My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



18. Chapter 18

  The morning of my birthday I spent cleaning toilets. No one knew that it was my birthday, and I didn't care. Let's keep it that way.

I decided a week in advance that I would keep it to myself and make myself homemade lemon squares. After I finished cleaning, I took a shower and got dresses. Downstairs Liam and Niall were watching television.  

   "Hey Liam, can you please drive me to the store?" 

   "Yes, in a few minutes okay? I want to finish my show." 

   Niall speaks up. "I can take you, I have to pick up some things too."

   "Okay, ill be in the car." I answered.

  I grabbed a bag of baked chips and walked to the car. I was starving and hadn't eaten breakfast. It was already 2 in the afternoon. I am so healthy. Not  Niall jumps into the car and we are off to the store. We don't speak, just listen to the radio. When we get to the store, I grab a cart and we start mazing through the store. 

 "Do you need more bread?" Niall asks.

 "No we have a loaf in the freezer. But I need some flour."

 "Why do you need flour?"

 "So I can go outside and cover myself in it and run around like a loonitic." I sarcastically said.

  "Hope it starts raining on your celebration." 

  I roll my eyes. I grab a large bag of white flower and place it in the cart. 

  "Thought my name was Lauren in public." I say coldy.

  "Well no one is around, so why does it matter. I mean, you shouldn't even be here. But, we rent really worried about anyone noticing you. You have lost too much weight for anyone to recognize you." He snaps.

 "Sorry that I clean so freaking much and I have to cook myself food because you guys only feed off me!" I snap.

  Niall puts his hand over my mouth. "You need to be quiet. Do you even know how many people would try to kill us if they found out!" he whispers.  

 I pry his hand away and apologize. We keep on going through the store, forgetting the conversation even happened. 

  "What do you want for dinner? We are having guest over tonight and you know more about humans than we do." he asks.

  "Who is coming over?" I ask.

  "Bailey and one of Harry's friends, Mark. Mark is cool though, not a bitch like Bailey. I talked to her the other day and told her that if she didnt leave you alone that she would never come back to the house again."

  "Lets just have salads then, wouldnt want her to ruin her diet." I laugh.

  "Pssh, I wouldnt worry a bit about that. I swear, that girl eats the most unhealthy stuff I have ever seen and doesn't gain a single pound. I don't even know if she has eaten a salad in her life. I think we should have lasagna." he suggests.

  We walk past the cereal isle and out of the corner of my eyes I see someone who looks extremely familiar. I stop, and there grabbing her favorite, Raisin Brand, is my mother. I stop and stare at her. She hasn't change one bit. Its only been about a month since I had seen her last. Ignoring Niall, I leave the cart and start walking towards her. Seeing her here, right in front of me, brings tears to my eyes. 

  "Mom?" I whisper. "Is that really you?"

  I am too far away for her too hear me. My body shakes and tears fall away. I am so close to her, to touch her, to tell her I need to go home. Only five steps away, I am stopped. Strong, firm hands pull me back. Fear goes through my body. I need to get to her. She needs me! I need my mom! I tug and stop my feet, hoping to start a scence.

  "Mom! MOM!" I scream. " She ignores me.

  "Stop yelling that's not your mom" Niall shakes me. 

  I look at him with disgust. "Niall that IS my mom. Look, see? She is wearing the bracelet I got her for Mother's day! Please let me go to her, I want to go home!"

  He shakes his head and his blue eyes are filled with pity. 

  "This isle is empty. No one is down here."

  "What do you mean! My mom was just-" I turn around. He is right. No one is there.

  "You are hallucinating Gabriele. You haven't been eating enough." He brings me into a hug.

  I sucked up my tears and hugged him back. Luckily no one else was around to see the dramatic scene. I was highly embarrassed for the rest of our shopping trip. Niall told me that i was to eat something as soon as we got back to the house. 

  Once we got home and brought all the groceries inside, Bailey and Harry were sitting inn the kitchen. I ignored them and put away the groceries. Next, I made myself a peanut butter and banana sandwich with a glass of cold juice. I could feel some ones eyes on my ever move. The smell of daisy perfume fills my nose.

  "What are you making me Lauren?" Bailey snickers.

  I roll my eyes. "You kidding me? This isn't for you. If you're hungry then make yourself something to eat. I am not your freaking maid." 

  Her face scrunches up. "What is your problem? I was only joking." 

  I put my sandwich pieces together and lick the peanut butter off my knife. I took a bite and smiled as the delicous banana danced on my tongue. Bailey walked way with my drink and dumped it in the sink. 

  "Excuse me, but just because you didn't get your sandwich doesn't mean that you have a right to drink mine. What are you, four?"

  She snickers and struts out of the kitchen. She runs her hand along Harry's back and gives him a suggestive wink. I throw up inside. 

  One day I thought I was home alone, it was about 8:30 at night and I was cleaning Niall's room. As I was taking some trash downstairs I heard a little girl giggle in the hallway into the kitchen. I stopped and hid behind the wall. 

"Are you sure that no one is here Harry?"

"Yes Bailey, don't worry. They all went out and won't be back for hours."

"Well okay, only if you say so."

I heard them kiss and it started getting hot in the kitchen. I had to hold my laugh in but I couldn't hold it in, I just burst and took the trash outside. Luckily they didn't hear me so I just went over to Malcolm's house and told him all about it. I went back when Liam called looking for me.

"Why the heck did you leave the house?" He asked when I got back home.

I started to crack up laughing. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I told him the whole story and how I went over to Malcolm's house and he started laughing too.

  "Oh my god that is hilarious. We will keep this our little secret. A little black mail never hurt anyone." 

  Back to reality, I understand that I am filled in a house with men. I just wished that when they wanted to dance in the sheets, they make sure no one is around to hear it. 

  "Harry when is your other guest coming?" 

  "Later on tonight. Make sure you clean the house."

  I glare. "This house has been cleaned from top to bottom. Maybe if you would get your head out of your butt and look around you would notice."

  His eyes widen. "Gezz, you're cranky when you're hungry. No wonder you use to eat so much." 

  Boom. Smack in the face. Hunger is gone.

  "You are so unbelievable sometimes." 

  I toss my sandwich in the trash and walk to the front door. "I'M GOING OUTSIDE!" 

  The rest of my afternoon I spent sleeping. No dreams. No interruptions. Just sleep. Until Malcolm walks up and pokes me in foot.

 "Lauren, Lauren get up."

  moans. peaks one eye open to see him towering over me.

  "I'll cook later, please leave me to sleep."

 "What the- Get up before you turn into a lobster! Your face is already crayon red!"

  "I don't care." 

   "Well Niall wants you inside to start cooking dinner. Its already 6 o'clock."

 I moan again. "Just put the dang lasagna in the oven. Its not that hard." 

 "Im going to go play video games with Liam. Don't fall asleep again."

 Sitting up, my skin feels tight and burnt. I had been sleeping for 4 hours strait. I get up and walk into the kitchen. A frozen lasagna and a head of lettuce lay on the counter untouched. I swear, boys are useless. After fixing up the salad, putting the lasagna in the oven, and setting the table, the doorbell rings. 

  "I GOT THE DOOR!" I scream through the kitchen.

  At the door was a tall man, with raven hair and tree green eyes. He smelled of outdoor musk and wore a black jacket and faded jeans. 

  "Hello, you must be Mark! Please come in." I move aside. 

  "Hello, and you must be Bailey." "He smiles kindly. "Harry has told me so much about you."

  I laugh nervously. "Bailey is upstairs. My name is Lauren. I'm Louis sister. Its nice to meet you."  

  "Well" he pauses. "This is awkward. I'm sorry about that Lauren. Something sure smells delicious." 

  Liam and the boys come and introduce themselves. I head upstairs to find Harry. 

  "HARRY! MARK IS HERE!" Pounding on his bedroom door. 

  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed some movement coming from the bottom of my door. I stop pounding, turn my head and see a pair of shadow feet coming from my room. Slowly I walk toward and slam my door open as fast as I could. Standing in my room was Bailey, rummaging through my clothes. Half my closet was laying on the floor in a heap of shirts and shoes. My sheet had been ruffled and my  bubble chair was swinging back and forth. 

  "Bailey! What the heck and you doing in my room!" 

  She stops. Her eyes bug out of her head and hides her hands behind her back. 

  "This isn't your room! This is the guest room!" she snaps.

  I walk towards her. "I'm sorry, but this is my room. Notice all my stuff. My clothes all over the floor. My bra behind your back." 

  She knows she has been caught. She drops my bra and closes the drawer. Without any other words, she darts out of my room and books it down the stairs. 

  "What the crap?" 

  I look around, I don't have time to clean all this up. I change, fix my hair and go downstairs. Everyone is in the living room chatting. Bailey, hanging around Harry's waist, gives me a "Don't tell anyone about this" look. I ignore her and fix up the rest of dinner. Mark offered to help but I told him I had it. We all sit down the dinner and have a good time. Turns out Mark works at a new company that sells wheel chairs and canes. He tells all of us that he will be in town until the new factory is built where he is from. 

  "Well, you're welcome to come over anytime you'd like." Liam exclaims. 

  "Thank you for your hospitality. Dinner was absolutely delicious." Mark grins around the table and then stops at me. 

  "Did you cook this yourself Lauren?" 

  I nod my head. "Yes. I do most of the cooking around here. Is anyone up for dessert? I made lemon squares this afteroon." 

  I have to say, those were the best lemon squares I had ever made. Happy Birthday to Me. While everyone else went into the livingroom to play cards, I stayed behind to clean up. 

  "How long have you been living here?" 

  Mark is standing with a drink in his hand. My heart beats fast.

  "Oh um, for about a month or so. I'm staying with Louis until my parents get back." 

  "I didn't know Louis had a sister." he grabs a plate from my hands.

  "Yeah, they don't talk about me much. I'm kinda just, here." I shrug.

  "How old are you?" 

  "I just turn 15 recently. Louis and I have a huge gap between us. We aren't as close as I wish we were." 

  "I know how that is. My sister was 8 years older than I was. Already out of the house when I started school. She's already married with children." 

  "So you were an only child most of your life I'm guessing?" I asked.

  "Yes, you could say that."

  After the table was cleared, he offered to help with the dishes. I washed, he dried. It was nice of him to help clean up. I learned a lot about his life. He seems like a very nice guy. He made eye contacts whenever we spoke. His green eyes hypnotizing, never letting you pry away from them. At last, we were alone in the kitchen, sitting at the island. 

  "Lauren, I know what all these guys are." 

  My heart stops. I look at him with my eyes stretched wide. 

  "I'm one of them too." he admits. 

  My heart sinks into my stomach. I sigh internally. I know what he really wants. I move my hair away, exposing my neck. His eyes go black, and it happens again. I'm drained out. Exhausted. He grips onto my waist and the back of my neck. Legs go numb first, then my toes, next is fingers, and lastly, my face. My eyes close, I pretend to be drifting off, on a smooth river stream. 

   Maybe that's what its like living here. Being on a river stream and never being able to escape. 




































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