Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


28. Everything Has Changed

So to be honest, that scared me a lot but I kept it together for everyone. I walked back in. Eleanor tries to grab the popcorn bowl off me but I didn’t realise my steel grip on it was so hard until I let it go and give it to Eleanor who looks like she’s watching a tennis match; her eyes bouncing between Harry and I. I take a seat beside Kristen on the loveseat and we cuddle up together, the fluffy blanket being oddly comforting. Kristen and I pull the blanket up and over us, like little kids do when they pretend they’re camping in their bedroom. She grins over at me and signals with her fingers to lean closer, I raise an eyebrow before drawing closer.

“We heard you guys fighting, Eleanor was so scared, I think she bit all her nails off!” Her voice is lower than a whisper as she informs me, we burst into laughter at Eleanor, she really doesn't need to worry about my relationship, why does everyone always get themselves involved in my relationships? The only person who hasn’t is Kristen, thank god I have one person round here who isn’t delving into my private business. I do that ‘nudge’ thing people always do, you know, hitting each other’s knuckles except soft so you don’t break your knuckles while colliding with one another’s bones. As I rethink my fight with Harry, I come to see sense. Why the hell does he care if I smoke? It’s not that big of a deal, is it? One other thing pops into my mind and I can't help but grin, Kristen must have spotted it because she turns from listening to everyone’s conversations outside our mini tent world to look at me curiously,

“What's that evil little grin you got there girl?” I use the same signal with my hands as she did earlier and she leans over, smirking happily. I attempt to whisper so no-one hears,

“Harry has to apologise or something because we’re sharing a hotel room, and there’s only one bed!” Kristen's face crumples as she attempts to hold in her giggles but eventually she can't anymore and burst into a big fit of giggles, so much so that everyone outside the blanket are asking each other curious questions. I join Kristen, laughing along with her until someone lifts up the edge of our blanket. Niall's blond head pops through and he raises his eyebrows before snorting at Kristen who can't breathe she’s laughing so hard, Niall chuckles before managing to speak up,

“What are you ladies laughing about?!” Kristen shakes her head and I shrug,

“Nothing I guess!” We all laugh again until Eleanor clears her throat outside,

“Eh you guys wanna join the real world again so we can watch a movie?” I look over at Kristen, who shrugs before laughing,

“I guess, this is so overrated!” We both share uneasy glances while we tug the blanket off of us, resulting in Kristen's hair becoming extremely static and standing on top of her head. She snorts and Niall being himself starts laughing and ruffles her hair before kissing her softly on her forehead. After that they both look away, blushing like crazy, Niall picks the movie. He picks The Notebook as he claims he has never seen it before, both Eleanor and Lou go spastic attack on him and attempt to kill him but Kristen thankfully stops them, Niall cuddles close to Kristen like a toddler and sticks his tongue out at them before bursting into childish giggles and burying his head in the crook of Kristen's neck, she chuckles and ruffles his hair as the screen goes black and the movie begins.

Just as Allie dies in Noah’s arms, I look around to see that Eleanor, Lou, Kristen and even Lexi, are all sniffling with tears running down their faces. Niall peeks at me over Kristen's head and raises his eyebrows in that way that he does, I shrug and mutter,

“Stupid movie.” Just as the ending credits scroll down, all the girls turn to be with suck looks of hatred I immediately want to shrivel up and disappear into thin air. Eleanor stands up from her comfortable position on the couch entangled with Louis to glare at me with such ferocity, if looks could kill . . .

“Excuse me Gemma but The Notebook is definitely not a stupid movie! It’s the most incredible love story ever and just, amazing!” As she sits down, she looks tired and exasperated. Zayn walks casually out of the bathroom and glances at everyone, curious as to why everyone is so unmoving and emotional. He shrugs and continues to whistle as he walks out to the balcony. He excused himself halfway through the movie as Perrie was ringing him, from then on until now he has been in that room, probably misses her a lot. Perrie is probably going to come down in the next few days to see baby Ashley, who is adorable to say the least. Eleanor glares at me before sticking her tongue out playfully, we laugh it off and she agrees to forgive me as long as I will watch The Time Traveler’s Wife with her. I agree as I have already watched it before, it’s really sad and if I remember it correctly, I think I may have shed a tear or so.

We all snack on different things Eleanor managed to find because while everyone was immersed in the movie, no-one saw Niall and Kristen eating all the popcorn. Kristen blushes embarrassed as Niall leans back into the couch and stretches out before casually stating,

“We had it eaten before the movie started.” Eleanor's head snaps to the side to gawk at Niall and Kristen with wide eyes, I chuckle and duck as the cushion Louis targeted in my direction comes flying past. Lexi’s steely blue eyes scan the room as she tries to figure out who threw the cushion after it hitting her square in the head. Louis ducks his head and starts tickling Eleanor to distract Lexi. Eleanor squirms and wrestles Louis, giggling all the time. That’s when a tickling war starts and eventually everyone is on the floor laughing, except for Harry and I who meet gazes from across the room. He's been glaring at me the whole evening; somehow I let it bug me even though I shouldn’t. Harry stands up, holding my gaze as he walks over to the door, he turns and twist the handle on the door to leave but Niall pauses mid-tickle with Kristen to look up and ask,

“Where ya going mate?” Harry hesitantly turns around slowly; he doesn't bother to hide the annoyance in his voice or his features as he snaps back at Niall,

 “Sleep.” Everyone has stopped tickling one another to watch Harry's sudden surge of anger, he pulls open the door and slams it behind himself. Everyone shares uncertain glances at each other before turning their full attention onto me, I see Eleanor shake her head clearly annoyed. Disgusted, she mutters to Louis,

“Sleeping here is the point of a sleepover.” Louis just shrugs and holds his hands up in front of him, as if to say ‘what can we do?’ His unspoken gesture confirms that I'm not the only one confused by Harry's sudden actions. He was clearly angry all evening, sighing heavily and glaring at everything and everyone. It is actually better that he has left because now he isn’t the party pooper and putting everyone down. I sigh heavily knowing it’s a lot better now, but now Eleanor is going to interrogate me like the cops. That’s fine by me.

In the morning, Eleanor wakes me up and tells me to hurry up and take a shower. I'm about to argue that I don’t have clean clothes but she pushes me into the bathroom and commands me to clean before closing the door, I sigh and turn to eye the fancy shower warily. I spot a change of clothes on the toilet seat; I shrug and run the hot water before taking off my pjs and jumping into the relaxing warm water.

After my shower, I change into the clothes without fully inspecting them. Once I turn to the full length mirror, I gasp. Eleanor has given a full length beige skirt that’s really loose and flows around, swaying with my body. On my torso I have a red silk wrap-effect blouse that is so out of place on me that I mentally gag. I slip on royal blue suede heels with gold metal toes that add a cheap look to the already overly pointy granny shoes.


There’s only one word to describe this outfit, granny. Seriously? I feel like I skipped sixty years of my life, minus the wrinkles and shrivelled up skin. I step out of the bathroom to see everyone looking just as bad as me, if not worse. Eleanor drags me over to Lou who fixes my hair into a braided updo. She puts red lipstick on me along with other things to make me look different and older. Eventually, everyone is disguised and looking terrible. Only Eleanor, Louis and I go to visit Ashley and Danielle, who haven’t been admitted yet.

We leave the hotel, unnoticed thank god, and take a cab to the hospital. Once inside, we walk the same path and take the elevator to the same floor where we walk down the same corridors and down the last one to the same room. We round the corner to where Danielle’s room will be in view but something unexpected happens, Liam storms out of her room and slams the door. He angrily stomps past us and ignores us, walking as fast as he can out of the ward and eventually breaking into a sprint. Louis shrugs and leads the way towards Danielle's room, we quickly walk in to find Danielle, leaning over and crying into her hands. Eleanor rushes to her side and attempts to soothe her, Ashley is crying in her crib which is next to Danielle's bed. I quickly walk over and attempt to calm the baby down when I stare right into Ashley's eyes, Ashley's blue eyes. I shudder and stumble back away from the child a few steps. Staring right at the little child I realise something, Ashley's blue eyes and blond hair, she couldn’t have! I turn round and head for the door where Louis is standing there unsure of what to do. I sprint down the corridors, eventually dumping my annoying heels as they’re too pointy and awkward to run in. I press the buttons on all of the elevators, desperately trying to get down; I take the stairs realising it’ll be faster.

I run down the entrance of the hospital, bumping into patients, cleaning staff and visitors all the way, shouting ‘sorry!’ behind me as I continue running. I run outside and glance around the parking lot, I spot Liam kicking a stone angrily and banging his fist on his SUV, he kicks the tyre before taking a seat on the curb. He angrily rubs his face and looks around; I sprint over to him and take a spot beside him. He continues staring ahead, tears in his eyes, his face flushed and twisted into a look of pain and hurt, betrayal is a perfect adjective.

She cheated.

No-one speaks it but the truth hangs in the air, what else could explain the crystal blue eyes set in Ashley's head? When I saw her blond hair I figured Danielle or Liam had blond hair when they were younger because that happens to a lot of kids but this is certainly no mistake, the crystal blue eyes are just too different. Liam sniffs as tears fall down his face and land on his blue jeans, leaving round wet spots. I wrap an arm around his shoulders; he leans down and practically lies on me, crying into my lap. I rub his back soothingly, no words will ever be able to help him, and I can't say anything. He really loved Danielle, it was clear. This, this is too far. Danielle has done it again, they broke up late last year over tour and everything but this is just too much, she has officially broken Liam Payne.

After an eternity of sniffling and weeping, Liam lifts his head from my lap and sits up straight. His voice is ruff and drawn, no wonder he has been crying for the best of half an hour.

“Thanks Gemma.” He stands up and offers his hand to me, surprised, I take it and he helps me off the stone curb. He opens the passenger door to his SUV for me before walking round and jumping in himself. We sit in silence for ages, neither of us moving. Eventually Liam rubs his face clear of any stray tears and shoves the keys into the ignition before the engine roars to life. He pulls out of the hospital parking lot and drives back to the hotel. I clear my throat before speaking up,

“I’m sorry Liam.” His head snaps to me as he drives down the road,

“Shut up Gemma!” he shouts just as he pulls into a parking space in the hotel’s parking lot. I look at him disgusted before jumping out and shouting back,

“Well sorry if I was trying to help!” I slam the door, Liam jumps out after me and follows me as I storm into the hotel’s lobby and hit the elevator button angrily. Liam folds his arms angrily but stands right beside me, so close our arms are brushing. The elevator makes a binging noise before the metal doors slide open. We both stomp into the empty elevator; I hit the button for our floor just as Liam speaks up, still shouting.

“Don’t you get it Gemma?” He hits the emergency brake on the controls so we can talk this out before going back up to the gang; I spin around from looking at the control panels to face Liam angrily. I glare at him before snapping back,

“Get what?” Liam blinks rapidly before running his hands over his face and growling, talking to himself more than me,

“Ugh! You’re so blind!” I cock my head to the side, suddenly calm and curious,

“How?” He stares at me in disbelief before carrying on,

“Don’t you get it or are you actually that blind?! Gemma why do you think I even stay with Danielle nowadays? It’s because of you! If I dumped Danielle I wouldn’t be able to see you anymore! I wouldn’t be able to pretend you’re my girlfriend and I wouldn’t be able to touch you and I certainly wouldn’t be able to do this . . .” He pushes my body against the wall of the elevator and kisses me, not softly but passionately and ruff. He runs his hands down my body and pulls back, staring into my eyes, I hesitantly kiss him back. He pulls away and leans casually against the far wall of the elevator,

“You still don’t see do you? I love you Gemma!” As he proclaims his love for me, the anger vanishes from his voice, leaving a sad boyish voice to speak alone. I stare at him, mouth wide open and totally dumbfounded. He shrugs and smirks; I throw myself at him and kiss him back again, pausing between kisses to reply,

“I . . . love . . . you . . . too.” Liam kisses me lovingly but pulls back and stares into my eyes for confirmation,

“What about Harry?” I shake my head, biting my lip before taking a deep breath and replying,

“Screw Harry, I don’t love him.” That one sentence ended our conversation and started many things, our first real make-out session in an elevator and the beginning of my new life because as my old life knew it, everything has changed.

IT’S THE END!!!! Hope you guys enjoyed the very last chapter of Being Danielle Peazer!!! And I’m now going to announce that the sequel will be called, Being Me!!! Loads of thanks to lovedaddydirection for the great idea!!! Sorry to those whose ideas weren’t picked!! They were really good ideas and I wished I could pick them al but sadly I had to pick. I think I’ll start the sequel tomorrow maybe?? If I can I defo will!!!!! So thanks to 731 who read this, the 31 people who favourited it (I know that’s not a word!) the 27 people who liked it and the 106 comments!!! Oh and the 28 views of the trailer!!!! You guys are too good!!!! So hope you enjoyed this and I had loads of fun writing it!!!

Oh and I'm really sorry to those Garry girls who really liked Gemma and Harry but read the sequel because there’ll be lots more twists!!! Oh and I know Giam girls will be delighted!!!

I would also like to clear up that Ashley Benson is an actress on Pretty Little Liars and I got the idea of her being Danielle’s baby because she has blond hair and blue eyes so I kinda reversed time for this so yeah…so don’t be expected to find Danielle Peazer listed as her mother on Wikipedia!!! Great guys so love y’all and hope ye enjoyed this!!!

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