My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



7. Chapter 7

    "What kind of surprise?" Excitement filled my body with bliss. I absolutely love surprises, even when I'm getting something as simple as a pack of gum, the feeling of not knowing what your going to get is the best part. A smile grew upon my face in joy.

   "You are just going to have to come with us to find out." Niall mischievously smiled and held his arm out for me.

  I looked at it while wrapping my arm around, placing my hand on his bicep. My hand felt his nicely toned muscles under the soft fabric of his purple jacket. I smiled like an idiot all the way upstairs with Louis, Liam, and Zayn following from behind. We walked down the carpeted hall past Niall's room, stopping at a closed, white door at the end of the hallway. Niall pulled his arm from my grasp nicely and placed his hand on the gold doorknob.  

  "Welcome Gabriele, to your new bedroom."  

   Niall opened the door to the new room quickly and stepped inside, arms spread wide open in effect. I looked in to see all my stuff from my room at home, almost in the exact same place as before. The carpet was a clean, bright white with hot pink walls that made the room feel warm and welcoming. My twin size bed was placed right in the middle section if the wall, half way taking up the space of the room. There was a window seat with neon pink, blue, and green throw pillows laying on top of the black cushioned bench. My book shelf stood near the window seat filled with all my books, and my desk was on the other side of the room next to the door were we had entered. It looked like the boys had gotten rid of my old torn up brown chair and replaced it was a pear shape, white wheely chair. My absolute favorite part if my new room was the new blue bubble chair that hung from the ceiling. I've always wanted a bubble chair, they had seen so cool to sit in, and now I finally had one. I loved the window seat with all my heart. Looking outside of the window seat when I had to think was the best way to clear my head of all the useless thoughts and receive the best ideas. Hanging over the window were green sparkly curtains that hung from a black metal pole. I walked over to my neatly made bed with rushes of happiness filling my eyes with tears and just plop down on my stomach. After about five seconds of lying there like an idiot, I get up and run over to try out my new window seat, quickly throwing the pillows out of the way and sit down, bringing my knees up to my chest and lean my head back with my eyes closed, soaking this all in. I open my eyes to the boys standing in front of me, their perfect smiles brightening up the room by the second.  

   "Oh my goodness guys, this is the best room in the whole entire world." I get up to give them all hugs, hugging Zayn, then Liam and Louis, leaving Niall with the tightest squeeze.  

  "And there is still more." Liam confirms  

  "There is?!" My ears perk up with excitement.  

   "Yea, follow me Gabs." Liam walks over to double doors next to the desk. I listen to his orders and walk up next to him.

  "You didn't think we would forget about a closet did you?" He opened the double doors to a enormous walk-in closet filled with my clothes and shoes.

  My jaw drops wide open as soon as I look at all the extra space I now had. There was a huge, body length mirror surrounded by light bulbs to light up the room above a small table and chair. Shirts were hung loosely on hangers while my pants and under clothes (undies and bras) were folded neatly in drawers. I ran my fingers along the hanging shirts until I stopped at an empty section filled with nothing but hangers.

  "We will get you some more clothes when we go shopping this week." Louis said from behind me.

  My eyes were filled with tears of joy threatening to spill out at any moment. A huge grin was displayed on my lips as I was too speechless to say anything. I turned my head slightly to the right to see a bathroom sink and mirror. Curiosity came over me and I run onto the hard tile floor. There was a huge shower and tub standing in the far corner with a pink shower curtain hanging by a silver rod. Next to the sink was a white toilet with a small, pink, mini carpet in front. I open one of the cabinets to find it full of thick and fluffy towels. All of my lotions and feminine products were set in a wicker basket on top of the toilet lid. This was truly my dream bathroom plus more. With warm, wet tears now pouring down my cheeks, I run out of the bathroom through the closet into my room, crashing into Niall giving him a huge, teddy bear hug.  

   "This is perfect guys, I love it so much, words just can't explain." I mumble into Niall's chest, my tears getting his jacket wet.

   I let go of him and land into Liam, his arms wrapping around my shoulders, his touch sent my heart racing and stomach into a flip. I breath in his manly scent, a smile placed on my face. He smelled so good, I could stay like this forever. I don't want this to get awkward, so I release him and walk over to Louis.  

  "Were you the one so got me the bubble chair?" I mumbled into his chest.  

   "Maybe, maybe not. I guess the world may never know." He laughs and squeezes me gently.    

  I run to Zayn and thank him for everything. He hugs me and kisses my forehead, leaving a lingering feeling. I walk over to my bubble chair, wiping my wet face with my sleeve, and take a seat, placing my legs in criss-cross position. The boys take a spot around the room and sit. Niall and Louis sitting on the bed, Zayn in the swirly chair, and Liam sitting on the floor leaning back against the desk.  

   "So..... Are we doing anything tomorrow?" I asked.  

   "Well, I've got to work all day tomorrow. I don't know about the lads." Louis said.  

   "Yea, I've got to work tomorrow also." Liam added  

   "Me too." Niall said.

  "I guess we all have to work tomorrow." Zayn chipped in.  

  "Were do you guys work?" I asked.  

   "Well, I am a personal trainer at the local gym." Liam answered. Well, that wasn't a total shock, he sure had the body for it.  

   "I work at the local library." Zayn answered.  

   "I am a security officer at the mall." Louis said, placing his hand to his chest dramatically.  

   "And I work at Old Navy." Niall's Irish accent echoed in my ears.  

  Goodness, I loved Irish accents. The British ones the other boys had made my American accent sound bland and boring. Wait, did he say Old Navy. It just hit me, I had seen his working there once! It all came back to me now. I remember going shopping with my mom once, and I was just walking around, trying to find the dressing room so I could try this really cute t-shirt on. That's when I saw him walking around, arms filled with clothes and I immediately thought he was extremely cute, my heart jumped in my chest a little, and me being a little exaggerated, I thought this was "love at first sight". I decided to watch him from afar, he was hanging up clothes in the men's section as I pretended to be "looking for a sweatshirt for my guy friend" when I was actually watching Niall. I never knew that he could of been a vampire, or that he would kidnap me one day. I remember him catching me staring at him, giving me a flirtatious smile then returning to his work. I almost passed out on the floor, he was so cute in his nice fitting jeans and baby blue baseball t-shirt. I walked out of the store smiling like an idiot with my mom who was just talking away about what we were having for dinner while I was in la la land.

   "Oh my goodness! I have seen you working there once! I totally forgot until now! Small word we live in right?" I smile at him in remembrance.  

   "Ahh yea! I remember you! I could tell you were watching me through out the store, just so you know. I thought you were pretty cute." He winks at me and I can feel myself start to blush slightly, a small giggle escaping my lips. I decided to change this awkward conversation with another question.  

   "Where does Harry work?" I wondered what place he had brain washed to get them to hire him.  

Louis chuckled a bit before answering. "Pet Smart. Harry can talk to animals. That is his special gift."  

   "Woah, Harry is an animal whisperer? I never would have guessed." I dropped my chin and placed my hands on my cheeks sarcastically in shock. The guys laugh at my remark.  

   "Liam, what is your special gift?" I sweetly ask him.

  "I can... let's see how I can put this .." He tapped his finger on his bottom lip in deep thought. "I can detect people's emotions towards each other. Like earlier today, when Harry came into the kitchen, I instantly could tell you hated his guts. I can tell if someone has a grudge on someone, or to say, have a crush on someone." His eyes stared directly into mine, letting me know that he knew what I felt for him.

 Oh crap. He knew I had a crush on him. How wonderful is this. My heart feel right into the pit of my stomach, I felt like digging myself a hole and hiding in it for the rest of my life. I gulped down the extra saliva swashing around in my mouth, and laugh nervously, chewing on my lip and looking down at my shaking hands. I look back up at winking Liam who is smiling towards me. I send him a fake smile back and turn my focus to annoyance expressed Niall.

 "Niall, what is your special power?"  

   "Um, well. I can electrocute people with my hands." He gave me a "I know it sucks" look.

    I nodded in agreement. A huge wave of fatigue came over me as I yawned loudly, covering my mouth with my hand so I would breath all over anyone. I blink my eyes a couple of times, my body telling me that it's time for bed.

   "Well, I better get to bed now, I am pretty worn out. Thank you so much for my room boys, I absolutely love it."  

  I got out of my bubble chair an gave them each of them hugs and a gentle kiss on each of their cheeks. After they received their hugs, they walk out of the room wishing me sweet dreams. Niall got the last hug and kiss, then started to leave. Then I remembered the hoodie I needed to return.

 "Oh Niall wait! Your hoodie." I started to slip it off when grabbed my hands away, intertwining his fingers with mine. My stomach flipped flopped as he whispered in my ear, shivers running down my spine.

  "That's ok, you can keep it. Besides, you look adorable in it." He released my hands and closed the door without another word.

   I now faced a close door, all alone in my room. A hug grin was plastered on my face as I stood there, Niall's comment sinking into my brain. Could he possibly like me? He has been a little flirty, but I could just be mistaking that for kindness. But all the death glares towards Liam when I "flirted" with him made Niall seem jealous. And before dinner, that was just weird seeing Niall all up in Liam's face like that. I sure know that Niall likes to hold my hand for some reason, which I don't mind at all cause I enjoy holding his hand also. No one has ever held my hand like that before. I loved how it made me feel special and actually wanted for even more than my blood. I had actually never been on a date either. But that's probably cause I was different looking up till now.  

 I needed a shower, like immediately. I felt discussing and dirty, my face was oily and my pits stank to high heavens. I walked into my walk in closet, searched for my pajama which consist of black yoga capris and an old t-shirt. I grabbed my clothes and walked into the lemon scented bathroom, closing the door behind me. I noticed my old radio was sitting on the counter, just waiting to be turned on. I pressed the on button to blaring pop music that pounded in my head. I quickly reached to turn the volume down to bearing sound and began to strip down all my dirty clothes, throwing them into a clothes basket next to the toilet, but left Niall's hoodie hanging on a jacket hook. I grabbed two towels and placed them on the counter and hopped into the shower.  

  When I was all done, I got dressed, put my wet,dirty blonde hair into a comfy bun, slipped back on the hoodie and decided to go to sleep. I almost forgot to brush my teeth, so I went back, grabbed my pink toothbrush from the cup, applied the blue gel filled with breath mints, and scrubbed my mouth as best as possible. I absolutely could not stand the feeling of a dirty mouth, with plaque and gunk just sitting on top of my teeth, building up cavities just grossed me out so muck. I put back my tooth brush, gargle with water, spit the tooth pasty water into the white sink and looked at my reflection in the large mirror staring right back at me.  

   First thing I noticed are my crystal blue eyes, they were my favorite feature about myself. I would get compliments about how they were so beautiful and blue almost all the time. I always accepted the compliments with a smile and a kind thank you. My eyes also changed into different shades of blue, but that all depended about were I was and how the weather was acting. Next, I looked at my lightly freckled nose. "Angel kisses" are what my mom had always called them when I was younger. I don't have many, but that's ok. I had a brown mole next to the left corner of my mouth. People use to say I had peanut butter on my face, and of coarse, me being extremely gullible, would fall for it and try to wipe it off, finally realizing it was my "beauty mole", that's what my mom and aunt would call them at least. Last but not least, I stared at my pink, perfectly shaped lips, imagining what it would be like to be kissed. I closed my eyes and pretend to pucker up, kissing imaginary lips. Sadly, I got nothing to imagine, my mind blank of how it would feel. I opened up my eyes and sighed, walking out of the bathroom into my room. I walked over to the light switch, turned it to OFF, and walked to bed, slipping under the warm, silk feel sheets. I get into a comfortable position on my side, closed my eyes, and think about the events of my first day as a prisoner to vampires, and drift into a blissful sleep.          

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