My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



6. Chapter 6

I woke up slowly from my nap. I felt more energized then I have all week. I felt as if I could concure the world with the palms of my hands. My eyes fluttered open to a figure sitting on the couch, waiting for me to wake up. My eyes took a while to adjust to the dim light shinning from the window, but when they finally did, I saw the brown curls and stupid green eyes that belong to my worst nightmare. I immediately sat up, jumped out of bed with shock, panic, and rage swarming through my body.

"What are you doing in here Harry?! Why can't you just leave me alone for a change?" I snapped.

He laughed his evil, spine tingling laugh, stood up, and started walking around the bed towards me. He was wearing black, skin tight jeans that made everything seem to pop out, with a navy blue sleeveless shirt with the words "Sexy and I know it" written in white. I could smell his overwhelming cologne through out the room, making me cough a bit. I had to admit, he did look quite hot, but then I remembered what he had done to me in the past, which instantly made him unattractive to me . His hands were casually swinging at his sides, and his hair was a crazy mess. Surprisingly, there weren't any scratches or bruises from the broken glass when Niall had thrown him. His skin was a flawless tan with nothing unusual in sight. His arm muscles were ripped to perfection, anytime he would move his fingers, you could see the muscles in his arm move in some way. I became insecure being alone with this monster in the same room as me. My stomach clenching tighter and tighter as he got closer to me.

"Well, Hello to you too Gabriele, long time no see." His eyes travelled up and down my body which made me cringe.

"Why are you in here?" I asked, trying not to let my emotions express on my face.

"Oh ya know, the usual. I was just chilling around the house, so I decided to see what you were doing when I saw you sleeping so, peacefully. I just couldn't wake you up, it would just break my heart to have you mad at me, so I decided to stay and wait." He sarcastically answered.

"How long have you been here?" My voice was full of seriousness at this point.

"A couple of hours." He paused to take a breath. "I can't believe your here Gabs, I honestly thought I would never see you again. How horrible would of that have been, not being able to point out the flaws of my favorite walking home buddy?"

"Absolutely horrible." Sarcasm was know as our special language.

I wanted him to leave right at that moment. I actually wanted to rage and attack his face with my hands. I hated this boy with a fiery passion through every bone of my being. I felt my fist clench and my face getting red with imaginary steam shooting out my ears.

"Anyway," he kept on talking. "Were done getting all of your stuff, it's in your room. I have to go to my girlfriend's house soon, but before I go, I'm hungry. You know what that means."

He was standing really close to me, out faces only inches apart, this made me very uncomfortable, but I just had to battle this out. He grabbed my right hand, bringing it up close to his mouth. Pushing my sleeve slowly down my forearm, his cold fingers making my stomach tighten with nauseation crawling up my throat. He stared at the veins in my wrist while licking his plum, pink lips. His eyes changed to a black hole and he lifted his top lip, exposing his two white fangs that grew from his pink gums. He brought my wrist to his mouth and bit down hard, making me gasp in excruciating pain. The blood started leaving me body almost immediately. I had to turn my head and close my eyes shut, couldn't bear to watch any of this any longer. He brought his other hand up to my arm, the grip tightening by the second. I swear the bones in my wrist felt like they were breaking, his grip was that tight. It hurt so bad, the hot tears were falling down my cheeks. I wanted to break away my wrist from his mouth and run away, but I remembered what Niall had told me. I had to let him drink from me. I had no choice.

"Harry, that really hurts." I shuddered.

He only held on tighter and drank more quickly. By this point, I was getting lightheaded and dizzy. My eyes started to close slowly, my life fading away into the mouth of Harry. He was going to kill me if I didn't stop him somehow. My self defense classes flickered into my brain at that point and without hesitation, my leg kicked him right in his crown jewels with all my strength. He let go of my wrist with a shriek and crouched down, grabbing his man parts with blood smeared all over his mouth. I ran out of that room as fast as I could, shut the door hard and ran down the stairs, screaming for Niall with buckets of tears spewing everywhere.

"NIALL!! NIALL!!" My blood curdling cries echoed all through the house. I ran to the kitchen, no one was insight. I head Harry cursing down the stairs and panic rose in my chest. I knew I was really going to get it now. I couldn't move my body an inch, all I could do was scream.

"NIA-" before the name could be heard, a huge hand was on top of my mouth.

"I don't think you should of done that Gabs." Harry growled in my ear. He had me trapped in his grip, his arms were wrapped around my stomach with my arms pinned to my sides. I tried to bite his hand, but the grip on my jaw was way to tight. I gave up and tried my best to breath through my stuffy nose. My heart was pounding in my chest, I swear everyone in China could of heard it.

"I'm going to let you go this time. I don't need Niall trying to kill me twice in one day. But, I'm warning you only once, if you try to do anything like that again, I will make your life so miserable, you will wish that Niall would of had killed you right were he had found you. Understand?" His deep husky voice made me cry hard now, the tears falling onto his hand now.

Without thinking twice, I nodded my head in agreement.

"Good, I'm heading out to Bailey's house now. By the way, Niall was right. You do taste delicious." He let his grasp off of me and walked out of the front door. I stood there in the kitchen trying to register all of what just happened. I closed my eyes, bringing a deep breath into my lungs. I wiped my wet eyes with my sleeve with my heart rate slowing down to normal. I opened my eyes to take a good look at my wrist. It was bleeding heavily so I grabbed a towel off the oven handle and wrapped it around my wrist, applying as much pressure to it as possible, which was very little. I couldn't let Niall see this, he would just explode into rage. I paced back and forth through the kitchen, thinking of what I should do to cover this up. It finally hit me that I should probably clean this off since blood was dripping all over the floor. I walked over to the kitchen sink, turned on the water to room temperature, and gently started to clean my wound. As soon as the water hit my wrist, I winced in pain, pounding my foot on the ground. All the blood was washed off so I took a good look at it. Harry's teeth marks were so much different from Niall's, it fascinated me. The bruising had already begun with dark purple blotches starting to appear, the swelling had begun and my wrist was already the size of an apple. The bleeding seemed to stop, so that was a good sign. I rummaged through the cabinets, searching high and low for some type of wrap I could put over this. Finally after removing everything from the cabinet, I found an old, rolled up tan cloth in the back. My mind jumped for joy as it unraveled to the floor. It was quite long, so I knew it would cover everything.

After wrapping it gently, I placed everything back into the cabinets and began to clean the kitchen. I rung out the bloody towel as best as I could in the sink and set it over the dish drying rack to dry. I picked up all the dirty dishes from the kitchen and living room, washed them out and placed them into the dish washer. The floor desperately need to be cleaned, especially with the drops of my dry blood everywhere. I sweep the floor with an old broom and moped with the swifter mop I had found in the messy supply closet. I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed extra hard on the blood splatters since it was dry. I wiped down the counters and stove clean with a wet cloth. The kitchen was now spotless.

Next up, the living room. There was a huge wooden entertainment center holding a large flat screen television. They had a couple of game systems, but the only one I could recognize was the Wii and Xbox. There was a a brown leather couch that lined up against the wall with a fancy, glass top coffee table in the middle of the room. The walls were white and the floor was a faded white color with a couple of permanent stains embodied by the game controllers. I picked up all of the food wrappers and gross trash and threw it away in the trash can, folded all the throw blankets up and placed them on a crate in the corner of the room, fixed all off the couch cushions, picked up all of the shoes and placed them on the stairs just like I did at home. I vacuumed the carpet and the sides of the furniture to pick up the dead bugs that were laying there. I wiped down the windows (except for the broken one, cause well, there wasn't a window) and dusted all of the furniture. To take the smelly shoe stink away, I sprayed the room with French vanilla air freshener. I took a deep breath, admiring all of the good work I had done and plopped onto my back on the couch exhausted. Boys were discussing to pick up after, I definitely had my hands full now.

I heard the back door open and close with the sound of low voices and loud feet grumbling through the house.


I got off the comfy couch and walked into the kitchen. The boys had the bags laying all over the counters and island. It looked like that had bought the whole store!!

"Goodness guys! Did you leave anything for the other customers?" I stood there in complete shock.

"Haha, very funny Gabriele." Liam commented. "Help us put this stuff away. After dinner we've got a surprise for you."

My heart jumped in my chest and a small smile grew upon my face when Liam said my name. Gosh! This boy made me go crazy! I bit my lip out of habit, (and to keep my smile from creeping him out). It was getting quite warm in the room, so I slipped my hoodie off and hung it on a hook.

I walked over to the counter and started putting the fruit in the fridge. I had forgotten all about my wrap on my wrist until Niall asked about it.

"Gabriele, what's that thing on your wrist?"

Oh crapola!! I totally forgot to come up with a story. Lie, think up a lie. Aha! I got it!

"Oh this?" I lifted up my wrist. "I woke up and it hurt really bad, so I found this wrap in the cabinet. I probably just slept on it wrong or something."

"Hey! I can heal that right up!" Zany blurted out. He dropped everything he was holding onto the counter and walked towards me.

"How...." I looked at him with my eyebrow arched, basically with my confessed look.

"Well you see, when a person becomes a vampire, they get a special ability that only they have. Everyone else has their own. My power is the ability to heal physical injuries with my breath." We made eye contact while explaining this to me. He grabbed my arm and started unwrapping the tan cloth quickly. Before I could stop him, the wrap was laying on the floor. Zayn's face expression changed from happy and helpful to worry and concussion as he took a good look at my wrist. It was now grape fruit sized with a purple and black bruise coiled around my whole wrist down to half way of my forearm. I felt ashamed that I had lied to him. I felt so bad inside, I hated lying to people, it made me feel like a disgusting freak on the inside. My wrist also hurt very bad, his gentle touch even made me want to pull my hand away. My eyes travelled to the floor in shame. I couldn't look at him any longer.

"Who did this to you?" He whispered.

My eyes started to tear up when the memory of earlier crept into my mind.

"Take a wild guess Zayn." I looked at him with sadness in my my eyes.Niall and Louis were walking over to us to see what was taking him so long.

"Yea, I can read minds so that's-" Louis stopped as he saw my bite mark.I looked into his crystal blue eyes, playing the events in my head like a horror movie for Louis. He finally go it all. He scratched his eyebrows and nodded his head. I look over to Niall and Zayn who were waiting for Louis to share what he had seen. Niall's jaw was clinched tightly and his body structure was fence, while Zayn was calm and kept together for my sake.

"Ahh, I see." Louis said. "Well, he didn't do anything he wasn't aloud to, but the way he did it was very wrong. That bite marks looks very painful, Zayn could you heal that please before it gets infected?"

"What happened Louis?" Niall asked with anger in his tone.

"I'll tell you later Niall. She's had a stressful day, let's deal with him later." He replied

"Alrighty." Niall turned away to finish putting the food away with Louis quickly behind him.

"Ok Gabriele. This won't hurt a bit, might tingle a little though." Zayn was all smiley and bright now, which made me feel a little bit better. "This will also take care of that nasty mark on your neck."

He brought my wrist up close to his lips. I wasn't sure what he was going to do, so I was a bit cautious. His eyes turned from brown to a beautiful, light purple swirl color and his breath was hot and humid. He breathed heavily onto my wrist for about ten seconds, moved up to my neck and did the same. I felt a light tingling sensation in my wrist and neck, making me squirm like a worm. I watched as the bite mark magically disappeared into my skin, the bruising color changing into the regular shade of my skin tone. I stood there in awe as a gasp escaped my lips. I brought my hand up to my neck, there was nothing left except soft and smooth skin. A smile was brought onto Zayn's face as he watched me check myself over. I jumped for joy, I didn't hurt anymore.

"Thank you Zayn!" I gave him a tight squeeze as I hugged him.

"Your welcome Gabriele. Anything for my favorite human!" He pinched my left cheek like a little kid, heading off to finish putting away groceries by kissing the back of my hand, making me feel warm fuzzies in my tummy.

All of the groceries were now put away so Louis decided to start cooking dinner. Liam, Niall and I set the dining room table for five since Harry was still at his girlfriend's house, which I didn't mind AT ALL. Liam grabbed the plates, while Niall got drinks and I got silverware and napkins. We didn't talk while we worked, but I kept sneaking glances towards Liam. I was eventually caught when he looked over at me and smiled. The temperature rose in my cheeks, I could have melted right onto the floor at that moment. My knees felt like mush, but my arms felt like they could make me fly. Niall came in with cups filled with water and ice, ruining the perfect moment by "accidentally" dropping the glass on the floor, spilling water all over Liam's shoes.

"Woah man, sorry 'bout that Liam." He fakily apologized.

My blood boiled throughout my whole body, my hands balling into fists behind my back. He just had to ruin everything! What is he jealous about, Niall doesn't even like me that way, so why is he acting like a jerk towards Liam. I was the the one flirting!

It's fine Niall, I'll got clean this up." Liam walked out of the room in a huff, slipping off his wet shoes in the doorway. Niall glanced at me with jealousy written in his eyes. I gave a fake smile, then walked passed him to the kitchen. Louis was at the stove cooking, something smelled delicious, my mouth watered and my stomach growled for whatever he was preparing.

"Mmmmm.... something smells amazing! Whatcha making Louis?" I skipped to Louis side, rubbing my hand in circles over on empty stomach.

"I'm making your favourite, spaghetti and meatballs."


Louis giggled, adding a couple of handfuls of dry noodles to the pan of boiling water. I turned around to see Niall talking to Liam with his finger close to his face. Niall expression was not happy at all. His eyes had turned black as night , the muscles in his neck were popping out by the second. Liam stayed calm as possible nodding at everything Niall was telling him, dripping towel in his grasp.

"Louis?" I whispered.


"What's up with Niall? He's sure being a jerk toward Liam. Louis looked toward the boys with concussion, getting a bit ticked off at this point.

"Watch this for me Gabs." He politely demanded.

"Yea, Of coarse."

I took the spoon from his hand, stirring the almost ready spaghetti noodles. Louis walked up the them both and started talking. I couldn't make out all they were saying, only a couple of words out like "stop" and "Gabriele" and "Harry". I focused onto the food, pretending not to listen. But in reality, curiosity was burning like a flame inside me. When Louis came back, he took over and told me to wash up for dinner. I went to the bathroom, did my business, walked back into the dinning room table, and took the empty chair on the very end next to Zayn with Niall sitting across from me.

"Everything looks go good Louis! Let's eat, I'm starving!" I cried.

Once everyone had food on their plates, I twirled my fork in my noodles and took my first bite. This absolutely had to be the best spaghetti I've ever had. The sauce had the perfect amount of spices mixed together and the noodles were cooked to perfection. My taste buds cheered for joy as I closed my eyes to embrace the amazing flavor. I did not expect this to be so delicious.

"Oh. My. Gosh. There are no words to explain how amazing this tastes." I mumbled. Deep chuckles echoed through the room. I was serious though.

"Thank you Gabriele. I knew you would enjoy it." Louis thanked me.

The rest of dinner was filled with laughter and more compliments to Louis cooking. The boys had asked many questions about myself which I was glad to answer. We had laughed so much that water squirted out of my nose and I could feel a six pack coming to the surface. Niall has the most adorable laugh in the word, I couldn't help but laugh harder when I heard it. When I was done eating, I was so full, I couldn't possibly eat another bite without exploding.

"Ugh! I'm a full human!" I giggled, falling back into my seat. I looked at the boys who were still eating, they were like vaccums on a cleaning spree. Niall was already on his seventh helping, while I could barely finish my two. I wiped my mouth with my napkin, throwing it back into my bowl. "I'm going to have such a food coma, it's not even funny." I patiently waited for the boys to finish eating. When they were done, they wiped off their faces and looked at me, like they were waiting for a miracle of something.

"What?" I smiled sweetly.

"Gabriele, did you forget what I told you? We need blood at each meal silly!" Niall smiled

"Oh yea!" My smile turned into a frown as I got up slowly and walked over to Louis first. I held my breath and held out my wrist to him hesitantly, waiting for him to drain out my body like Harry did for the second time that day.

"Don't worry Gabs, were not going to do what Harry did. We only need a little bit." Louis voice was comforting.

He bit my wrist lightly, making sure it didn't make me hurt that bad. He sucks only for about ten seconds, then released and wiped his mouth. Next was Liam, who took the same amount. This didn't hurt at all, just made my arm go numb. I walked around the table to Niall who was smiling handsomely at me. He drank the same amount, but when he was done, he licked the bite mark and blew cold air onto my tender wrist. This made me gasp slightly with pleasure, my back sent wonderful electricity through my arms down to my toes, he knew what this had done to me when a devilish grew upon his face. I walked over to Zayn who was waiting patiently for his turn. He had his amount, then his eyes turned a breath taking purple color and my wrist was turned back to normal.

"So Gabriele, you ready for your surprise?"

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