Being Danielle Peazer

Hi, I'm Gemma Daly. I'm eighteen and currently playing the double role of Danielle Peazer. I didn't choose the Peazer life, it chose me. I play as Danielle when she's too tired or busy to go outside for publicity stunts with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. Its not that bad, only when we have to kiss, Danielle doesn't mind but I do, because I'm truly madly deeply falling for a boy called Liam Payne.


5. A/N

So guys I'm holding a competition!!!! so comment below if you want to be a part of the movella!!! I need a girl to date Niall!!!!! And I need a girl to be either Zayn's or Niall's ex so comment which one you want to be because I have a idea!!!! So comment your hair colour, your name, what you're like (eg. bubbly, funny, chatty, always smiling etc.) and what postition you want in the movella!!!! :) so please just comment if you want to be in it!!!!! keep reading, liking, favouriting and spreading the word!!!!! :D love ye xoxoxox

~Clara xoxox <3

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