My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



3. Chapter 3

  I stood still in the doorway as Niall lets go of my hand and walked to the fridge. I look down at the ground, bitting my bottom lip slightly. These four strangers were gorgeous in every way possible, with perfect biceps and smiles that light up the room would make any girl swoon. The boy who smiled at me first got off his stool and walked toward me. Just when I lifted my head, my eyes make contact with his chocolate brown eyes, my heart went wild.

  It's like the planet stops spinning. My breath becomes locked up in my chest and I could feel my cheeks getting warm. I slowly put my shaking hands behind my back, not wanting any one to see how nervous he made me feel. He was wearing a tight gray t-shirt that outlined his muscles perfectly, and jeans that fit perfectly with his body type. They must of cost a fortune.

  I probably look like an idiot standing here is awe, but he was so, perfect. Is that drool I feel on my chin? I sure hope not! I bring my hand up from behind my back to wipe my face of any possible saliva, pretending to have an itch. The silence is broken when he opens his mouth to speak.

  "Hello Gabriele, my name is Liam."

  The sound of his deep voice saying my name send warm fuzzies into my tummy, my knees turn to jello and I balance myself by placing my hand on the counter, playing it cool. Finally remembering how to breathe, I try not to make it to obvious when I take a deep breath that I was mesmerized by Liam. He puts his hand out toward me to have a friendly hand shake and without hesitation, I quickly shook his hand with electricity shooting up my arm and traveling through the rest of my body. No one has ever had this type of effect on me before, this feeling was different from the feeling Niall gave me. I've had boys tell me they liked me, I've had many crushes in the past, but this was an entirely new deal. We let go of each other's hands, shooting each other friendly smiles while I rub my sweaty palm on my pants.

  "Hello Liam, it's very nice to meet you." 

  I felt Niall's gaze upon us suddenly and I look over to find him leaning on the counter. Jealousy was written well all over his face. He was giving Liam a death glare and his hands were gripping the sides of the counter tops like he was holding himself back. Niall's gaze falls to me and I give him a reassuring smile. His grip instantly loosens while the rest of his body relaxes. He picked up the empty cup from earlier while grabbing the juice bottle out of the fridge. The purple liquid pours fast and smooth into the clear glass and stops right before it would overflow. Niall then walked over to us and passed me the drink. I thanked him and focus my gaze onto the smiling Liam who was watching Niall walk away on his phone. I was so thirsty at that point, my tounge was drier than before in my sticky mouth. My breath probably reaked to high heavens since I had what felt like cotton mouth. I chugged my drink down as fast as I could and slammed the cup onto the counter.

  "Niall, could I have some water please?" I flirtly ask batting my eye lashes.

  Niall looked up from his phone, walked over to grab the empty glass, gave Liam another death glare, and walked over to the freezer door.

  "Oh Niall, no ice please."

  He nooded his head and walked to the sink. Liam walked back over and sat on his stool. Two other boys walked over to introduce themselves. One of the boys had brown hair and baby blue eyes with a comforting, gentle smile. He told me his name was Louis and the we were going to be shopping buddies. I giggled an okay as he turned around and walked to his stool. The other boy had mud brown eyes and shiny black hair. He told me his name was Zayn and kissed the back of my hand. I blushed and giggled at how corny and cute his action was. I've never had my hand kissed before, but I liked the way it made me feel special.

  The fourth boy must of had left to use the bathroom cause I looked around and couldn't find him anywhere. He had look familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on the thought. Niall walked over to hand me my glass of water and with his other hand, intertwine our fingers together so we were holding hands and walked me over to the two extra stools next to Louis. As the gentleman Niall was, he pulled out the stool and motioned me to sit. I mouthed a "Thank You" and gladly excepted. Niall pushed me in with ease and sat down in the stool next to me, brushing his hand down my thigh toward my knee. My eyes pop wide open when the electricity shoots through me. I gave him a "you do that again I will snap your neck" look. I was very kept to myself when it came to boys, they only want one thing when it comes to girls and it sure ain't a gift card to Wal-Mart I'll tell you that. Niall chuckled at my reaction until he saw the seriousness planted in my stern expression. He pulled his hands back to in between his legs and looked down with embarrassment.

  "Sorry Gabriele." He whispered whilst twiddling his thumbs.

  "Its ok Niall, just don't do it again unless you want me to smack you." I giggled and rubbed his shoulder slightly.

  "So Gabriele, how are you feeling?" Zayn asked with curiosity.

  "I guess I'm ok. I still have many questions to ask, and I'm extremely hungry. First question I'm going to ask . Do you guys have any food in this house, or do you just drink blood?"

  The boys laugh and Niall gets out of his spot and walks over to the cabinet to grab a white bowl. I watch his every move closely as he grabs a box of fruity pebbles and pours it into the bowl. He walks quickly to the fridge and grabs the gallon of milk and pours the white liquid all over my cereal. After putting the milk back into the fridge, he walks over to the silverware drawer, pulls out a spoon, and closes the drawer with his hip. I swear this is the cutest thing in the world when a small giggle escapes my lips. Niall must of heard my laugh cause he smiles and pushes the white bowl over to me while he sat in his stool close to mine, bringing his hand around my waist.

  My hunger comes over me and I take a huge bite of my cereal. Sugary sensational goodness dances on my taste buds as I close my eyes to enjoy my first bite of food in hours. I chew slowly and swallow. My stomach begs for more but I resist the urge to scarf down my food and create a mess.

  "How did you know Fruity Pebbles were my favorite?" I ask Niall

  "I didn't, that's Harry's favourite cereal. Lucky you, he doesn't mind sharing."

  Harry. That name brought shivers up my spine, it haunts me like a bad ghost in the back of my mind. Fear made my heart pound heavily in my chest, losing my appetite I drop my spoon into the bowl and push it away from me. I watch the rainbow cereal swirl carelessly clockwise while the memories flood back into my head.

  Harry Styles.

  That was the name of my middle school bully. I would walk home by myself, just minding my own business when him and his friends would walk up to me and start calling me horrible names. Fatso, Ugly, Stupid, Smelly, Loner. Those words haunted me day by day.

  "Hey Fellas, watch out for that bus ahead!!"

  He would tell his friends, they would just laugh their butts off like it was the funniest thing in the world. Yes, it's true, I use to be overweight. I was over 200 lbs with thunder thighs and jelly rolls. Everyday after school I would run home crying for hours. Eventually, I had enough, I tried my best to ignore him, but that only made the words meaner and the pain grow. My parents tried to get him to stop when I was in sixth grade by having a meeting with the principle and his parents. When I was explaining to them what he had done walking home and how it effected my emotionally, they didn't believe a word that came out of my mouth. Their child was "an angel who could never do such a terrible thing" in their eyes. His parents probably ranted about how their child was wrongly accused of doing something as terrible as bullying a helpless girl cause the bullying only got worse by the week. I didn't cause self harm or anything to escape the pain, I sang sweet songs to myself and that made me happy. The only real way it would go away would be of I just dealt with it. This made me a stronger, more independent person, it made who I am today.

  Since Harry was two grades higher than I was, he went off into the high school, I decided I had enough, between the seventh and eight grade I lost a lot of the extra weight and I switched from glasses to contacts. A massive change is what I have now. I look better and feel great now. I grew up to the young lady figure I have now and people tell me constantly that I'm gorgeous and a kind person. I promised myself I would never be the person Harry was, a horrible monster without a heart.

  One day I was sitting on the couch watching the news with my mom when an image of Harry's face flashed onto the screen as "Missing Teenager". I didn't have pity or remorse over the fact that he was missing. I known it sounds bad, but he deserved it.

  "Karma." was all I said to my mom who knew what he did to me all those years.

  Maybe it wasn't the same Harry, maybe this boy was the total opposite. A person who would stick up to bullies and mean girls. A person that people could talk about with a smile on their face. Or maybe not.

My eyes close slowly as I come back to reality. I take a long deep breath and turn my focus to my bowl of cereal.

  "What is Harry's last name Niall?" I look ever to him with sadness and hurt written in my eyes. I could feel warm tears emerging, but I stay strong instead and held them back.

  A deep voice echoed through the room from the figure standing in the doorway.

  "The name is Styles."


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