My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



5. Chapter 5

  It was only Niall and I sitting in the kitchen while I finished my breakfast. We just sat there in the complete silence while I ate slowly, enjoying the sugary cereal. Niall watched me the whole time we were there until I would catch him and glance over. He would just turn his head in the other direction blushing slightly, making his adorable cheeks turn a rose pink. I fixed my gaze back to my food and he would go back to staring. He was such like a little boy, I couldn't help but smile slightly and shake my head in disbelief. I had came to the conclusion that Niall was a bit shy, a lot bashful, and was sensitive on the inside, otherwise on the outside he acted tough, mature, and willing to do anything for anyone. These type of qualities were the ones I always looked for when meeting a boy. Finally, I found a boy who did and I wasn't about to let him go now, or ever in that case.

  I finished my cereal by drinking the sweet milk, this was my favorite part of eating cereal. I placed the bowl back down on the counter, wiped my lips with a nearby napkin, threw it in the bowl, and turned to Niall who had his gaze focused on me. I grinned to myself about how cute he was, then ruffled my hands through his soft, blonde hair letting a small giggle escape my lips. He laughed and fixed his hair back with his hands. Gosh, he was so cute. I pouted my bottom lip pretending to be sad, then pulled it back, biting it slightly out of habit. I then opened my mouth to ask that first question out of many from the long mental list of curiosities.

  "So Niall, when do I get to go home?" I asked sweetly

  Niall gave a loud chuckle, then looked into my eyes with a serious expression spread across his face.

  "Never. Your going to live here with us from now on." He replied

  My smile instantly changed into a frown, my heart sank into the pit of my stomach, and my brain went crazy with confusion. What does he mean "live here with us", I'm only 14 for Pete's sake! I have to go to school! What about my family and friends? Will I ever see them again? Am I a prisoner here or something? Is Niall on some type of looney pill? What will happen if I try to run? Will he kill me? This was all to much to handle for one day. I looked at him with my signature " What the heck did you just say" expression.

  "What do you mean "live with us"? I have to return home at sometime. What about my friends? And school, I just can't stop going! Next week is the last week until summer break!! I need to go!" My voice started to rise with anger.

  "I mean what I said Gabriele, your going to stay here and live. Your not going back to school, that's to risky for us. Look, this might sound weird, but your blood, its just so special and rare, you can't leave. It's final, decision made. If you try to run away I will have to put matters into my own hands, and trust me, you don't want me to do that." There was seriousness in his voice.

   Something in my brain clicked and I felt the need to suddenly live here. Dang it! He compelled me again! Without any of my control, the words I never wanted to say flew out of my mouth.

  "Ok, I'll stay and live here with you."

  "Good. Now, do you have any other questions to ask?"

  "Won't my parents be worried about were I am? And my friends, will I ever see then again?"

  "Oh, don't worry about your parents. While you were asleep, I went to your house and told them that they sent you to your aunts house for a year. They aren't going to call, text, email, or anything cause there is no Wi-Fi or cell service in the mountains. I took your phone and pretending to be you, told your friends the same thing. Your welcome." He said sharply, basically with out a care in the world.

  "Speaking of texting, were is my phone?"

  I started to get a bit ticked off at this point. No one messed with my phone, and I mean no one. Unless it was my mom who usually checked my phone, people knew to not touch my phone. It was like my best friend, it knew everything about me and went everywhere with me. I didn't have a pass code or anything, that just took to much time, so of coarse Niall could of snooped around in it. There was nothing bad of coarse, just ridiculously strange texts when I would talk to my friends, the usual.

  "I took it. I'm going to set it up where you can only get messages from the five of us. So in case we need to get in touch when your home alone, or when we go out, well always know were you are."

  He went to grab my hand but before our fingers could even touch, I pulled my hands away rudely and scoweled at him. He was now frustrating me so much, I couldn't even think strait. I hated this -this feeling of being a prisoner. Even if being a prisoner to really good looking, buff vampires sounded lovely at first, I hated it. I gave him a death glare and turned around, facing my back toward him and I folded my arms with anger. I heard his sigh, finally getting the negative vibe I was clearly sending towards him. He wrapped his arms around my stomach pulling me over onto his lap with my back facing his chest , and he kissed my shoulder with gentleness. I had to try my hardest not to smile on the outside when on the inside I was loving this attention. My stomach felt the butterflies flutter around while my heart leaped in my chest. He was not going to win this easy though, I would not give in.

  "Hey, I know your mad, but it's not as bad as it seems. You'll get to go shopping and go out whenever you want as long as one of us are with you, and you can get anything you want babe."

  "Ha, that's easy for you to say, your not the one being fed on like a Capri Sun." I snapped

  "Actually, the boys use to feed on me before they changed me into a vampire. It was horrible yes, but it also changed the way I see things now. You'll understand later on, don't worry."

  He mumbled into my neck, his hot breath on my scar sent shivers all through my body. My attitude changed a little, seeing he knows how I feel, but I was still against the whole thing.

  "Do I have to do anything around the house?" I asked

"Yea, you have to clean the whole house everyday. Boys are really gross and messy, so you'll find some really strange things around here. I'm pretty good about picking up my junk and bringing it to my room, that's why it was so messy. It's Louis you really have to pick up after. I swear, the whole world seems to be his trash can! And don't get me started about his shoes! He have to use air fresherner like crazy around here! You have to clean the bathroom, pick up our rooms, do the dishes, mop and sweep the floors, vacuum the carpet, dust the furniture, clean the windows......"

The list went on for what seemed like eternity. My eyes got wider every time he said another thing I had to clean or vacuum. When he was done, my eyes felt like they were going to fall out of my face and roll onto the floor. I look at him like he was a crazy man.

  "Woah man! That's a ridiculous amount of chores! Do you want me to brush your teeth for you also!?"

  I was very sarcastic with my comment. We laughed at the same time, looking at each other in the eyes. I turned my body around to face him, still on his lap like a child. He had one of his arms around my back so I didn't fall, and his other hand was on my waist. I broke the contact when I could feel my cheeks getting warm. I turn my focus to his chest while I played with the zipper on his jacket while we talked.

  "What about all my stuff?"

  "The boys took Harry to your house to pick up your stuff while your parents are at work. He will definitely be doing the heavy lifting in case your wondering. They will be back as soon as their finished, then we can decorate your room the way you want." He talked softly with his lips close to my ear.

  "I get my own room? Awesome! I thought I had to sleep on that awful couch of yours for the rest of my life." I enthusiastically giggled.

  "The boys will be hungry when they get back you know, so I would be prepared."

  A frown grew upon my face, I kind of expected this to happen.

"Oh ok. I understand. But can't you guys eat human food? You did say Harry liked the cereal, and your cabinets are FILLED with junk food."

"Oh yea. I still love human food, I eat it all the time since vampires metabolisms are 100x faster that a humans. But we still need at least a cup of blood with each meal to survive. Sometimes, if we're just craving blood, we'll go out and get a human to drink from, that's how I found you. I was craving blood from the vein so bad I was going mentally insane. I saw you leave the school when you started walking home, and when that breeze came by, I could smell your perfume from a mile away, so I followed you until we got to your street. When I finally saw you up close, I knew you didn't deserve to die at that moment, you were so beautiful and kind, I would never forgiven myself if I would have killed you. Your blood tasted so sweet, it was the best thing I had tasted for a very long time, I needed more for everyday.

  I honestly didn't know you knew Harry, and I'm sorry he said that to you. I almost killed him with my power, but them Liam calmed me down and told me not to kill him in front of you, so I choose to spare his life. When I saw you crying, it killed me inside. I promised myself if he ever said something like that again, I would surely end his life. If he does, you tell me as soon as possible, I will take care of him. But, if he wants to feed off of you, he can. You have to let him drink from you whenever he wants and how ever much he wants as long as he doesn't kill you, same for everyone else, including me ok? Your going to have to drink a ton of water everyday to keep your veins healthy and full, and to keep you hydrated. This week we will go to the mall, you can pick out what water bottle you want. Oh yea! Since your going to be staying with us ,the boys and I have human friends over a lot so if they ask who you are, your name is "Lauren Tomlinson". You are staying with your older brother Louis for a while until your parents get back from Africa. We decided you would be "related" to Louis since you guys look the most alike."

  I nodded my head slowly, letting everything Niall told me sinking into my brain. I didn't want Harry to feed off of me, I could barely stand being in the same town as the guy, but I guess I have no choice. I'm glad Niall didn't kill me though, I'm starting to get a bit of a crush on him, I can just tell, I might even have a crush on Liam also. I'm glad he told me all of this information, a lot of my questions were answered. I took a deep breath and stared at his chest in deep thought. I focused on how his chest rose and fell when he breathed. I finally broke out of deep thought and I glided my hand upon his chest to wear his heart was. Again, no heartbeat.

  "No heartbeat." I whispered to myself.

  I rubbed my hand on his chest in small circles, looking for a possible thump or movement in his chest. Nothing. I found nothing. Niall realized what I was doing and put his hand on top of mine.

"Yes Gabriele, no heartbeat. But I can hear yours, and its very nice."

  He then pulled my hand away from his chest and mashed our fingers together. This felt very nice and I instantly turned happy. I had forgotten about all the negative things replacing them with the thought of kissing Niall. I had never kissed a boy, and I sure wasn't going to make the first move, so I just looked at our hands. I remembered that I was tired and a huge wave of fatigue hit me like a bat.

  "Niall, can I take that nap now?" My soft voice in a soft whisper.

"Sure thing beautiful." 

  He stood up carrying me bridal style and walked up the stairs. I had my arms wrapped around my chest with head laying lightly on his chest, still trying to find that tiny heartbeat. Nothing again. We got into his room and he placed me in his bed. I sank into the soft mattress. I brought my knees hallway toward my chest to get in my normal sleeping position while he brought the sheets and comforter up my my neck, my skin instantly becoming warm and relaxed. I close my eyes and got ready for my sweet nap.

"Sleep tight my princess." He whispered into my ear. 

He planted long kiss on my cheek, the feeling of his lips lingered on my face as he walked out of his room and shut the door. I took a deep breath and drifted into a long, peaceful slumber.

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