My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



2. Chapter 2

  I can feel myself waking up from my long sleep. My senses wake up and I can tell I'm laying on a soft-sink into couch with a soft knitted blanket wrapped around me. My head rests on a soft pillow that smells like some type of men cologne. I keep my eyes close while listening to the deep mumbling voices I can hear in the distance. My head pounds heavily and I'm extremely weak and thirsty, my tongue feels like sand paper in my dry and sticky mouth, my body begs for water. I roll onto my back slowly in pain, trying not to hit my neck on anything, take a deep breath, and open my eyes to find myself in a dark room. There is a small light shining through the bottom crack of the door in the corner of the room.

  I sit up slowly, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and stretch my arms to the side. I go to reach my phone out of my pocket, but my hand falls to were my pocket is suppost to be and I feel a soft fabric instead of my jeans. I jump with confusion and fear, running my hands down my legs until I come to find myself in large sweatpants. A rush of the air conditioner comes and I shiver. I rub my arms to create friction and I figure out my shirt has been replaced by a large cotton-feel one.

  "What in the world? We're are my clothes?!" I whisper to myself.

  The images of what happened before I passed out fly back into my mind. Walking home alone. Niall. Niall's teeth. My blood leaving my body. The horrible nightmare that was actually a reality. I started crying really hard, my tears were falling like bucket of water down my face. I try to keep my sobs as quite as possible so whoever was in the other room couldn't hear me cry.

  It feels like a year went by as soon as I stop crying. I wipe the tears off my cheek with the blanket and sink back into the soft couch facing away from the door. The mumbled talking seemed to stop so I relax and close my eyes. I must of had fallen asleep cause it feels like only five minutes later I'm woken up by the touch of cold fingers on my neck were I had been bit by Niall. The pain was excruciating and the freezing temperature of the fingers made me jump. My arm instantly swings behind me and I smack someone in the cheek with the back of my hand. I had taken self defense classes since I was 10. My mother had told me that every woman needed to know how to defend herself if anything were to happen. I never thought that anyone would come after me. I was clearly wrong.

  "What the heck!" a deep Irish accent echoed through the room.

  I sat up as fast as I could to find Niall holding his palm up to his pink cheek. The light had been turned on and I find myself to be in a boy's room. The walls were a dark navy blue with a pearl white ceiling. An Irish flag was hanging right above a black desk with nothing but old food, a couple of McDonald drinks, and cell phone chargers. The carpet was black and white swirl pattern, dirty clothes were sprawled out all over the floor and tissues that barely missed the mini trash can were in a small pile. You could tell that no one had vacuumed the floor in weeks, or cleaned the room.

  Typical Boy.

  Near the couch was a king sized bed that wasn't made. The white sheets were tangled with the black comforter (duvet) that matched the bed post. There was a pillow laying sideways on the floor while the other one seemed to be the one I was using.

  I cupped my mouth with my hands as I made eye contact with the ocean blue eyes that belonged to Niall.

  "OH MY GOSH! Don't hurt me please. I'm so sorry! Please, don't hurt me." My lips quiver while my eyes start to fill with tears.

  My heart pounded so hard in my chest I thought it was going to break my ribs. I crept back into the couch cushion bringing the blanket up to my shoulders. I wondered if Niall could hear the pounding from were he was, I wouldn't of been surprised at all. He must of heard the fear in my voice cause he chuckled and rubbed his cheek with his hand.

  "Man, you can really hit hard! Ouch!" He winked with sarcasm and smiled with his beautiful white teeth. "Why would I hurt you? I need to keep you in good shaped for when you meet the lads."

  He removed his hand from his face and reached over to intertwine his fingers with mine. His hand was suddenly warm and soft as a flower petal. He rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand and whispered softly,

  "Besides, your so beautiful. I wouldn't be able to harm you, I would never be able forgive myself."

  Shivers ran up my spine while the elephants in my stomach were having a dance party, my heart was still pounding. I glanced at our perfect-fit hands and my breath becomes caught in the back of my throat. Half of me is telling me to "Pull back, run as fast as you can out of here!!" while the other half of me is telling me to stay and embrace this magical moment. My body doesn't move an inch, all of the sudden I feel comfortable in the presence of Niall being with me. Feelings of safety and happiness fills my whole body with protection. Niall glances at our hands and sways them back and forth. I could stay like this forever. We look at each other at the same moment. He smiles a comforting smile in my direction and talks to me in a sweet, soothing tone.

  "You're probability wondering we're you are, aren't you?"

  I give with a small nod in agreement.

"Well, you are at the Dude mansion!! Cheesy name, I know, but you better get use to it cause it's we're your going to be staying for awhile."

  He gave me a cheeky grin before standing up, letting go of my hand. Sadness creeps onto me as our hands let go, I can still feel his warm fingers on my hand. He turned away from me and walked over to his desk and grabbed a glass of purple liquid filled with ice. He picked it up and brought it over, handing the glass over and sat down close to me.

  "Here, drink this. Your probably thirsty."

  I took the glass with caution and just stared at it with confusion.

"What is this?"

I brought the mystery liquid up to my nose and took a big whiff. My nose is filled with the sweet smell of mixed berries and yogurt. My stomach growled to tell me I wasn't just thirsty, I was insanely hungry as well.

  "Its a magical liquid that just came out with called, V8!

  He sarcastically lifted his hands off his knees and gave me jazz fingers and smiled. I giggled and took a sip. My taste buds were blessed with the berry sensation and with no hesitation I took the biggest sip of my life and drank the whole thing leaving the ice cubes at the bottom.

  "More please??"

I tilted the cup toward him and pouted my bottom lip like a little kid. Niall giggled and took the empty glass out of my hand and put it on the in-table behind him. He looked back into my eyes and grabbed my hand again.

  "Maybe later, but know your going to meet my friends. Is that ok?" He asked.

I nodded my head and gave him a shy smile. We stood up at the same time, his hand fitting perfectly again. The goose bumps on my arms rose up and my teeth chartered. It had to be like 0° in this room, how could he stand this!? With my free hand I grabbed the blanket that kept me warm and tried to wrap it around me, giving Niall the hint.

  "Aww man, you must be freezing. I always keep the heat down to save money. Personally, I hate being over heated, I love wearing sweatshirts. Here, you can wear one of mine."

  I was startled by the fact that he loved wearing sweatshirts like I did. Almost everyone I knew hated the cold weather, they always wanted it to be summer. I loved the winter, it was my favorite season next to fall. I loved wrapping myself up with layers of clothes to keep myself warm. I was insecure about my arms so I always had some type of sleeves on, I only wore tank tops under sweatshirts or to bed. My arms are the biggest thing I'm insecure about, I know I'm not perfect, but who is right?

  He let go of my hand and walked to his closet kicking dirty clothes out of the way. I decided to clean up a bit since I was a tiny bit of a clean freak. I folded the blanket nicely and placed it on the couch. I took the pillow that I slept with and placed it back on the bed and started to pick up the trash that was all over the floor. Niall walked back over with a neon orange hoodie and watched me clean up until I finally felt his glare upon me. I stood up strait and took the hoodie into my hands and slipped it over my head. The hoodie was kinda big on me but it didn't bother me at all. I've always wanted to wear a boys sweatshirt around, I thought it was the most romantic thing ever. The same manly smell that was embed into the pillow was in the hoodie as well. Axe? Pollo Black? Old Spice? I wasn't sure what it was, but my nose enjoyed the way it smelled. A small smile crept on my face as Niall held his hand out to me. I bit my lips and slid my hand into his sending warm fuzzies into my tummy.

  He led me out of his room and into the vanilla air of the hallway. We walked downstairs and he took me into a kitchen with a dark marble countertop island with brown stools. The gray double door fridge had magnets and paper pinned all over it, the cabinets were a mud brown with black round handles and the floor was wooden. I almost slipped in my purple socks but luckily I caught my balance before anyone could see.

  Four strangers were sitting at the island talking to each other when I walked in with Niall. Suddenly, a boy with brown hair and eyes glanced at me and smiled at me. The rest of them saw the boy look in my direction and looked to see what he was smiling at. They all smiled as I glanced at each of their faces briefly. I bit my lip out of habit and squeezed Nialls hand, he squeezed back.

  "Lads, meet Gabriele."

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