Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


24. Baby Shower

The hotel room was covered in dainty, cheap-looking decorations and balloons. The typical baby shower was displayed in front of us, like in the movies. The typical cluster of shiny balloons and streamers, a table with a big cake occupied with hundreds of presents but Danielle’s shower had a slight glitch. She has a big table to the side with plenty of food from snacks to mini desserts along with two big cakes, one pink and one blue. There’s another table alongside this one, covered in presents differing in size. I spin around to Harry, cursing loudly.

“Shit! We didn’t bring a . . .” Harry stops me, holding up a big box wrapped in what looks like the shiniest pinkest wrapping he could find. I give him the ‘are you serious?’ look, looking at the present. He shrugs and replies honestly.

“I made it my mission to find the ugliest, pink wrapping paper out there.” He grins as I playfully hit him on the shoulder. Danielle looks up from whoever she is talking to, she excuses herself before walking in our direction, scratch that, she waddles over. Harry chooses this moment to join Liam and the guys at the gift table. I frantically look around for some diversion or excuse but Danielle has made it over.

“Thank you so much for coming Gemma! After you being sick for weeks I was hoping you could make it! What was it again? A cold?” She must have seen my blank expression as she jumps in voluntarily.

“Oh don’t worry! Harry told me all about it!” I nod and fake smile, spotting Harry whose watching me from his stance beside Zayn and Louis. He grins at me while I return a deathly glare. He shrugs and turns back to the boys, pretending to be listening to Liam talking. I didn’t even notice Danielle was blabbing on until she stopped,

“You okay Gemma? You don’t look so well maybe Harry shouldn’t have got you to come; maybe you’re not fully recovered?” I shrug and look down at her clothes, maternity of course but no doubt designer. She has a tomato red spaghetti strap ruffle silk maxi dress on with beige strapped heels, the platform of her heels are a neon green. She has a neon pink necklace around her neck which is strangely the exact colour of her dress. She has her hair down and straightened. Her make-up is minimal and you could say she is glowing, but that’s what all people say to pregnant women, isn’t it?  

I’m about to compliment Danielle on her outfit when I spot Eleanor walking towards us, looking more pretty every day. Eleanor has a mint drape back top on with simple white jeans with a studded black leather chain bag. To say the least, she is gorgeous. She grins and says hello to everyone before putting on in her sincerest voice.

“Sorry girlies that I couldn’t dress up but I had to help with the decorations and planning and well . . . its alotta work!” Danielle giggles and pats Eleanor arm, thanking her for everything while some other girls I don’t know look at them in awe. I look down at Eleanor’s feet, she usually has the nicest shoes on, I frown and look up.

“Eh El? Where are your shoes?” Her eyes widen but then she smirks and burst out laughing, clutching her chest, revealing her nails that are painted with sparkly nail polish. She points over to where a pair of silver sparkly peep toe heels are lying abandoned in the corner. I laugh as she replies.

“Well it was a long day running round and hanging up decorations but I guess my feet are feeling better now.” She excuses herself shamefully and walks over to the corner and slips back on her heels, her face as red as a cherry. That’s when someone comes running up behind me and tackles me to the ground, from sheer instinct I start wrestling them off me and shouting.

“Ugh watch where you’re going idiot!” I freeze when I hear the person reply, their grip still firm on me as I’m encircled in their arms and unable to free myself. I stop struggling.

“So I’m an idiot am I?” I struggle out of her arms but only so I can wrap mine around her skinny body. I roll over on top of Perrie and scream in delight.

“You’re home Pez! Aaahhh!” I start screaming and rolling around on the ground, her still trapped in my embrace. Perrie laughs and screams along in delight, see? This is what it’s like to have a true best friend. When we both finally stop screaming and open our eyes we realise everyone is standing in a circle around us and laughing their heads off while watching. Perrie and I both flush red as Harry jumps in and helps me up as Zayn helps Perrie, kissing her softly. I do a few aw’s until Perrie pulls back and squeezes me in a tight hug, I look down at her clothes.

Perrie has a white lace muscle tee with a black cross on with a high-low black chiffon skirt underneath. She has black shiny Doc Martins on with one black studded bangle on her wrist. She has black eyeliner and mascara on with a black round ‘bombetta’ hat like my one on her pink hair, wait!? Pink hair?! I pull back and hold Perrie at arm’s length, I squint my eyes at her suspiciously.

“Who are you and what the hell have you done with Perrie Edwards?” Perrie laughs and swats her hand at me, she blushes as I remove my hands from her arms and fold my arms across my chest. “What have you done to your hair?” She shrugs before blushing and grinning while I inspect her hair. Her gorgeous short, purple hair has now been dyed to pink. Her hair is a powdery/ baby pink while the bottom of that is dip-dyed hot pink. It actually looks really nice. She spots me grinning and pulls me into another hug, I hear Zayn shout from the crowd.

“Get a room already!” Which sends both Perrie and I into deeper fits of giggles, there’s a light knock on the door before we here Niall on the other side insist, “You don’t need to knock! It’s Liam and Danielle’s!” I hear a laugh before Niall swings the door open and grins before giving Kristen a one arm hug and takes off in the direction of the boys while Kristen looks around for us. She spots us and speed walks over, sending her short pleated red skater skirt into a frenzy of movement. Her spaghetti strap V neck black and white silk tank top compliments her red skirt in a way I never thought was possible. She has black suede platform heels on and a green crystal cuff on, gosh this girl is fashionable!

“Hey Kristen your . . .” The minute she hears me, she looks in my direction and in spite of her high heels, she manages to run to me and pull me into a tight bear-hug. You know the kind of tight hug where you’re wheezing to breathe?  Eventually she lets go and launches into a massive sentence without taking a bit of air.

After socializing and catching up with friends, Harry and I finally drag ourselves to bed at the late hour of two thirty, in the morning! The minute my head hit the pillow, I was swept into peaceful dreams.

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