My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



21. Chapter 21


              The air was filled with the smell of ginger bread and peppermint tea. Christmas Eve had finally arrived. It was a big day for me, since I had planned a Christmas party with an elephant gift exchange and lots of goodies for us. I had almost everything set up, the food, tree, lights, drinks, all I needed to do was set up Niall’s computer to the Bluetooth speakers.

  “Niall!” I screamed.

  “What!” he screamed from upstairs

  “Can you come down here and help me with something!”

   “Be down in a minute!”

         Niall hadn’t been around for a week. I missed him a lot since we were sort of close. Malcolm was upstairs fixing my bubble chair with Liam. Last night I had been sitting in it and I guess a screw came loose and it plopped to the floor. I was lucky that I didn’t go through the floor boards.

              Whenever the boys got home this morning I had “drinks” ready for them in the kitchen. I made myself a plate of eggs and turkey bacon and sat while they told me about their trip. They told me about how they went sight-seeing and visited a few clubs. After breakfast I gave each of them a kiss on the cheek, saving Niall for last. Niall took me into arms and we stood for a while. We told each other we missed each other and then he told me he was going to get some sleep.

              That’s when I got dressed and got ready for the party.

              “I need help setting up the Christmas music.” I turned to see him.

              He was wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. I laughed. He placed his hand on the lower part of my back and I jumped a bit. He hadn’t touched me for a while. What was up with him?

              “Hey don’t laugh, this is a good one!”

              “Really! I think it’s probably going to win the ugly sweater contest! What decade is it from?”

              “The 80’s. That’s where they became hideous.”

              I laughed. “I’m going to go change, where is the extra sweater you’re letting me borrow?”

              “Its hanging up in my closet.”

              “Alright, thanks.”

              “No problem.”

              With that said I ran up to Nails room. I already had some skinny jeans and booties on, so I just had to throw off my flour covered top. I chucked it in the laundry basket and then heard “White Christmas” from downstairs. I smiled and searched frantically in the closet. I finally found the black and tinsel covered sweater and threw it on. It was wool, how wonderful. I went to leave and Niall stood in the doorway. His ocean blue eyes running up and down my body, sending shivers down my spine.

              “Does it fit good?”

              “Yeah, its fits fine. It super itchy. What decade is it from?”

              “I bought it this week. There was a sale at Old Navy and I picked it up for you.”

              I smiled, that was very sweet of him to think of me like that.

              “Awe, thank you for thinking about me.”

              He smirked, “I don’t think there is a time I’m not thinking about you.”

              I giggled and swatted his arm. We gazed into each other’s eyes, his eyes soaking me up. Oceans waves of blue filled my soul. My heart fluttered in my chest as his fingers slowly traced up my arms.

              He looked down at his fingers, and then his hand cupped my face, thumb brushing at my cheek.

              “Out of all the Christmas lights I’ve seen in my life, you are still the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.” He mumbled.

              Oh my god. That was the corniest yet sweetest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

              “Thank you Niall.”

              Before Niall could lean in for what I thought was a kiss the doorbell rang.

              Niall sighed and closed his eyes.

              “I better go get that.” I whispered.

              He nodded his head.

              “Make sure you save a kiss for me under the mistletoe.” He winked.

              “I promise.”

              He took my hand and we went downstairs. I opened the door and there was Malcolm’s mom and sisters. They held a Tupperware dish with her famous wilder salad. I welcomed them in and told them to set the food on the kitten after hanging their coats in the closet. Liam and Malcolm came down stairs and greeted everyone, kissing his mother on the cheek.

              “Wow Liam, this place looks fantastic! I like what you did with the tree. I haven’t seen that thing up in years!”

              Liam smiled. “Well, this isn’t my doing. Lauren planned out this whole thing by herself.”

              Malcolm’s mom looked shocked. “Wow! Really! Well, you did a great job.”

              I blushed. “Thank you. Please, grab some cider and sit down. More people should be showing up at any minute.”

              They all smiled and went away, leaving me to take in everything. Tonight was going to be great. Christmas joy was in the air and I was able to knit each of the boys a scarf for the winter. Except Harry, he told me that he would choke himself with anything I made for him. So he didn’t get anything from me. Asshole.

              The next hours were filled with greeting strangers and keeping the party alive. Being a host of a party is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Niall kept winking at me and Malcolm kept telling me how pretty I looked. Which was weird. Malcolm was like another of the guys to me. Maybe the sugar was finally getting to him. Who knows?

              Malcolm invited a girl from his school, I didn’t recognize her from the party. But she didn’t seem like the one to get out much. She was cute, but shy.

              “Malcolm,” I whispered when I pulled him aside. “Who is the girl you invited?”
              “Her name is Martha. She is in my Chem class.”

              I looked over at her and we made eye contact, then she looked over at Malcolm, then back at me. She was cute, long dirty blonde hair, green eyes, my height, muscular, but shy. She nibbled on a ginger bread man and looked down quick.

              “You should go hang out with her. You’ve been talking about protein with Liam for long enough.”

              Malcolm huffed. “She is fine. I’ll talk to her later.”

              I rolled my eyes “Don’t be a dummy! You invited her! Don’t be rude. “

              I shoved him away and I think he finally got it. He walked over to her and started talking, she giggled. Good job Malcolm.

              I checked the clock. 10:30. Before I could go clean up, someone barged through the door, snow drizzling outside. It was Harry. Great. I was surprised he didn’t have that stuck up tick attached to his hip. God, she would drive me crazy.

              I grabbed a few cups from the coffee table before he came up to me.

              “Hey where is Zayn at?” he asked me quietly.

              “Why are you being so quiet? He might be in the kitchen.”

              He didn’t answer my question, just turned around and left.

              Soon people were making their way out. Many told me that it had been a great party and that they would definitely be back next year. Louis won the ugly sweater contest so he got his pick who to kiss under the mistletoe. He picked out a co-worker he invited and she was blushing like crazy. I got plenty of pictures to remember the night. I hadn’t seen Harry all night, but I didn’t really care. I just didn’t want him to do anything stupid. All the boys helped me cleanup for once. Once all the dishes were done and put away I took a massive swig of the apple cider and stuffed my face with food. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything all night. I went upstairs and got ready for bed. After brushing my teeth, I went back downstairs in my Christmas pajamas, putting all boy’s gifts under the tree. I turned around and there stood Niall only in his sweat pants. I gasped internally. His abs were so defined and his shoulders were big and ruff. I smiled and he walked over to me. He smelled of a fresh shower and cinnamon.

              “You threw a nice party tonight. I had lots of fun.” He wrapped his arms around me for a hug.        

              “Thank you. Thank you for helping me clean up.”

              He snickered. “Anything for my favorite girl.”

              I was shocked. Why was he being so flirty all the sudden. But I knew why as soon as I looked up. There laid the mistletoe I had hung up earlier. Lazily green and red it hang, telling us to kiss. I bit my lip and blushed. Niall pulled my chin up, and then his lips were pressed up against mine. A buzz went through my whole body. It was simple bliss. The kiss became more and more passionate as I rested my hands upon his pecks, which he flexed on my touch. His tongue entered my mouth and he started running his hand down my back, right above my bottom. I ran my fingers through the back of his hair and we just kissed and kissed for what to seem like hours.

              We pulled back and left little pecks. He kissed my forehead and took my hand. I guess he had something else in mind because he dragged me upstairs and up to his room. We kissed there and it became a blur. He walked me over to his bed, sheet sprawled and full of his scent.

              “Lay down.” He cooed.

              I did what he wanted and he joined. He continued to kiss me as he got on top of me. My heart pumped in my chest. Our lips parted and I fluttered my eyes open to dark orbs that made my heart sink. He kissed my cheek and then down to my neck, sucking and bringing blood to the surface.

              I was heartbroken. All he wanted was blood. I just wanted to have a good Christmas.

              He sunk his teeth deep into my neck, moaning as the sweet tasting blood ran out of my body and onto his succulent tongue. I closed my eyes and just took it. I didn’t give myself to him but I felt as if he was taking me anyway.

              Once he was finished he licked the sensitive spot and laid down kisses. I was exhausted at this point, barely awake I felt him get out of the bed. He rustled around for a bandage to put on my neck until Zayn got back. He put it on and then kissed my forehead. I lazily said “sleep with me” and he got into the bed, wrapping me up into him.

              I woke up in Niall’s bed with a pounding headache and my thirst was driving me crazy. I look to the side table and a glass of water with Tylenol laid with a note that read:

              Merry Christmas Gabriele,

              I know things have been rough lately, but to make it up to you I want to take you ice skating as soon as you’re up to it. Just you and I. I am downstairs making pancakes, come and join after you take this medicine.


          I smiled and gladly took the medicine but I was too exhausted to get up. So I laid back into the bed and decided I was going to spend Christmas taking naps.




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