Outside My Window


1. Outside My Window

There’s a world outside my window
That only I can see
Sometimes, I wish someone else could see it
But in the end, it’s only me.

There’s my estate of high rise flats,

Like a shadow tunnelling through the sky.

There’s a gang robbing a shop,

And the shopkeepers petrified cry.


There’s a woman stepping over a homeless person,

As he begs and sighs and weeps.

He stares down at his cold rugged hands,

Too weary and tired to sleep.


She carries on her high heeled saunter,

To her favourite high street spot.

Unknowing, uncaring that their clothes are made,

By tiny hands at sweatshops.


A girl holds a sharpened knife to her wrist,

The tears that fall from her darkened doorways full of anguish and pain.

They pushed her and pushed her and now she’s trapped.

She’s given up on life, a bullied victim slain.


A woman eyes hollow, her shoulders sagged shakily pulls on her work clothes,

Worn and stained from memories of yesterday.

She shakily pulls the last notes out of her bag.

But she has no choice, she has bills to pay.


In the world outside my window, people walk with their eyes closed.

And they’re only just coming to.

There’s a light between the darkness,

One day it will shine through.


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