My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



20. Chapter 20

              Loud music pounded through my chest. The bass was so loud and powerful that I could feel it in my whole body and out through my fingers. As we walked through the door I stayed close to Malcolm so I wouldn’t get sucked away from the massive crowd. In the Livingroom was a swarm of grinding teenagers swamped with alcohol and what smelled like skunk. The girls had revealing clothes and expensive jewelry while the guys wore simple clothes and over powering cologne.

              Malcolm tried to tell me something but I couldn’t hear him over the music. I pointed to my ears and shrugged my shoulders. He rolled his eyes and took my arm, bringing me into the kitchen. There was the guy who invited us and what I guess what the rest of the football team. He waved us over.

              “Malcolm! I’m glad that you could make it! And your friend here, good to see you again.”

              “Good to be here!” I yelled.

              Malcolm talked with the guys for awhile and I decided to get a look around by myself. It was exciting but nerve racking at the same time. I had never been to a wild teenage party like this before. I walked into the crowd of grinding teenagers, and looked for any cute boys to chat with. My makeup looked really good tonight, so I was going to flaunt my stuff. My time to be free was now, and I was going to take advantage of it.

              I walked through the crowd and I spotted a terribly handsome fellow. With other guys around him, he stood next to the drinks. He was tall with short hair and plump muscles. I had seen him at the gym every now and then but never asked his name. He was tall and was wearing a high school football shirt. Captain of the team maybe? Who knows. He smiled and I knew that I was going to go after him. Drooling all over myself, I decided to grab something to drink. I felt eyes on me as a grabbed a cup.

“Aye Garrett, check out that chick. Does she go to our school?”

              “I don’t think so. I’ve never seen her before.” Garrett replied.

              “Man she is smoking hot. “said the friend. “If you’re not going to ask her to dance then I will.”

              The guy started walking but then Garrett stopped him with his arm.

              “No man, she’s going to be mine tonight.” Garrett chuckled.

              I rolled my eyes and took a swig of the punch. I pray there wasn’t anything alcoholic in this. He strolled up to me with a charming smile.



              “I don’t think I’ve met you before, what is your name?” he asked me.

              “Lauren. What’s yours.”

              “My name is Garrett. Do you go to school around here?”

              “Uh. no. I am just staying with my brother for a while. But I see you at the gym a lot. “

              He looked like he was thinking and then he smiled. “Oh yeah! I see you and Malcolm there all the time! Cool, cool. I love a girl who lifts.”

              “Yeah, it’s pretty fun. Different, but fun.”

              He smiled, his emerald green eyes flashing. “Do you want to dance with me?” He pointed to the grinding fest of teenagers.

              I smiled and nodded. We set our drinks down and he walked behind me. I jumped when he placed his hands against the front of my hips and pressed his front to my back. I had no idea how this worked so I watched the other couples around me. It seemed simple, all they did was move with the music. Why not give it a try?

              The music was blasting and everyone was getting so into it. I swayed with the music and for the first time I felt, hot. Garrett seemed to be enjoying it, I could feel that on my behind. He turned me around for a second and planted a hot and sloppy kiss on my mouth. I kissed back and it turned into an insane make out session in between us. I wasn’t thinking about Malcolm or Niall or Harry, I was focused on the handsome stranger in front of me. We stopped kissing and he said something like “I’ll be right back” or “don’t go anywhere.” Stargazed at what happened I hung out on the couch and waited.

              Malcolm frantically came into the living room and looked around. Our eyes finally meet and a wave of relief washed over him. Running up to me he grabbed my arm and yanked me up off the couch.

              “Lauren, we have to get out of here!” he yelled.

              Confusion ran across my mind. “Why do we have to leave? We just got here!”

              He pushed my comment aside. “Listen, we just have to go. Come on!”

              Malcolm pulled me out of the room but was stopped by a huge figure. It was Garrett.

              “Woah man, what are you doing!” Garrett yelled.

              Malcolm looked at him strait in the eyes, stern and prepared to stand up for a fight.

              “I’m going now.”

              Garrett shook his head, drink sloshing around in his hand. “Not with her you’re not. “he mumbled.          

              Malcolm looked confused. So did everyone else around us, since they party seemed to freeze to watch the fight they wanted to break out.

“Who Lauren? No man, she came here with me, so now she is leaving with me.”

              Garrett had a stupid, drunk grin on his face. “I didn’t know she was your girl man, I would have backed off.”

              Malcolm quickly corrected him. “She’s not my girl Garrett, and she’s definitely not yours either.” He snapped.

              This triggered something in Garrett, something angry and powerful inside him. He walked up and got close to Malcolm’s face, he towered over him by at least a foot. He heavily breathed in his face. The room went dead silent; the rap music was turned off. I quickly went to break it up.

              “You guys don’t have to fight over me. We will just be going now.” I tugged on Malcolm’s arm but he didn’t budge. Neither of them did. They stood like two angry bears fight over the last fish. Viscous and unexpected. I walked back and everyone in the room stood on edge.

              “Listen here, shorty.” Garrett poked Malcolm’s chest. “If she isn’t your girl, then why are you making such a big fuss? You can go home, and I’ll make sure she arrives safety at your place by the end of the night. If you don’t, and you take her now, I will make sure that your piss test comes out positive and you’ll be kicked off the wrestling team for good. Now, do we have a deal here?”

              Malcolm stood there, debating on what to do. Would he sacrifice everything he had worked for to get me out of here, or would he just leave me here and let me be taken home by a drunk loony? I had a feeling he was talking about a different, “taking me home.” He finally looked at me, still stern, looking at all the people around us, and then the door. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he started for the door. But, then he stopped, threw a punch right into Garrett’s mouth and watched him plop to the floor.

              “Fuck!” Garrett screamed. “You’ll definitely pay for this!” he turned to me, being stupid. “Call me sometime sweet cheeks.”

              I rolled my eyes and pushed him back to the ground and left with Malcolm.

              The ride home was silent, not even the radio was on. We were both so shocked to what had just happened, it hadn’t soaked in that he had just punched the hell out of the guy that looked like he could crush a bull.

              “Let’s go get some shakes yeah? Cheat night is going to be tonight while Liam is gone.” He blurted.

              I laughed. “Sounds great to me, as long as you’re paying.”

              For the rest of the night we drank thick shakes and hung out at the old diner. We laughed and told old stories. I hadn’t had this much fun in a long time. When we pulled into the drive way no other cars were there. I didn’t really want to leave, but that wasn’t up to me. I opened the car door to let myself out and Malcolm did as well.

              “You don’t have to walk me to the door.” I reassured him.

He chuckled. “I actually have to. My mom is trying to teach me the steps in dating and she told me if she found out I didn’t walk you to the door I would have to practice with my little sister for hours. In and out of the car.”

I laughed. “Okay.”

Once we got to the door he gave me a hug and told me how much fun he had. I kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for saving my life. I watched him drive over to his house through my bedroom window, shutting the curtains when I got dressed. Got ready for bed and fell asleep peacefully.

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