeveless black cardigan which blends in with the tank-top so it looks like the tank-top gets longer at the back. I smile as she does too; she applies waterproof eyeliner and mascara on my eyes before smiling at me and clapping her hands,

“You look…….perfect!”

I smile and mutter a ‘thanks’ before she follows me out to the living-room of the suite. I look at what Liam is wearing; he is in a dark navy-blue t-shirt with greyish three-quarter length pants. Louis is grinning at Eleanor who blushes at their private conversation. Eleanor is wearing a cute black dress with white tiny patterns and a cute white collar. She has big wellies on that have the Union Jack on them that go halfway up her perfectly skinny legs; she also has cute sunglasses framing her face. Louis has a white t-shirt on with a cute owl on the front, its kinda creepy cus its eyes are red. He has beige three quarters on and plain navy wellies. He has the sunglasses from the movie Top Gun framing his teal-coloured eyes; I glance at what shoes Liam is wearing. I totally forgot, he has white Converse on. Everyone sits down smiling, I suddenly get curious,

“So what's this festival called anyways?”

Eleanor ends her private conversation with Louis to look over at me, she smiles, by her tone anyone can tell she’s excited for this, she takes her sunglasses off;

  Her eyes twinkling,

“V festival!”

I smile at look at Liam who sits next to me but makes no move as Danielle is sitting right across from us. After ten minutes of Eleanor being adorable and taking her sunglasses on and off while chatting excitedly about the festival, Liam gets a call. He answers it and leaves for a few minutes, returning with his phone in hand.

“Okay guys! Time to go, we just have to meet Management downstairs for a brush up on rules!”

Everyone groans and trudges to the door, Liam turns to Danielle,

“You wont be able to come babe, sorry.”

He plants a gentle kiss on her forehead, me standing there the whole time watching like a stalker. Okay so let’s just say for instance that I am actually in denial and do actually have feelings for Liam Payne, who could care? I would just fit in with all those other fans around the world who kiss their One Direction posters goodnight and good morning everyday, none of the boys realising I may have genuine feelings for one of them. They sing, have girlfriends, and send love to their fans. I don’t fit in their at all, anywhere. I'm just a cover up for Danielle on her bad days, none of them care if I'm fired in the morning, it won’t make an impact on their lives, and they will still sing and make people laugh with their craziness and how random they can be. Would Danielle even care if I am fired tomorrow? Who am I kidding? Of course she wouldn’t, I have to kiss her boyfriend in public and pretend to be her! If anything she would obviously be glad if I'm gone tomorrow, so what's stopping me you say? Somebody called Liam Payne because it’s him who I get out of bed for everyday, it’s him who gives me a reason to survive, it’s all him. He plays one of the most important roles in all of this, if he dumped Danielle, my job is gone; I have no future career because I didn’t go to college, I barely finished my final year of second level education! I gave up my life for this job because I was in defeat, Danielle becoming the face of Liam’s girlfriend meant that I couldn’t go anywhere in the world without being mobbed by fans and people claiming that I'm Danielle, I had no choice but to take this job. My future career was done for the minute Danielle stepped into the limelight and was uncovered as Liam's girlfriend, that day was the day I lost my identity.

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