My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



19. Chapter 19

Christmas was fast approaching. Black Friday was a thing of yesterday and it was time to put up the Christmas Tree. Except for the only Christmas tree that I got to see what the pink one in my room. It lit up the room like, well, a Christmas Tree. I was allowed to pick out my own mini bulbs and white twinkly lights to go around my waist-tall tree. The boys said that they didn’t really “do the Christmas thing”, they had been through many life times of holidays and it was now a chore. They let me have a tree in my room, as well as put lights up on the house, with Malcolms help of course. I soon came to realize that he was a part of the gang. He never knocked when he came to visit. He would yell “anyone home?”. Usually I’m the only one home to invite him to watch movies or make brownies. Malcolm had become one of my best friends. Someone to vent to when the boys made me angry. A part of my life.

              I sat in my room listening to “White Christmas” by Bing Cosby when there was a knock at the door.

              “Who is it?”

              “Its Louis, is it clear to come in?”

              “Its clear.”

              He came in and sat on my bed, humming along to the music.

              “How’s it going?”

              “It’s going good. What do you need?”

              “Oh yeah, I just wanted to let you know that Zayn, Liam, and I have to go out of town for a week. There is a huge sale on blood bags down south and we go every year. You’ll be alone here with Harry and Niall. I hope you don’t mind.”

              Oh crap, not again.

              “You guys went out of town like a week ago! You guys are always gone! Business this, blood that. I’m starting to think that you guys do more than work at the mall. Are you guys secret drug deelers or something?”

              He laughed. “No we are not drug dealers and I’m sorry that we are always gone. You just will have to deal with it. We will be back early morning Christmas Eve so don’t worry. You can still throw your Christmas party. Just have Niall take you to get supplies sometime and Harry will put up decorations. “

              I rolled my eyes. “Harry won’t do that. I already asked him if he was going to be there and he said he was going to be with Bailey.”

              He shook his head. “I don’t get that loon sometime.”

              “Yeah you’re telling me.”

              “Well, everything will turn out alright. You’re a smart girl.”

              I blushed. “Thanks.”

              Louis came over and kissed me on the cheek, a way that your mom or dad would when you had a nasty cold.

              “Don’t stay up to late.” He winked.

              “I won’t”

              I look over and the clock read 10:03. Louis left and shut the door behind him. I decided to get a glass of water before bed. I walk out and down the steps and see Bailey and Harry fighting in the hallway.


              Her voice was high pitched and annoying, like a small, spoiled-brat dog. I slid by quietly, hoping I wouldn’t be dragged into anything.

              “Oh calm down, it’s only a spot. You can get it clean can’t you?” he said calmly.

              “No Harry its ruined!” she squealed. “You know that this was given to me as a gift to me! You and your clumsy hands I swear!”

              Wait. We have wine?

              “Ill buy you a new one okay? I promise baby.”

              I grabbed my glass of water and ran to my room as fast as I could. There was no way I was going to deal with that anymore. Before I went to my room I stopped to see what Liam was up to. I walked into his room which smelled of heavy cologne and deodorant. He was packing his suitcase.

              “Hey Liam. Packing already huh?”

              He looked up and smiled. His smile was warm and comforting, but also rare. Liam was a quiet and stern guy, not many can make him budge. But he always seemed happy to see me.

              “Yeah, we are leaving early in the morning. Hey, make sure while I’m gone that you keep running okay? I trust that you will keep it to a minimum of 4 miles.”

              I nodded. Running was a good way to stay in shape and to escape reality for a while. Every night Liam and I went to the gym and he taught me how to lift heavy weights, which I was fairly good at. Ever since the incident with Harry I wanted to become stronger and quicker.

              “I’ll ask if Malcolm can take me to the gym. He has a vehicle.”

              “That’s my girl!” he shook my shoulders and I spilt my water all over his feet.

              “Good job Liam. I was thinking of maybe drinking that but its better all over the ground I would say.”

              “Oh whatever. Now get some rest, be up by 5 in the morning alright. Ill text Malcolm for an early day at the gym.”

              “You got it boss!”

The next morning on the way to the gym I fell asleep in the car. I was so use to the “classic rock pump” music session that I slept right through it. I wore my favorite pair of workout pants and an old gray shirt of Niall’s that I stole. Liam bought me the cutest lifting shoes but I walked out of the house in only socks. We got to the gym and to wake me up Malcolm stuck his gym bag in my face until I suffocated in the terrible smell. We went inside and started to warm up with squats and jumping jacks when two young, buff, highly attractive men came in and stared at us. They walked up to the cage next to us and started to stretch. We ignored them and started to lift.

              “Alright Lauren, you’re up first.” Said Liam “Malcolm add 45 and a 10 on the side.”

              I went to pull up my yoga pants and I knew that the fellows next to us were checking me out. I had a nice butt all from working out, but the boys never said anything to me. They respected me.

These guys were lurking their eyes all over me. I felt real insecure in my pants but decided to ignore them. Malcolm spotted me and I racked it when I was finished. I looked over to Liam to see if he approved but he was looking at the young guys. His jaw was clenched as if he was observing them.

              “Liam was that okay? Did I go low enough?” I said.

              Not taking his eyes away from them he nodded and told Malcolm he was up. I look over to the fellows and watched them warm up on hang clean. Their arms flexed and it made me drool. I had no idea why they were here at 5 in the morning. No one was usually here.

              Throughout the whole workout I felt one of the guy’s eyes on me the whole time. He had short hair and mole on his neck. His shoulders were big and by the time they were done he was drenched in sweat. Apparently they were a year older than Malcolm at his school. Total meat heads he said.

              “Malcolm I’m not trying to be egotistical or anything, but the one with the mole keeps staring at me. “ I whispered by the water fountain.

              “I didn’t notice. But hey, we are done. Lets go get some chocolate milk huh?”

              “Yeah that sounds good.”

              “Aye Malcolm! Who’s your friend?”

              I look up and mole guy was right next to us. He was covered in sweat and smelled like degree and pre-workout. He looked at me with lurking eyes. He scanned me up and down, as if I was a piece of meat. He was not getting any of this.

              “Oh. hey Marvin. This is my neighbor Lauren. Lauren, this is Marvin, we play football together.”

              “Hello Marvin.” I smiled. “How are you?”

              He smiled. He was an attractive fellow, but something about him made me want to get in the car and get away. I needed a shower.

              “I am good. Do you guys come to the gym often?”

              I nodded. “Lifting is life. Get buff. Drink milk. Sleep. That’s what Malcolm always says.” I laughed.

              He smirked. “Alright. Hey Malcolm, I’m throwing a huge party tonight at my place. My parents are out of town for the weekend. Everyone is going. You can even come Lauren. The more the merrier.”

              Malcolm nodded. “Alright man I’ll see if I can make it. Well, we have to go. I’ll see you tonight man.” They did the bro hug thing and Marvin walked away, checking my ass out on the way out. When you live in a house full of vampires you know the feeling of being watched. Its now as simple as touch to detect.

              Later that day after everyone left I sat in my room all by myself. Malcolm said that we would leave for the party at 9. It was now 7:14. Niall and Harry weren’t home, I don’t know where they were, but I didn’t care. I was going to my first high school party. I didn’t even go to school and I was nervous of who would be there. Strangers. A room full of strangers who didn’t know anything about me or where I came from.

              The time was 8:50 and I walked over to Malcolm’s house wearing jeans, and retro t-shirt, and my hair was lightly curled. Malcolm was wearing a v-neck shirt and kahki shorts. He smelled of strong cologne.

              “Holy cow dude, hold it on the cologne. Did you use the whole bottle?”

              “No, almost though.” He laughed. “You look, boring.”

              “Well what else am I supposed to wear, you’ve seen my wardrobe. At least I’m wearing skinny jeans and not sweats!”

              “You’re right. Lets get in the car. I told my mom we were going to a late movie and then getting pizza later. Honestly, she loves you so much that we could probably sleep in the same bed and she wouldn’t care. Lauren, she asked me the other day if we were dating.”

              I laughed. “That’s so funny. You’re like a brother to me. Another one of the guys.”

              He laughed harder, “That’s what I told her. You’re a bud to me. Besides, I think Niall would kill me if I made a move on you.”

              My heart pounded in my chest. But I pretended to not hear him. We got to the car and blarred the radio until we pulled up to a mansion of a house filled with people and cars parked on the streets.

              “You ready?” he asked. “No drinking alright. I’ve got to take a piss test Monday for basketball and if I bring you home drunk Niall will kill me.”

              “You got it, no drinking.”

              I looked into the house of wild teenagers and blaring rap music. A ball of nerves balled up in the pit of stomach. I was ready to be free for once.






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